Miley Cyrus, Illuminati? Part of a Satanic Cult?

Commentary by: Gordon King

My main reason for writing this post is to expose the evil.  To shine light into the darkness.  Our society and culture is being transformed by a wicked and satanic influence.  Young gullible people are eating it up!  I am posting many photographs in this article.  A few of which may be offensive to some.  However, I have tried to keep it as clean as possible and still get the point across.  Just a warning before you go any further.

Miley Cyrus has been the main topic in many news organizations.  You cannot look at a news media web page without seeing her there.  She is after attention for some reason and she is sure getting it!  But why?  What is her motive behind all of the lusty and crude behavior? 

Whatever happened to that cute little girl, Hannah Montana?  So many young girls looked up to her.  She inspired many of these girls to follow her.  Then she became a young adult and seemed to have changed overnight.  Literally overnight!

While I have not seen any of Miley’s videos, I could not help but notice her photos.  I cannot believe my eyes.  I can’t imagine what the millions of young women who followed Miley, are thinking now?

What has really drawn my attention are subtle signs.  Signs of the occult, the Illuminati and Satanic rituals.

For example, have you noticed that in many photos of her she has one eye closed?

If you also notice she is sticking out her tongue in almost every photo.  I tried my best to find the least offensive photos, most of them are way too graphic for this website.  What is her purpose for sticking out her tongue in almost every photo of her now?  She cut off all of her long hair and sticks out her tongue.  Seems to me that she went “Butch” and is trying to attract lesbians. 

I also noticed a tattoo on the index finger of her right hand.  A tattoo of an eye. 

That is strange.  The symbol of the Illuminati.  Hmmm….eye tattoo, same as Illuminati, same as on the back of the one dollar bill.  She takes numerous photos of herself with only one eye open. 

The following is a post I found regarding Illuminati symbolism and Miley Cyrus.  The first picture of a man with a symbol on his sleeve, I am not sure what this is of.  The second photo is a goat at a party in a Miley Cyrus and Borgore ft (I don’t know who that is) video.  The “goat” represents Satan.  The third photo is of Miley Cyrus making out with a horse.  Of course this isn’t a real horse, but what the heck! 

Borgore ft Miley Cyrus ‘Decisions’ Illuminati symbolism

Posted by on November 5, 2012

Admittedly, this is one of my weaker arguments for symbolism found in the music videos, but I’m gonna post it anyways because there are some questionables on it that I’d like your input on. The video also features Miley Cyrus, who is surely on the Illuminati up and coming list. Anyone affiliated with Disney is a trainwreck just waiting to happen.

Here’s a symbol that flashes by on the inside of dude’s sleeve:

And here is a goat (obviously Pagan or Satanic symbolism) that they’re passing around at a party. Because that’s what people do, right?

I don’t understand what the deal is with these animals, but Hollywood and the music industry can’t get enough of them in the videos. Here is yet another one featuring all of these images of ‘furries’ or ‘plushies’ or whatever. It’s like they’re promoting bestiality or something, I don’t get it.

Here is another excerpt from the same website:

Illuminati symbolism in James Franco’s ‘Love in the Old Days’ video

Posted by on March 23, 2013

James Franco has a band called ‘Daddy’ and they released a video with so much over-the-top satanic and Illuminati symbolism that I don’t even know where to start. It’s almost to the point of being laughable and wondering if this is really shooting for some Illuminati publicity versus it being the real thing. I think Franco’s schooling at Yale perhaps tips the hand towards Illuminati because maybe he’s affiliated with the Skull & Bones somehow, since he was reported to be dating a girl in the Wolf’s Head secret society. All those secret societies are Illuminati and satanic affiliated, just different masks on the same demon. So here’s some images that the same guy who played Oz in that lovely PG-13 Disney film ‘Oz The Great and Powerful’ wants to shove down your subliminal passages.

I’ll also provide a link from James Franco to Charles Manson if you sit tight, it’s pretty wild.

