CRISPR gene-editing mistake results in over a dozen mutant embryos

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(SOURCE)  By Natalie O’Neill   Scientists using a controversial gene-editing device unwittingly created more than a dozen mutant human embryos, according to a new study.

In an effort to repair a gene that causes blindness, researchers using a CRISPR DNA-cutting machine accidentally got rid of entire chromosomes, or large chunks of them, according to a study published Thursday in the journal Cell.

For the study, researchers at an undisclosed lab collected sperm from a man with hereditary blindness to create 40 embryos.

They then used a CRISPR-Cas9 tool — which functions like a microscopic scalpel — to cut out the gene mutation they wanted to correct in 37 of the embryos. The remaining three were serving as controls.

But about half of the embryos lost an entire chromosome, or large swaths of it, on the gene where the mutation causing blindness was located, according to the study.

Removed or damaged chromosomes can result in genetic abnormalities that can be passed on to future generations.

“This is a very adverse outcome,” study author Dieter Egli, of Columbia University, told the Wall Street Journal.

The findings also show the “the human embryo seems unique in its poor ability to fix a DNA break,” Egli said, who added that it goes “beyond the debate” over the use of CRISPR in pregnancies.

Scientists have for years debated whether CRISPR is safe and effective enough to use on human embryos that will eventually grow into babies.

Critics point to studies showing the technology can cause cancer, while others argue that it is not yet precise enough.

Other skeptics take issue with the ethics of allowing scientists to “play God.

Last month, a group sponsored by the US National Academy of Medicine published a report saying the technology isn’t ready to be used on embryos because scientists don’t yet know how to use it without introducing potentially dangerous DNA changes.

3 thoughts on “CRISPR gene-editing mistake results in over a dozen mutant embryos

  1. A sign of the times! I believe the world is heading for trans-humanism, they will be linked to AI. Maybe this is like the days of Noah where the fallen angels intermingled with humans causing hybrids to be born and giants and the fallen angels imparted knowledge /intelligence far beyond the capacity for the normal human brain. Lets face it Gordon, Satan wants to be God and will counterfeit everything, I believe when the Anti -Christ appears all of this will move on leaps and bounds with the introduction of the Mark of the Beast which will corrupt the human DNA and produce people linked to his identity that is why they can’t be redeemed if the accept the mark Mankind was originally created in God’s likeness and we born again believers are being transformed into Jesus likeness, Satan is counterfeiting this. It is my prayer that no human being will worship him only machines, he can never take the place of the Creator the one true God. Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father!
    We are living in very perilous times which will get worse, I pray we are accounted worthy to escape these things that are coming upon the world. Those who remain will have to contend for the faith through all of this and they will have to endure even unto death. I am comforted to know that multitudes without number appear in Heaven having come out of the great tribulation. God does not give up on mankind unless they take that mark, many will come to faith following the rapture. God is still in control even though sometimes it seems like the other side is gaining ground, nothing surprises God, He knows the beginning from the end!
    God bless you brother

  2. Thanks for your comment Christine!

    I agree with everything that you said sister, every word. Satan is attempting to alter the DNA of man through man himself, and I believe that there has been much more taking place than meets the eye. The entire world system is now being setup for the coming of the lawless one, the beginning of the Tribulation period, and if you ask me I don’t think that it’s very far away from where we are now.

    This CRISPR article talks about mutant humans being created, all of these humans altered by CRISPR are mutants, their DNA has been altered, tapered with, just as Satan tampered with it thousands of years ago and created giants, the Nephilim. But I don’t think that it stops there either, he also tampered with animal DNA and plant DNA, that’s how mixed beings came about such as Centaurs and Manataurs, ect. And if human DNA is altered then are they still human? Can they ever be saved?

    God bless sister! Maranatha! Gordon

  3. Yes Gordon, who would have thought we would see all of this coming to pass in our days? Knowledge will abound in the last days for sure and it can be used for good and for evil but try telling people who are not awake to all of this and the agenda behind it , they think we are conspiracy theorists or just plain mad , they have already been primed by their love and total addiction to technology, smart phones and smart watches etc etc and even robots like Alexa , they will be queuing up to take the next step and then the next one and so on a bit like the frogs being boiled gradually in water.

    God Bless

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