Wave of gruesome finds of mutilated sheep in Texas are linked to aliens and Satanic rituals


A dead female mutilated Barbados sheep shown here is one of the 21 missing or killed sheep on the Daggs farm

Commentary by:  Gordon King

Some people seem to think that aliens have performed surgery on these mutilated animals.  I disagree.  I believe that it’s demonic spirits performing these gruesome acts.  The article states that the removal of specific organs were removed with “surgical precision” and “laser like” accuracy, “no spilled blood”, and “no indication of how the animals were killed”.  Does not sound like human intervention.  Aliens are concocted by governments to lead us to believing in them.  Why?  I am not sure, however, it may be one of the lies told to the public after the rapture of the church has taken place.  Read the article and decide for yourself.

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