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The dirty dozen: UN issues list of 12 most worrying bacteria

FILE – In this Monday, May 17, 2010 file photo, Dr. Mansour Samadpour points out a growth of of salmonella in a petri dish at IEH Laboratories in Lake Forest Park, Wash. The World Health Organization has issued a list of the top dozen bacteria most dangerous to humans, warning that doctors are fast running out of treatment options. In a press briefing on Monday, Feb. 27, 2017 the U.N. health agency said its list is meant to promote the development of medicines for the most worrying drug-resistant bacteria, including Salmonellae and Staphylococus aureus. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson, file)

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More than 5,000 pregnant women in Colombia have Zika virus: government

More Than 5,000 Pregnant Women in Colombia have Zika Virus: Gov`t

Pregnant women wait for a general routine checkup, which includes Zika screening, at the maternity ward of a hospital in Guatemala City, Guatemala, January 28, 2016. Guatemala had registered 68 cases of Zika at the end of last month. But there are fears that number could increase dramatically. REUTERS/Josue Decavele

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