Most People Are Blind, Until It Hits Home! For Many It’s Too Late!!!

In this Thursday, Aug. 25, 2016 photo, rescue personnel help at the scene where a small plane crashed into a house a few miles north of Terre Haute, Ind., near Sky King Airport. Authorities say two people were rescued from the plane wreckage and flown to a hospital. A resident says no one was inside the house when the plane struck. (Jim Avelis/The Tribune-Star via AP)

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God is Shaking the World by Storm, Literally!

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Censorship and Banning by the Global Elite has left many people Dead or Disabled!

A sample of stories we have covered where people died or suffered crippling injuries after a COVID-19 vaccine. Health Impact News

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VIDEO: CBDCs | “Vaccine Passports, If It Snaps Into Place with an All Digital Financial System Including CBDCs, At That Moment There Will Be Nope of Building Anything.” – Catherine Austin Fitts

VIDEOThrivetime Show: The ReAwakening versus The Great Reset
Published December 28, 2022