3 Earthquakes in the North-East!

earthquakes East Coast Unusual 12 January 2015Commentary By:  Gordon King

The signs of the times are all around us.  Earthquakes are occurring more frequently and with more intensity.  They are also occurring in diverse places.  Within the past 24 hours, 3 earthquakes have happened in Eastern North America.  In the State of Connecticut a magnitude 3.3, in the State of New York a magnitude 2.4, and in Ontario Canada a magnitude (1.4).

While these earthquakes are small in magnitude, they represent a very unusual occurrence of earthquakes in diverse places!  We are also experiencing more earthquakes in the Mid-West and in the West overall.  In fact, the world itself is now experiencing more earthquakes than ever before in recorded history.

Earthquakes world 24 hour period 12 January 2015

Earthquakes in the world over a 24 hour period, 12 January 2015


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