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SEE IT: Dog befriends little boy with Down syndrome

Hernan’s mom said the Labrador, whose name is Himalaya, belongs to her brother.

Hernan’s mom said the Labrador, whose name is Himalaya, belongs to her brother.
ana marta vegas via YouTube


In a sweet video posted on YouTube, a Labrador named Himalaya patiently persuades Hernan, a 3-year-old who doesn’t like to be touched, to play.

Commentary by: Gordon King

This video of a golden lab attempting to befriend a little boy with Down syndrome is adorable.  This will definitely put a smile on your face.  A must see video!  This dog is so gentle and loving to this sweet little boy.

SOURCE – Here’s a video that proves once again why a dog is a man’s best friend.

A Labrador befriended a 3-year-old boy with Down syndrome and the child’s mother caught their touching interaction on camera.

Himalaya, a gentle giant compared to little Hernan, approached the boy outside his home in La Plata in Buenos Aires. The pup belongs to Hernan’s uncle, his mom Ana explained on YouTube.

Ana said that Hernan, who will be 5 in December, does not like to be touched, and he often shies away from contact. However, Himalaya was patient and tried again and again to connect with the boy.

At the end of the video, the pair settles down side by side.

The video was taken in May 2012 when Hernan was 3 years old.

The original video, which was posted in June 2012, has nearly 360,000 views. Jim Stenson’s version, which was uploaded in Sept. 2012, has more than 10.7 million views

VIDEO: Louisiana sinkhole completely swallows clump of tall trees

Within seconds, a dozen trees near the Assumption Parish sinkhole disappeared under the water. The sinkhole has been growing ever since an underground Texas-Brine salt dome collapsed earlier in August.



With almost Biblical precision, the earth opened up and swallowed a clump of tall trees in Louisiana on Wednesday evening.

In just a few minutes, more than a dozen doomed trees vanished underneath the swirling dark currents of the Assumption Parish sinkhole.

In a Youtube video of the incident, the water looks placid at first. The trees lean in slowly, inch by inch. Then, the waters begin to churn and the trees sink underneath, lost forever to the sunlight.

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Yemeni girl from YouTube wants education, not marriage

Sanaa, Yemen (CNN) — A young Yemeni girl stares defiantly into the camera. Her question is a shocking one, coming from an 11-year-old:

“Would it make you happy to marry me off?” asks Nada Al-Ahdal.

In the nearly two-and-a-half-minute video, which was uploaded to YouTube and quickly went viral, Nada accuses her parents of trying to get her married off in exchange for money. She explains how she doesn’t want to be one of Yemen’s child brides.

“Death would be a better option for me,” she declares.

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Obamacare Supporters Sign Petition For “Mandatory Euthanasia” Of Senior Citizens

People eagerly sign as activist tells them “We’re going to put them to sleep like you would your dog”

Steve Watson
July 30, 2013

A video clip posted to YouTube by activist Mark Dice shows supporters of Obamacare blindly signing a petition calling for “mandatory euthanasia” under the new health law.

Dice was able to gather several signatures for the fake petition, telling people in San Diego that they were signing to support putting senior citizens “to sleep” in order to save healthcare costs.

See Video Below:

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