Secret Service Invades Home Of Obama Critic Over Twitter Followers

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Tara Dodrill
Off The Grid News
June 17, 2013

I am sick and tired of looking out the window to see if Old Glory is still flying to reaffirm my shaky belief that I still reside in America. Francois never threatened the president; he simply lambasts and lampoons his actions, facial expressions, and unconstitutional policies. The most thin-skinned president in the history of the Republic has proven once again that he has nothing but disdain for the First Amendment.

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What In The World Is Going On?!

The Parable of the Wise and Foolish Virgins



By Gordon King


Hi everyone!  May God Bless you all and give you peace and comfort in these difficult times!  Amen


What in the world is going on?! 


Bombings at the Boston Marathon!  Five earthquakes in Oklahoma!  A massive 7.8 earthquake in Iran killing hundreds!  Buses crashing all over the world  killing the passengers!  Millions of animals and fish worldwide continuing to perish!   Severe global weather patterns causing wide-spread destruction!  New forms of disease that are resistant to anti-biotics!  Resurgence of disease beginning to kill!  Starvation increasing throughout the world!  People killing each other with heinous crimes is escalating daily!  Murders are common!  What was once thought to be “Good” is now “Evil” and what was once thought to be “Evil” is now “Good”!  Horrible heinous abortions are only now coming to light!  Small children and babies being murdered worldwide!  Wars, rumors of wars are all around us!  Political unrest is worldwide!  Economic turmoil and a soon global economic collapse is coming! 


I could go on and on about everything that is now happening in the world today!  We have never before in our life time nor since the beginning of time, seen anything like this.  The increase in these activities is undeniable.  When people say in response to this that these things have always been around, I think really?!   Are you kidding me?  Do you really believe this?  What mole hill did you just crawl out of?!


Sure we have had most if not all of these things occur throughout time.   But all at once and in such intensity?!  Have we?  I think NOT!  If we have then please give me proof, show me the evidence.  If they did occur all at once with such force then Please, Please, Please show me!!!!    It should all be documented somewhere in history.  Where is it?   SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!!!   (trying to make a point and besides, that just sounded good!  Ha, ha!).   Seriously, there is no proof for this happening before, why?  Because IT NEVER DID!!!!!!


We are being warned!  Bible prophecy is coming to pass, now!  Before our eyes!  People need to wake up before it’s too late!  The rapture could happen at any time, but, more importantly what if you died in a car accident or a bombing tomorrow?  What then?  You see, we do not know our appointed time to leave this physical earth.   Only God knows.


You can be assured that the government will take full advantage of this heinous crime that was committed in Boston.  They will be calling for increased National Security!   More gun control.  More big brother breathing down our backs.  Less privacy, fewer rights as we see them being taken away.  You think I’m nuts?   You think I’m a conspiracy theorist?  Well, think again, I’ve never been into conspiracy theories or a negative person.  On the contrary!  I’ve been a positive, cup half full kind of guy most of my life.


The world is getting uglier, more violent and tolerant of everything that is evil.  It’s happening and it is not going to get any better. 


Why does most of the world not see what is happening around them?  Why do they seem blind to these facts?  Because they are asleep, that’s why!  Most of the world is either brain-dead or brain-washed into not thinking for themselves.  They have been conditioned to let the world governments tell them what to do, what to think, what to say, eat, drink, wear, drive, etc, etc, etc.   The list goes on. 


What is my point for all of this?  JESUS CHRIST IS COMING SOON!   The rapture could happen anytime.  Nothing else needs to happen before the return of Christ for his bride.  Jesus is telling us to get ready for his return.  Don’t be caught unprepared like the five foolish virgins.


Matthew 25

New King James Version (NKJV)


The Parable of the Wise and Foolish Virgins


25 “Then the kingdom of heaven shall be likened to ten virgins who took their lamps and went out to meet the bridegroom. Now five of them were wise, and five were foolish. Those who were foolish took their lamps and took no oil with them, but the wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps. But while the bridegroom was delayed, they all slumbered and slept.


“And at midnight a cry was heard: ‘Behold, the bridegroom is coming;go out to meet him!’ Then all those virgins arose and trimmed their lamps. And the foolish said to the wise, ‘Give us some of your oil, for our lamps are going out.’ But the wise answered, saying, ‘No, lest there should not be enough for us and you; but go rather to those who sell, and buy for yourselves.’ 10 And while they went to buy, the bridegroom came, and those who were ready went in with him to the wedding; and the door was shut.