The entire thing is a satanic ritual, but the video starts with the theme of the candle and flame, which is the Illuminati symbol meaning the “illuminated” ones. Lucifer was the light-bearer and devil, so the satanic rituals are sure to include the flame throughout:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom James Franco Daddy 1

There’s also that classic black and white checkered Freemasonry temple floor in the video too:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom James Franco Daddy 1_5

Like we’ve seen in a slew of other videos in the past year or so (Kesha’s “C’mon“, Miley Cyrus “Decisions“, Kreayshawn’s “Go Hard“, and Lil Wayne’s “My Homies Still” to name a few), there are numerous shots of these pagan animal heads and costumes. It’s most likely a reference to the occult worship of anthropomorphic beings like the ancient Egyptians used to do (as seen on their glyphs). And OF COURSE you KNOW we’ve got some more of the owl/Moloch/Ba’al too:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom James Franco Daddy 2

And a panda bear we see in other music videos (that Kreayshawn “Go Hard” video namely):

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom James Franco Daddy 8

There are shots and flashes of odd occult things, like crosses, zodiacs (just like in Christina Aguilera’s “Your Body” video), numerology, etc.

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom James Franco Daddy 3

Here’s a pattern of a two-dimensional dodecahedron (a 12 sided 3-D polygon), which has occult values in that the 12 sides relate to the 12 signs of the zodiac. The dodecahedron is symbolic of the universe with the sun at the center in these occult circles. Feel free to chime in if you know what all those numeric values mean:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom James Franco Daddy 4

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom James Franco Daddy 5

So what gives?!  Why all of the satanic symbols and elements in these videos?  It is purely satanic and evil.  Miley Cyrus is part of this culture.  She is leading millions of young people down a satanic pathway.  A pathway leading straight to hell. 

These satanic groups are becoming more prevalent and active in our society today.  The evil in the world is increasing daily.  Many young people will fall victim to these demonic forces.  We must pray for the lost.  Pray for the truth to be unveiled to the world. 

Get Saved!   Do not wait another day!  Then, it may be too late.

Sinner's Prayer

God Bless!

29 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus, Illuminati? Part of a Satanic Cult?

  1. Hi everyone!

    Matthew 18:18 and 16:19 of our Bible tells us that we as Christians: “What is bound and loosed on earth is bound and loosed in heaven.” We need to daily pray for this young lady and others like her. We need to pray: “I bind and separate the demons in Miley Cyrus (and others) and loose the love, joy and peace of God on her. And I bind her mind to the mind of Jesus the Christ!”

    If we will keep doing that, God will eventually remove the non-spiritual scales from her eyes so that she, and others we pray for, will come to accept Jesus as their Savior! Romans 10:9-10. I also, ad “to separate,” because I’ve known the demons to come together to gain strength in a person because they don’t want to be cast out! And have physically torn the person that the demons were cast out. The same can apply for “binding them.”

    Of course, we are not casting out the demons at this time because we are told in Luke 11:24 if the person is not living for God (filled themselves with spiritual needs after receiving Jesus as their Savior) that seven demons, more wicked than the ones cast out, will return to that person! When casting out demons, bind and separate them prior to commanding them to come out of the person. I do not advise you to attempt to cast out demons unless you have a true relationship with Jesus and Holy Spirit is prompting you to do it. I strongly advise seeking the power of Holy Spirit as was given in Acts 2:4 and receive it prior to dealing with demons! Notice that Jesus didn’t start His ministry until He was baptized in water (totally submerged in water) and the power of Holy Spirit came upon Him! Immediately afterward Holy Spirit drove Him into the wilderness where he fasted for forty days and nights. If Jesus needed the power of Holy Spirit to function as the Father desired for Him, how much more do we need the power of Holy Spirit?

    God’s Blessings on you and yours!

    Dr. Gary

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  3. If you listen to wrecking ball by miley Cyrus closely she says she should have let liam helmsworth in and all she ever did was break him off which makes me believe the break up was due to her being a part of the illuminati and liam wanting nothing to do with it

