US elementary school does away with gendered bathrooms

Though many schools in the United States have made gender-neutral bathrooms available, few have done away with separate facilities for boys and girls (AFP Photo/Arno Burgi)

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‘Gay’ plan to disrupt Olympics revealed

‘We are talking about utilizing diplomatic channels to get things into the country’

(WND) An organization that previously documented how state officials in Massachusetts gave children graphic instructions in bizarre homosexual sex acts and has documented the advance of alternative sexual lifestyles now is reporting on a plan by “gay” activists to disrupt the coming Olympics in Sochi, Russia.


Officials with are reporting that an activist for the pro-LGBT agenda, Patrick Burke, addressed a meeting of the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association.


It was during the “Out on the Playing Field” seminar that Burke said, “We’re going to have three weeks of sustained media presence there. We are going to have out LGBT athletes there. We are going to have very vocal and visible allies there. We’ve spoken with the Canadian and U.S. hockey teams. We’re going to be doing work with both of those teams.”


He said the “frustrating part” is that he cannot talk publicly about his strategies yet, “because if you talk about it publicly, the Russians don’t let you in the country.”

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Tel Aviv celebrates gay pride festival with record-breaking participation of 100,000

Commentary By: Gordon King

What does God think about all of this?  I bet he is extremely angered!  Especially with his own chosen people, Israel.  This is one sure sign that we are living in the end times!

US ambassador addresses crowd; Yair Lapid heckled by ‘Meretz and Labor activists’; festivities marred by developments in 2009 gay center shooting

Tel Aviv Pride Festival 2013 (photo credit: Twitter/@Ostrov_A)

Tel Aviv Pride Festival 2013 (photo credit: Twitter/@Ostrov_A)


Tel Aviv hosted its 15th annual Gay Pride Festival on Friday, with a record-breaking 100,000 spectators and participants attending the celebrations, including droves of tourists from all over the world.

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