Miley Cyrus, Illuminati? Part of a Satanic Cult?

Commentary by: Gordon King

My main reason for writing this post is to expose the evil.  To shine light into the darkness.  Our society and culture is being transformed by a wicked and satanic influence.  Young gullible people are eating it up!  I am posting many photographs in this article.  A few of which may be offensive to some.  However, I have tried to keep it as clean as possible and still get the point across.  Just a warning before you go any further.

Miley Cyrus has been the main topic in many news organizations.  You cannot look at a news media web page without seeing her there.  She is after attention for some reason and she is sure getting it!  But why?  What is her motive behind all of the lusty and crude behavior? 

Whatever happened to that cute little girl, Hannah Montana?  So many young girls looked up to her.  She inspired many of these girls to follow her.  Then she became a young adult and seemed to have changed overnight.  Literally overnight!

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Disney brings lesbian moms to TV

‘Gay’ spouses flaunted to young fans of hit show

The cast of the Disney Channel’s hit show, “Good Luck Charlie”


In a move that’s being described as chasing “the whims of political correctness,” the Disney Channel reportedly will feature a “married” lesbian couple on a popular kids sitcom in the coming season.

“It’s a disappointment to millions of Americans that Disney would choose to become a groundbreaker in immorality,” commented Movieguide, the organization headed by Christian media critic Ted Baehr. “New concepts of morality have had a very negative impact on marriage, families, and children.”

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Hasbro 2Q results miss Wall Street’s expectations

Hasbro’s second-quarter net income fell 16 percent, hurt by cautious consumer spending and a steep drop in sales of boys’ toys.


Toy industry sales have been in a slight decline all year, stung by a video game industry slump, shoppers’ curtailed spending and increased demand for electronic gadgets like smartphones and tablets.


Separately, the nation’s second biggest toy maker announced on Monday that it is expanding its merchandising relationship with The Walt Disney Co. for properties including Marvel and Star Wars.


For the period ended June 30, Hasbro Inc. earned $36.5 million, or 28 cents per share. That compares with $43.4 million, or 33 cents per share, a year earlier.


Removing pension-related charges of 1 cent per share, earnings were 29 cents per share.


Analysts expected earnings of 34 cents per share.


Revenue for the Pawtucket, R.I., company fell 6 percent to $766.3 million from $811.5 million, missing Wall Street’s $800.6 million estimate.


Sales were weak not only in the U.S. and Canada, where a 4 percent decline was reported, but overseas as well, which posted a 6 percent drop.


Sales of boys’ toys declined 35 percent against tough year-ago comparisons that got a boost from merchandise tied to movies. While Nerf sales rose, sales of other brands, such as Marvel and Beyblade, weakened.

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