11 “Afterward the other virgins came also, saying, ‘Lord, Lord, open to us!’ 12 But he answered and said, ‘Assuredly, I say to you, I do not know you.’


13 “Watch therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hourin which the Son of Man is coming.


Accept Jesus Now as your personal Lord and Savior!   God Bless You All!    🙂


The “It Can’t Happen Here” Syndrome

Patrice Lewis
April 9, 2013

Here is a short quiz for you. Ready?

–What’s the current situation with Lindsay Lohan’s rehab?
–Who won the latest “Dancing With the Stars”?
–Name five celebrities with “baby bumps.”
–Explain how the Cypriot banking crisis could impact the European economy.

If you answered the first three questions but are clueless on the fourth, you’re in good company. Estimates are that up to half the population in America is ignorant about the situation in Cyprus. Oh sure, they hear snippets on the evening news, but since it’s far away and happening to other people, they don’t worry about it.

These people are suffering from a Normalcy Bias.

Just what is a Normalcy Bias? Wikipedia defines it as a mental state that “causes people to underestimate both the possibility of a disaster occurring and its possible effects.” It’s sometimes called the “It can’t happen here” syndrome. The assumption is that since a particular disaster has never occurred before, it never will. Any disturbing indications that something bad may happen are dismissed or trivialized.

Originally, the Normalcy Bias referred solely to natural disasters. The scale of devastation and societal disruption from Hurricane Katrina can be attributed in part to a Normalcy Bias – the refusal of the people of New Orleans to believe their beloved city could ever receive a direct hit from a major hurricane, despite its physical vulnerabilities. I distinctly remember seeing a live news report from New Orleans on the evening of Aug. 28, 2005, that showed people partying in the street with a (then) Category 4 hurricane hours away from landfall. Disaster? Nah. It can’t happen here. Gimme another beer.

But the Normalcy Bias has been extended to include political and social disasters as well. The most extreme example is Jews (and to an extent, some Germans) during the reign of the Nazis. Despite all the warning signs, many people remained in denial. Concentration camps? Genocide? Nah. Too crazy. It can’t happen here.

When we hear the mainstream media assuring us in soothing, condescending tones that we’re in an economic “recovery” – despite all evidence to the contrary – we want desperately to believe them. We don’t want anything to disrupt our ordinary, comfortable lives. We genuinely believe that if we cling to our normal way of life and habitual methods of doing things – despite overwhelming proof that something dangerous is looming – then everything will be OK. It can’t happen here.

But the situation in Cyprus is potentially international in scope. North Korea is doing some serious saber-rattling. America’s debt is so out of control that an economic crash is a statistical certainty. Sweeping anti-gun legislation is being enacted in various states even as we speak. As Ayn Rand so memorably put it, “You can ignore reality, but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.”

Right now life is still pretty good in America. Grocery stores are well-stocked, restaurants are busy, movie theaters are full. Some people know that perhaps they should think about putting some of their retirement savings into tangibles or buying up some ammo, but what’s the hurry? The government won’t seize our assets or take away the Second Amendment. It can’t happen here.

But underneath our feet there is a low-grade ominous rumbling, something perceptive people detected many years ago. All is NOT right in America and in many other places in the world. Something bad IS heading our way. People need to prepare – physically, financially and spiritually.

Canada Free Press (which is not afraid to print in-your-face stuff about America) published a fascinating article on how the U.S. government has an agenda to kill the dollar. “The ultimate objective is to implement an international currency in tandem with a system of global governance,” writes Doug Hagmann. “The problem is that most people are not thinking large enough, nor do they understand the magnitude of the lie. They are not seeing the larger picture as their focus is diverted elsewhere. For example, they focus on various tentacles of the octopus such as the gun confiscation initiative, the DHS armament acquisitions and economic woes as independent and unrelated events. They are not. … Many will die from what is coming. The level of evil behind this plan is incomprehensible to the normal human mind.”

See? Normalcy Bias. People continue to cling to the notion that our leaders are working for us, not for themselves. So people sit on their butts watching “American Idol” or reading about celebrity baby bumps. Can the U.S. economy crash? Nah. It can’t happen here.

