Knife attack at French church leaves 3 dead as country is on heightened terror alert

Mayor Christian Estrosi suggested that terror may have played a role

(SOURCE)    One woman was reportedly decapitated and two other people were stabbed to death on Thursday following a knife attack at a church in the French city of Nice that also left several others wounded, according to multiple reports.

An investigation was opened into an attack by the French anti-terrorism prosecutor’s office, reports said. Images on French media showed the neighborhood locked down and surrounded by police and emergency vehicles. 
Mayor Christian Estrosi suggested that the Thursday morning attack seemed to be terror-related, although a motive is unclear at this time. Estrosi said the attacker shouted “Allahu akbar!” – or “God is most great” in Arabic – repeatedly as police apprehended him and that “the meaning of his gesture left no doubt.”
A security officer guards the area after a reported knife attack at Notre Dame church in Nice, France, Oct. 29, 2020. (Reuters/Eric Gaillard) 

A security officer guards the area after a reported knife attack at Notre Dame church in Nice, France, Oct. 29, 2020. (Reuters/Eric Gaillard) 

“Enough is enough,” Estrosi told local reporters, according to Reuters. “It’s time now for France to exonerate itself from the laws of peace in order to definitively wipe out Islamo-fascism from our territory.”

He added that two people were killed inside the city’s Notre Dame Basilica and a third person who escaped to a nearby bar later died. 

French policemen stand next to Notre Dame church after a knife attack, in Nice, France, Thursday, Oct. 29, 2020. French anti-terrorism prosecutors are investigating a knife attack at a church in the Mediterranean city of Nice that killed three people and injured several others. (AP Photo/Alexis Gilli)

French policemen stand next to Notre Dame church after a knife attack, in Nice, France, Thursday, Oct. 29, 2020. French anti-terrorism prosecutors are investigating a knife attack at a church in the Mediterranean city of Nice that killed three people and injured several others. (AP Photo/Alexis Gilli)

Thursday’s incident marked the third attack in France in less than two months since a terrorism trial opened in September related to the January 2015 killings at the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo and a kosher supermarket.

Thursday also marked the Prophet Muhammed’s birthday this year. 

The incident comes as France is currently under alert for Islamic extremist acts. It occurred nearly two weeks after a French middle school teacher, Samuel Paty, was beheaded by a man of Chechen origin near Paris.

The 18-year-old suspect, who was killed after he didn’t respond to requests to drop his weapon, had said he wanted to punish Paty for showing pupils cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad in a civics lesson on free speech, Reuters reported.

Those caricatures were published by Charlie Hebdo and cited by the men who gunned down the newspaper’s editorial meeting in 2015.

In September, a man who had sought asylum in France attacked bystanders outside Charlie Hebdo’s former offices with a butcher knife.

French policemen and firemen stand next to Notre Dame church after a knife attack, in Nice, France, Thursday, Oct. 29, 2020.  (AP Photo/Alexis Gilli)

French policemen and firemen stand next to Notre Dame church after a knife attack, in Nice, France, Thursday, Oct. 29, 2020.  (AP Photo/Alexis Gilli)

About 154 miles away from Nice, French police on Thursday shot a man dead in Montfavet, near the city of Avignon in the south of France, for allegedly threatening a passerby with a handgun, Reuters reported, citing local media reports. According to French radio station Europe 1, the man had yelled, “Allahu Akbar.”

Tensions have been rising between France and the Muslim world, which considers cartoons of the Prophet Muhammed blasphemous.

Images of the prophet have been widely displayed in marches and protests since Paty’s slaying, as French officials and citizens alike reassert their freedom of expression. France has also since expelled 231 foreigners for suspected Islamic extremist beliefs, prompting Erdogan and others in the Muslim world to accuse Macron of promoting an “anti-Islam agenda”

An estimated six million Muslims live in France, the largest population in Western Europe, which has created increasing challenges in the republic formed on strict secular principles known as “laïcité.” In the eulogy at Paty’s funeral, Macron defended France’s secularism and vowed that the country would not give up its liberties or its cartoons.  

“We will continue, professor. We will defend the freedom that you taught so well and we will promote secularism, we will not renounce caricatures, drawings, even if others retreat,” Macron said earlier this month. “We will continue the fight for freedom and the freedom of which you are now the face.”

A Saudi man was also arrested Thursday in the city of Jiddah for allegedly using a “sharp tool” to stab and slightly wound a guard at the French consulate, Reuters reported, citing Saudi state TV. France alerted its citizens to be on “high alert.” 

