Man opens fire on police stations, patrol cars in Washington state


October 15, 2014: Police surround a white pickup truck driven by the suspect in a shooting rampage targeting police officers in Marysville, Wash. (Courtesy KCPQ)

(SOURCE)  Police in Washington state say a man opened fire on police stations and police cars in three separate towns Wednesday evening before being shot and arrested. 

The Snohomish County Sheriff’s office said the first in the series of attacks took place at approximately 9:30 p.m. local time, when an unmanned patrol car was shot at from a white pickup truck in the town of Great Falls. 

A few minutes later, police in Lake Stevens reported that their headquarters were being fired upon. KCPQ-TV reported that police cars were targeted in Lake Stevens as well. 

A short time after that, police located the truck and chased the suspect into the town of Marysville, where he shot at another patrol car before he was wounded and taken into custody. KCPQ reported early Thursday that the suspect, who has not been identified, was in grave condition. 

A law enforcement official told the station that a Marysville police officer suffered injuries as a result of the shooting, but they were not life-threatening. It was not immediately clear whether the officer was hit by a gunshot or by debris from the shot. 

Lake Stevens Police Commander Dennis Taylor said the man was apparently armed with a “high-capacity” rifle. Taylor added that “many”shots were fired and said that the police vehicles were hit “many times.” 

Mackenzie Harris, 17, of Marysville, told KOMO-TV that she saw police pull over the truck before the driver pulled out a gun and started shooting. 

“We heard gunshots, so we ran inside,” Harris said. “While we were running up to my room, we heard, like, two dozen more shots being fired. We walked back down stairs and heard cops screaming and a bunch of yelling.”


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  1. This is quite typical for our current behavior in our country. Reason being that we have completely rejected the word of God and the Spirit of God to embrace our hedonistic, rebellious nature both in and out of the Church. We are no longer able to distinguish what is holy and wicked because of our total rejection of Biblical Truth. We must Repent and turn back to God with single hearted devotion and pursue Him with all our heart. We are under the judgment of God and will continue to be until we Repent according to the Scriptures.

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