There are many people who just can’t “see” anything wrong with our country. Any restrictions to our constitutional freedoms and liberties are justified as “necessary” to ensure domestic tranquility. When the TSA performs atrocities on children, the elderly, or the disabled, they are excused as simply being overzealous for our security. When the federal government buys billions of rounds of hollow-point ammunition or mandates another offensive policy for kindergartners or places drones in American skies, we close our eyes and pretend it’s all for the common good. And for those who claim deep dark conspiracy theories? Take off your tin foil hats. It could never happen here. Everything’s fine.

And when something big and bad does happen, these people will be surprised. What will they say if savings accounts or pensions are confiscated (Hungary, Argentina, Cyprus)? If door-to-door gun seizures occur (England, Australia)? If dissident camps aren’t rumors after all (Cambodia, China, Russia)? Where did this come from?

“Denial is an integral part of atrocity,” wrote the late Iris Chang, “and it’s a natural part after a society has committed genocide. First you kill, and then the memory of killing is killed.”

The fact is, very little happens that doesn’t give some sort of advanced warning. All it takes is vigilance and a determination not to depend wholly on the mainstream media, which tends to filter world and national events to support their agenda.

So what can be done about all these dire things? Well, the first thing to do is strip away your Normalcy Bias and acknowledge that the smoke on the horizon means a fire is coming. Awareness, as they say, is half the battle.

And then prepare yourself physically, financially and spiritually. Learn how to safeguard your home and family; learn how to safeguard your money; and learn how to safeguard your soul.

But most of you won’t. You’ll have endless excuses why it’s not necessary, at least not yet. You’ll remain in denial. You won’t do anything.

Shrug. I tried.


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Deadly Egyptian Mob Attacks Funeral of Murdered Christians

Country’s Main Cathedral Becomes a ‘Battleground’

Egyptian Mob Attacks Funeral of Murdered Christians   1 Killed as Cathedral Becomes a Battlefield

CAIRO (TheBlaze/AP) — Christians angered by the killing of four Christians in weekend sectarian violence clashed Sunday with a mob throwing rocks and firebombs, killing one and turning Cairo’s main Coptic cathedral into a battleground.

The clashes raised tempers in an already tense political atmosphere, as workers shut down the country’s trains in a strike over wages and a dispute over the nation’s chief prosecutor entered a new phase – all signs of two years of unending turmoil.

Reacting to Sunday’s violence, the Muslim Brotherhood’s political party blamed “dubious” attempts by unnamed parties to broaden instability in Egypt by igniting sectarian violence and spreading chaos.

But a liberal opposition group, the Popular Current, said the clashes were symptomatic of the failure of the state to protect its citizens, calling on Islamist President Mohammed Morsi and his government to resign.

Egyptian Mob Attacks Funeral of Murdered Christians   1 Killed as Cathedral Becomes a Battlefield

Morsi said in a statement late Sunday that he spoke to Pope Tawadros II by phone. He gave orders to authorities to guard the cathedral and citizens in the area, adding that protecting the lives of Muslims and Christians was a state responsibility.

 “I consider any attack on the cathedral as an attack on me, personally,” he said, according to the statement from his office.

The clashes at the St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Cathedral began just after hundreds of angry Christians left the complex to stage an anti-government march following the funeral for the four Christians killed in sectarian clashes Saturday.

A mob, described by witnesses as residents of the area, pelted them with rocks and firebombs and fired birdshot, forcing them back inside the complex. Few police were present, despite Morsi’s alleged instructions.

By the time police did arrive in larger numbers, the church was the scene of clashes between those locked inside and the mob outside, as the two sides exchanged rocks and firebombs. Police fired tear gas at the cathedral, and gas canisters landing inside church grounds caused a panic among women and children.

People outside the church cheered.

Egyptian Mob Attacks Funeral of Murdered Christians   1 Killed as Cathedral Becomes a Battlefield

“There was no security outside the church for such a large funeral,” said Emad Thabet, a Coptic Christian who was among those locked up in the church for hours. “There is no such thing as Egyptians in Egypt. There are only Muslims and Christians,” he said. Copts have complained for decades that the Christian minority suffers from discrimination.