The Kremlin responded Thursday to the recent beheadings in France, saying it was unacceptable to kill people, but also wrong to insult the feelings of religious believers, according to Reuters. 

Macron delivered a speech before the teacher was killed outlining a legislative proposal to fight what he described as “Islamic separatism,” arguing Muslims in France risked forming a “counter-society.” Macron defined Islam as “a religion that is in crisis today all over the world” and said the proposal, if approved by Parliament, would aim “to build an Islam in France that can be compatible with the Enlightenment.”

The diplomatic dispute with Erdogan also comes as tensions between NATO allies France and Turkey have intensified in recent months over issues that include the fighting in Syria, Libya and Nagorno-Karabakh, a region within Azerbaijan that is controlled by ethnic Armenian separatists. Macron has accused Turkey of flouting its commitments by ramping up its military presence in Libya and bringing in jihadi fighters from Syria.

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29 thoughts on “Knife attack at French church leaves 3 dead as country is on heightened terror alert

  1. Thanks for your comment TEP336!

    I believe that the name “Charlie Hebdo” is the name of a French magazine not a real person’s name. I don’t think that we should inflame the situation, but we need to tell the truth. And the truth is that this terrorism and hatred is evil and wicked and not from God, and that Jesus Christ is God and is the only way to heaven. The world is becoming more wicked and evil, we need to pray against evil spirits and stand for righteousness, we need to pray that God will change wicked hearts and turn them to Him, the truth!

    God bless! Maranatha! Gordon

  2. I think what needs to be noted, is that even Jesus, when being arrested on His way to he cruxified (a murderer and thief’s execution) did not retalliate. That took great guts, trust, revelation and identity. He acted out of a position of contol when it looked like things were least “in control” – viz. His words to Peter about the legions of angels that would come to aid if he bid them.

    Unfortunately the Muslim world does not attribute great value to such stoicism and character – remember they believe and teach their children that they’ll receive great rewards in heaven if they follow the terror path. I have read that the family members of such terrorists are supported handsomely (and financially) by their leaders… can such a person’s actual motive just be fame and money to support their remaining family? If so, President Macron might do well to send researchers out to know the case thoroughly and determine the underlying reasons to assist and inform his suggested Enlightened movement.

  3. Thanks for your comment rietjiemari!

    Jesus didn’t fight off those coming to arrest Him, but why? Sure He could have we all know that, but He didn’t. I know the main reason He was allowing it to happen was in order to perform God’s will, to carry out His plan of redemption on the cross, but then He also told His disciples to go and buy swords. Why would He tell His disciples to buy swords if He never expected them to use them? He told them to buy them for self-defense but not for retaliation or murder.

    The Muslims on the other hand are taught from the Koran to kill, to retaliate, to murder in the name of Allah. The world is blind to these things, they cannot see what is right in front of them.

    God bless! Maranatha! Gordon

  4. Most definitely, Gordon. I also think the world is also gripped by fear. But the Muslim world also saddled a tough and stubborn nemesis in the French people. I don’t imagine they will go lightly in response to being terrorized like this. And I think it is Biblical as you say that they have the right to protect themselves.

  5. Such instances would widen the divide between religion and create hatred. Not good over a long term. What’s role of UNO or any other body here ??

  6. Thanks for your comment Watchdog!

    It does widen the divide and cause hatred, that is the role of Islam per the Koran. The UN is good for nothing! They side with terrorists, and most of the world seems blind to it.

    God bless! Maranatha! Gordon

  7. The sad part is religion card is selectively played by some selfish radical groups. Hope for sincere efforts to take strict actions

  8. I was persecuted by Christians in my city for my Christianity; don’t look at Muslims while Christians are just evil. There currently is a rant on Twitter about the atrocities at Kwasizabantu Mission in South Africa. And it was the church that had impounded my ancestors’ land in France and tried to kille them before they escaped to the Cape in 1688. Christianms are persecuted by Christians, or the church, rather.

  9. Thanks for your comment Anonimicus!

    I am sorry to hear about your persecution by so-called Christians, that is a tragedy and a shame.

    The difference between Christianity and Islam is that Christianity does not teach us these things while Islam does. Being a true born-again Christian means to follow Christ not persecuting anyone but rather following in Christ’s footsteps.

    All of us including Christians can and do sin, but the bible does not teach us to do these things in fact just the opposite. There are many in the church that say that they are Christian yet are not, and yet many have been led astray into apostasy, heresy and even blasphemy. I would question if they are truly Christian, for we shall know them by their fruit.

