Old Newspaper Articles of Giant Skeleton Discoveries

Commentary by: Gordon King
While I was searching the website for news, I decided to find some information on the “Nephilim” or Giants. It is very difficult to find information that is factual versus fiction. I mean, can you tell the difference? Well there have been many stories of the “Smithsonian Institution” covering up the remains of giant skeletons. Apparently they have been confiscating these giants for years and storing them somewhere no one knows.

I thought about how you never see any news stories about the discovery of giant skeletons. Then I thought that maybe, just maybe I would be able to find some articles from the past. Articles telling of such discoveries. Where to start? I had trouble finding information until I came across a certain website which archives old newspapers. Here is the website address:  (http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/).

I was able to search papers as far back as the mid 1800’s, maybe further, but I did not have enough time to check. Anyway, what I found is astonishing! Hundreds of articles from old newspapers about the discovery of “Giant Skeletons”, mostly here in America.

It takes a lot of time to search these papers, but I strongly urge you to take a look for yourself.  See what you find.  It is amazing!  I have posted a few of the articles below.  It is quite fascinating how the government is keeping this from us.  Why would they not want us to know about such things?  Read the articles below and decide for yourself.  Remember, I found hundreds of articles pertaining to “Giants” in America.

This first article is of the remains of a giant skeleton of approximately 12 feet tall with a chest girth of about 7 feet around.


Giant Skeletons Found New York Times 11 February 1902

The second article is of a giant of about 6 and a half feet tall, while that is not so amazing (people of that era were shorter) the skeleton only had one socket for an eye, right in the middle of his forehead!  Cyclops?!


Giant Skeleton Unearthed 5 July 1891


The third article speaks of the discovery of over 200 giants, each over 8 feet tall and one measured at close to 9 feet tall.

Giants Skeletons found 4 May 1908



This fourth article speaks of giants discovered in the past.  One of the giants was over 30 feet tall.  Each tooth weighed over 5 ounces.  These giants were enormous!  Yet, we don’t hear anything about them now, unless you listen to LA Marzulli.

When Giants roamed the earth The Appeal AprilWhen Giants roamed the earth


The fifth and last article posted is of three giant skeletons found which were all over 10 feet tall.  Also speaks of giant, animals.

Bones of Giant Race News Herald Dec 27 1900Bones of Giant race enlarged 1Bones of giant race enlarged

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