  4. Tex Marrs has a good book on Illumnati symbology, called the “Codex”. I think a lot of the symbolism is mixed; some of it is Babylonian , some Egyptian, from Anubis, Isis, then Baphomet, which is really made up–it’s a euphemism for satan, which is what the goat’s head stands for. Then there’s druidic symbolism; Rothschild is actually a head druid, I understand. I wonder if he goes skyclad, paints himself blue and drapes mistletoe around himself? (I’m kidding. It makes a repugnant image, though.) Even the Hashashians threw their two cents in when they helped corrupt the Knights Templar. (That’s why Simon deMolay was burnt at the stake. Those were the Islamic Assassins, by the way.) Some of the numerology is from the Judaic Cabala–which no one knows how to spell, apparently, and there’s a Good Kabbalah and a Bad, Naughty Quabaalah. Some of their nonesense is various Gnostic doctrine, some of it is Blatvastky, some of it’s Shirley MacLaine, I think. Aliester Crowley, Simon LaVey–in short, it’s Hooey, basically. They use “MK-Ultra” mind techniques, which they learned from Allan Dulles, who was the first diector of the CIA who learned them from the oil sheiks of the Saud family, who wewre all of the Muslim Brotherhood, who knew the mind control techniques of the Hashasshins, Which involves drugs, torture and “brainwashing”, basically breaking down a person and building them into anything you want, because they become “split” personalities. When the conditioning wears off, though, they go kind of nuts, which is wy these people go off and start shooting people, or they get “triggered” from somempart of their programming….nasty stuff. Springmeier has some good stuff on it. They are elaborate frauds, in other words, even though you would have a hard time convincing them of that. I mean, some of these ancient cultures and sects actually sort of contradict one another, you know? They just tossed it in because it was “spooky” I guess. I mean, mixing druid symbolism and Egyptology is just weird, then you throw in the Kabbalah and everything but the kitchen sink….sheesh! It’s a wonder satan doesn’t giggle himself to death!

  5. How many of you good people have gone MIA from psychiatric wards? Stopped their medication? Just wondering.

  6. Just the ones shaving thier heads, sticking tongues out and dancing around half naked.

  7. I love the way you pass judgement without having seen any of her videos. Ultimately this girl is not a demon or a member of a satanic cult. She is a talentless no body and she and her people know this. The only way she could possibly have any kind of career in the business they call show is by being ridiculously controversial and get morons like you talking about her. Guess what dumbass… You fell for it!

  8. Just checked my post is awaiting moderation. Guess it won’t be posted since it flies in the face of your hocus pocus chat.

  9. Don’t be afraid, God loves you! He is asking you to accept Him right now. He knows the pain you are in and have gone through during your lifetime.
    God Bless Jimmy!

  10. Hey Jimmy what is your definition of “judgement”? When did I judge Miley Cyrus? Did I condemn her to Hell? Did I call her names? What did I do other then make some intelligent observations? Besides bringing evil acts and deeds out into the light, I mean what did I do? Please tell me.

    You don’t mean that I judged her like you judged me do you? Telling me that I am a moron and a dumbass. Is this not judgement. You don’t happen to be a hypocrite do you now?

    Be very careful what you say Jimmy, it just may turn around and bite you when you least expect it.

    God is speaking to you right now Jimmy, through me. He wants you to see the truth. That Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior of all. He is giving you the opportunity to repent of your sins and accept Him as your Lord and Savior. Do you accept Him or not? The choice is yours, no one will force you.

    God loves you so very much Jimmy. He wants you to have eternal life with Him.

    I pray for God to bless you Jimmy, to open your eyes to the truth. God bless!

  11. Bro Gordon king!Thats a powerful Gospel!Bro Gordon people in Kenya have to hear this kind of Gospel.Kindly arrange and visit us in kenya!Am very serious about!May God give you humble time as you dearly plan to come for the glory and honor of His name.

  12. Hello brother Den, thank you for your encouragement. I have been to Kenya one time before, but that was a long time ago while I was serving in the US Navy.
    May the Lord be with you in protection, peace, comfort and safety my friend. God Bless!

  13. God blinds those who refuse to see what’s in front of their eyes, for lack of faith. Praying for then so their eyes be open to the truth, before the hour chimes midnight.

  14. Bro Gordon i bless God for that prayer upon my life,i possess it in Jesus name!I Pray God wil open ways again and the second time you b coming in Kenya you minister in my Church.
    This is my email acc

  15. i hate illuminati i dont like this 2 kill **** them all.i lv God holler em.

  16. Seriously Miley Cyrus changed a lot not just little but to much I will admit I used to love Miley Cyrus I used to take after her and that hairstyle where she has two horns on her head seriously you don’t have to do this for the publicity you already got all the attention you need but instead of getting attention you losing attention…sorry but you nothing to me now

  17. Seriously Miley Cyrus changed a lot not just little but to much I will admit I used to love Miley Cyrus I used to take after her and that hairstyle where she has two horns on her head seriously you don’t have to do this for the publicity you already got all the attention you need but instead of getting attention you losing attention…sorry but you nothing to me now

  18. Thanks for your comment Zramj!

    Followers of Satan are headed for eternal fire, unless they have a change of heart, repent, and accept Christ as their Lord and Savior!

    God bless!

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