    God bless! Maranatha! Gordon

  10. One day, when Christianity sees Jesus for Who He Is, things might change but, for now, I saw there’s practically no difference between them and Islam, other than that the Muslims in my city are honestly seeking their God’s will. Ah, a fresh breeze even when the GPS is off course.

  11. That has happened in the name of Christianity many times. I understand. There is a lot of studies on Institutional Church and Blood-washed Children of God. Then again, when last did a Christian decapitate someone for blasphemy? Please remind me.

  12. Thanks for your comment Anonimicus!

    I’m sorry that you don’t see the difference, I see it very clearly. Even though there are many who do wicked things in the name of Christ there are so many more that do good and righteous things, like feeding the poor, housing the homeless, clothing the naked, creating hospitals, leading the lost to the one and only true God of the universe, Jesus Christ!

    I personally know of many Christians that are true to the faith, that love and seek the true God of the universe with all of their hearts. Are they perfect? No, of course not, but who is? Is it really like a fresh breeze to see people led astray and worshipping a false god? Any god that is not Jesus Christ is a false god, a Satanic god, how is that refreshing knowing that they are headed for eternal hell?

    There is a great apostasy happening in the world today, people are being led away from the truth, and this was prophesied to happen in the bible, read 2 Thessalonians 2. This means that we are getting very close to the rapture of the church, and the beginning of the Tribulation period.

    It’s very sad to hear that you don’t know any true believers and followers of Jesus Christ. It’s sad that you do not see the things that true believers are doing in the world for the sake of righteousness!

    God bless! Maranatha! Gordon

  13. I would like to meet one of the good ones then; the very last one told me sternly not to follow Jesus but to work out my own plan. So far, 100% failed so bring on the good ones that I can feel and see their faith is real. Words don’t impress any more.

  14. Christians kill their own in so many ways; death comes by the tongue, not a blade. Shall I remind you with my many hundreds of recent examples…………the proof of the pudding is in the eating and Christianity presently tastes like *%$# (edited for language).

  15. Thanks for your comment Anonimicus!

    Well, you’re at this site aren’t you, there are plenty of God fearing, bible believing Christians here. I’m telling you that you should follow Jesus, that you must be born-again to enter the kingdom of heaven, that God loves you and He sent His only begotten Son to die on the cross for you so that you may have eternal life!

    There are also many true Christian pastors and teachers out there all you have to do is to look for them, such as Jack Hibbs, Amir Tsarfati, Jan Markel, Barry Stagner, J.D. Farag, Franklin Graham, Johnathan Cahn, etc.

    If you are expecting perfection among the Christians you won’t find it, not until Jesus comes to take us home, not until He completes His good work in us and glorifies us.

    God bless! Maranatha! Gordon

  16. I am dealing, right now, with famous name pastors that covered up sodomisation of a 5-year old girl, there is photographic evidence yet the leadership want others not to be judgemental and loving towards to offenders, while yet more victims come from the woodwork. If I must tell you about the sexual abuse I have seen and how it was covered up in Protestant churches, you’d be surprised. And I plan to research it and write a little bit, to show people that the Catholic priest jokes are misplaced. And some big name, famous figures involved. Why expose them? To prevent even more suffering by potential new victims. In just one case, I am personally aware of 105 victims and the guy got of scott free. In another instance, the sex offender walked and was welcomed in by churches in my city of 4 million souls.

  17. I am born again and a devout follower of Jesus and a seasoned freelance missionary that had been kidnapped, shot at, shot, assaulted, all because of my faith. And most of it was done by Bible-reading Christians. I say things because of life experience, not a mere opinion, as I deal with facts. I don’t expect perfection but certainly not the evil corruption, greed, fraud and similar I have seen time and time again.

  18. Thanks for your comment Anonimicus!

    We are to expose the darkness, that is what we are called to do as believers in Jesus Christ. And the evil things done by those professing to be believers are in no way sanctioned, promoted, or approved of by God! There are many in the church who are “so-called” believers, never really knowing the truth, never being born-again. Many do things under the name of God, however, this does not mean that they are from God, giving Christianity a bad name, this is the will of Satan.

    There are many righteous believers in the world today, you just have to find them.

