What’s happening to America?!

William Federer – Socialism. The Real History from Plato to the Present

This is a must watch video!  It explains very clearly how Socialism is created within a society and comparing it to what is happening today in America is frightening.  It’s time to wake up!

No Shot—No Service: What to Do?

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Rumble — Jan Markell hosts health expert Twila Brase in a discussion of forced vaccines. Are the unvaccinated about to become the untouchables? Many experts now say the virus was about the vaccine. How does the Christian respond to government power and control? We now enter the era of “no vaccine—no service.”

Doctors Speak Out About the Truth of HydroxyChloroquine and the Chinese Coronavirus!

The Charlie Kirk Show: Nine Doctors Speak Out.

    Charlie Kirk

This is a “must watch” video my friends, very insightful and informative regarding the truth and how we are being lied to, how the truth is being silenced in America!  (PS, this video may be pulled from YouTube by YouTube in an effort to silence conservatives) Gordon

Until We His People

Real Life with Jack Hibbs

“Until we awaken out of our sleep and throw off this national apathy – and unless We The People get back to defending our God given liberties – those liberties and freedoms will become a gift known only to history.” – Jack Hibbs