Are We Awake? I Don’t see the Signs!

Commentary by:  Gordon King

Hello People!  Are we awake yet?! 

If not, then its way past time to wake up.  We are coming to the end of the age.  The beginning of the end.  The soon return of Jesus Christ, the Lord and creator of everything.

What am I doing here?  Why do I write this blog and post what I post?  There seems to be some confusion out there about why I post what I post. 

Well, I will tell you why.  Because I am called to be a watchman.  To watch the world for the signs of Christ’s return.  Then to warn others of what is happening and blow the trumpet.  That is what I am doing, I am blowing the trumpet. 

The signs are all around us, we just need to open our eyes to the truth. 

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End Time Bible Prophecy – Warning Video!

Hello folks! Welcome to my video log web page. .
This is my first web video, so please understand that I am learning as I go. I guess you could say “on the job training”.  In this first video I am introducing my web site and then I will go into what Jesus says regarding the end times.
At the current time I do not have a decent camcorder, however, I do have one on the way.  I plan to make future videos with an actual camera.     Take care and God Bless! 😉

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Obama Wins Re-Election! What Next?

Obama Wins Election! What’s next for USA and The World?




President Obama has won the election and will remain in office. As a Christian and believer in God’s Word, I vote accordingly. I vote the will of God! I will not support a candidate who is pro-abortion, for gay marriage, supports the Muslim community and not Christianity, who does not support Israel and who apologizes to the rest of the World for America and what we stand for.

With that being said, “What is now in store for America and the rest of The World?”

If the President continues on the path that he began four years ago we are looking at Trillions of dollars more being added to our Federal deficit. Our country cannot handle this enormous debt. I believe that we are headed for an economic collapse.


The stock market opened this morning with the DOW down 360 points. Our country is Trillions of dollars in debt. We have no budget. The President has not been able to work with the Republicans in Congress. Will the “Bush” tax cuts expire at the end of the year? If they do, what does that mean for you and me? What does all of this mean for the rest of the economy? What does this mean for the rest of the World? After all, our economies are all tied together. Like dominoes we fall. The USA is headed for a major depression, much greater than “The Great Depression” of the 1930’s. What will happen when our economy collapses? Will there be rioting in our streets? Chaos and anarchy? Yes, I believe so. Food prices will soar, as well as gas, clothing, electricity, heating and cooling costs, medical care, everything. The World is definitely being setup for a World leader to take charge and save everyone. To proclaim that he can help restore the National economies.


I also think that the chance of a Nuclear war happening soon has just greatly increased.  If Obama does not support Israel, then Israel will be forced to attack Iran. I think it will happen anyway, but now much sooner. Israel does not have much of a choice. It comes down to do or die. And after the Holocaust of WWII the Jewish people have vowed to never let that happen again.  I don’t blame them one bit.  In fact I fully support them.  The Bible says that many nations will come against Israel to destroy her.  I think this may occur very soon.

The current civil war in Syria continues to escalate daily.  Damascus may be completely destroyed soon.  Israel may also have to intervene in Syria as well. The Israelis have taken fire from Syrian troops in the Golan Heights.  Palestinians have also joined Syrian rebels fighting against Assad’s regime.  Turkey may also enter into the war soon.  What better time for Iran and her allies to attack Israel.


God says that all of this will happen. He has never been wrong. All of Bible prophecy has come to pass. Why would it change now? This is a very exciting time to be alive if you are a Christian.  If not then it can and will be a very horrifying time to be alive. Many people are being deceived and given great delusions.  Everything is happening at an accelerated pace including Bible Prophecy!

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