    God bless! Maranatha! Gordon

  19. Thanks for your comment Anonimicus!

    Who is to say that these “so-called” believers are actually born-again? You shall know them by their fruit. They are most certainly not following Christ or in His footsteps now are they. All I am saying is don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Just because some profess to be Christian doesn’t mean that they are, there is much deception in the world and even in the church. You seem to be very bitter and angry with Christians, and I can see why, I understand, however, not all who profess to be believers are this way, it’s the world that we now live in, and we both know who the current god of this world is, Satan!

    I pray that the good Lord sends some true Spirit filled believers into your life. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

    God bless! Maranatha! Gordon

  20. Anonimicus,

    You said that the last “good” follower of Christ told you not to follow Jesus. That in and of itself should have tipped you off that they had the wrong spirit, that they were not following Christ. You should have been the one to set them straight, and if they didn’t listen then dust off your shoes and walk away!

    Like I told you before, check out some of the pastors and teachers online that I told you about, this may renew some of your faith in Christianity that you have been lacking. There are righteous Christians living in this world, you just have to find them, seek and ye shall find! You may not find them locally, but you can find them on the internet my friend, they may just be right in front of your face!

    God bless! Maranatha! Gordon

  21. If you felt my family’s pain, being persecuted by the two pastor pairs and the congregation, our children eventually taken away, our careers, our everything and the community sided by those feaks! I don’t trust a Christianity that protects abusers, steal, defraud, French-kiss the molesters and chase out the true believers. We lost every cent, I am disabled and even then got robbed from a fortune and left destitute. Now, Christians took it from me and I expect Christians to fix me up and return what was stolen. If they don’t, the whole lot can go burn in hell as far as I am concerned. For, as long as a lying celebrities get protected by a city’s believers and all people can shower me with are Bible verses…..I know my Bible and lived the Word. I ended up with twelve strokes, desperately poor and the last Christian told me, a disabled man, to go find a job and I am not far from 60. In my country, white men are excluded from the recuiting process by law. But a lawmaker in parliament chases me out to go find work, even during lockdown. What about the compassion for poor believers? When do I see that? As long as I am left like this, they surely worship a different jesus I never wanted to know. To hell with preaching and start DOING something – we have NOTHING, no home, no nothing. But I am functioning telling others about a different, compassionate Jesus. But I never see anyone who knows THAT Jesus. I am angry because of the lovelessness from Christianity that I came to know the very hard way. And whenh God provided a retirement package, a greedy Bible-reading man came and ran off with my life. I could not afford a PEACH last Christmas and still get chased by the Bible Clan. To hell with the tribe that has only verses and no love. tangible love I can feel. as i am impoverished BY THEM. Get that?>?

  22. Please do. And has this called you to a better expression of your Relationship with God, or has it absurdly told you that He doesn’t exist (therefore doesn’t care)?

  23. I pray for the protection of President Macron. He is taking a strong stand calling a spade a spade. I hope we can all stand with him in his aim of taking such senseless violence from a violence-obsessed cult to task.

  24. I don’t measure my spiritual growth by what others do; I do judge all by their fruit. My relationship with God took me to where I had led tens of teens to Jesus, using the most basic feature phone and WAP. I came to know the REAL Jesus and not the detuned Christian one. Christianity is a delusion, Truth is Jesus.

  25. I have lived among Jews, Muslims and Christians, New Agers and the LGBTQI tribe for the past 10 years. The former were spiritually dead, same as the latter. Muslims tended to be seeking their god’s will more than Christian ever could aspire to. As Christians had opinions but no will to serve God other than to indulge in egotistic forms of worship. For Christians, it was about themselves and never about pleasing God through obedience. Fix that.

  26. Well, why don’t start a GoFund me in your name so that when you have it set up, we can donate, you report on how we can help and are helping, just post the link, and we get you somewhere. Our country and it’s BBEEE bias is driving us all nuts. They are neither Christian nor are they caring towards their own farmers. If we take Christ’s words to heart, we sweep in front of our own porch. We forgive, because they knwe not what they (whoever they were) were doing and we take steps to right wrongs and be peacemakers. We have Christ’s anointing. I have yet to hear about the other ‘anointings’ that may or not be out there. All I know is that I will be judged on my response, my actions and my faith… and what I did with my precious Jesus on our worldly stage. “Fret not at the prosperity of evil men” King David said. And if he spent most of his life being persecuted and chased around by a ‘godly ellected’ and ‘demon-plagued’ king Saul… still mustering up the courage to utter those words… and still not even “touch the Lord’s anointed…” who on earth are we? Selah and Blessings to all who prayerfully read and consider these things.

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