The COVID-19 Crisis and Bible Prophecy! What is Really Happening?

Hello folks!  The following YouTube videos are very interesting and give us a biblical perspective on just what is happening in the world today specifically with COVID-19.  The videos are from Pastor Brandon Holthaus of Rock Harbor Church in Bakersfield California, and Pastor Tom Hughes of 412 Church in San Jacinto, California.

I strongly suggest that you watch the entirety of both videos.  God bless, Gordon!

The following video is from pastor Brandon Holthaus and was posted on March 20, 2020.

The following video is from pastor Tom Hughes and was posted on March 23, 2020.


Lebanese PM gives gov’t 72-hour ultimatum as riots bring country to standstill

Lebanese demonstrators stand by a fire a make-shift barricade amid clashes with security forces during a mass protest at Riad al-Solh Square in Beirut on October 18, 2019. (STR/AFP)

Sparked by austerity plans and proposed tax on WhatsApp, anti-government protests escalate, spread to Hezbollah areas; 83 demonstrators and police injured

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Attack on Saudi oil sites raises risks amid US-Iran tension

This Saturday, Sept. 14, 2019, satellite image from Planet Labs Inc. shows thick black smoke rising from Saudi Aramco’s Abqaiq oil processing facility in Buqyaq, Saudi Arabia. Yemen’s Houthi rebels launched drone attacks on the world’s largest oil processing facility in Saudi Arabia and a major oil field Saturday, sparking huge fires and halting about half of the supplies from the world’s largest exporter of oil. (Planet Labs Inc via AP)

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