Coptic Christians make up about 10 percent of Egypt’s estimated 90 million people. Attacks against Christians have dramatically increased since the ouster two years ago of autocrat Hosni Mubarak.

Alongside the sectarian and legal issues, the overriding economic crisis flared as Egypt’s railway services came to a halt Sunday because of a strike by train drivers and conductors demanding better pay. The strike snarled inter-city transit, and thousands of angry passengers crowded train stations.

The Agence France-Presse has video from the explosive scene at the cathedral, including interviews with a number of Copts:

Sunday’s clashes grew out of Khossous, a town north of Cairo, where five people, including a Muslim, were killed a day earlier. Renewed clashes erupted there later Sunday outside the local church, leaving 12 residents and one police officer injured.

At the cathedral on Sunday, witness Ibrahim Elsherif said the clashes began when angry Coptic protesters tried to stop traffic for an anti-government march. A street brawl turned quickly into an attack by local residents, who pelted the protesters with rocks from the roofs of nearby buildings, throwing firebombs and firing birdshot, he said. Some protesters smashed parked cars.

One Coptic Christian was killed in the violence, and at least 66 people were wounded, the Health Ministry said. Two local journalists were among those injured, one seriously, according to their newspapers.

Video aired live on the private ONTV network showed young men on the roof of a building next to the cathedral firing handguns toward the compound.

Inside the cathedral, several thousand mourners chanted slogans against Morsi, calling on the Egyptian leader to step down. They shouted “Leave!” and “This is our country, we will not leave!”


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Iran’s nuclear bomb program complete

Source reveals secret site; last obstacle is to arm missiles

Early nuclear explosion on Bikini Atoll  –  by Reza Kahlili

Iran successfully has built a nuclear bomb with the help of Russia and North Korea and has enough weapons-grade uranium and plutonium for more, according to a source in the Revolutionary Guards intelligence unit.

The source, who has access to Iran’s nuclear program, said the Islamic regime is working out of seven nuclear sites, most unknown to the IAEA, and that its nuclear bomb program is complete.

North Korea has provided the regime with plutonium for nuclear warheads, the source verified, and the last obstacle to overcome is arming missiles with those warheads.

The source, who revealed the existence of the regime’s microbial plant and its effort on biological weapons as published on Jan. 1 by WND exclusively, now has provided information on two of the seven secret sites.

The first is in the town of Khondab near the city of Arak in central Iran where Iran’s heavy-water plant reactor is located, which, once operational, will provide enough plutonium for several bombs just in its first year. WND will soon publish information on the second secret nuclear site, which has direct Russian participation involving laser technology for uranium enrichment.

The Khondab site, according to the source, expands on the activity at Iran’s previously secret site in Fordo, about 80 miles away. When the existence of Fordo was revealed in September 2009, much of the nuclear bomb research and equipment was later transferred to Khondab.

Google Earth – FEB 2009 – Initial start of the work at Khondab

DigitalGlobe SEPT 2012 – Khondab secret nuclear facility

The new site, in the belly of a mountain, is immune to airstrikes. It has three levels accessible by three elevators. The first level is security, where personnel check in, cell phones, arms and other items are confiscated, IDs are checked and passage allowed. The second level houses the centrifuges and the third level the lab, where work is ongoing on both uranium and plutonium bombs.

The uranium enrichment on the second level is in two phases: The first phase has eight cascades of centrifuges into which uranium hexafluoride gas has been fed for enrichment; the second phase has 12 cascades with six already operational and six more being readied.

The planning of the site was approved under former president Mohammad Khatami, but the project was approved by the current president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and completed over two years ago.

Several high-power towers, visible in images, have been installed near the site to provide much-needed electricity for the centrifuges. The electricity flows only to the bottom of the mountain, where entrances have been dug out.

DigitalGlobe SEPT 2012 – All high power towers installed since work on Khondab – Several marked

DigitalGlobe SEPT 2012 – Power polls extend only to the bottom of the mountain where entrances are

“The imagery clearly shows some kind of highly sensitive and fortified installation supporting a deep underground facility inside the mountain,” stated Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, a former CIA analyst and executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security, an advisory board to Congress.

“The exterior facility has a huge security gate and guard post, the entire installation is surrounded by miles of deep trench and berm, like a medieval fortress, with modern security fences and guard posts.

DigitalGlobe SEPT 2012 – Security parameter of the site as marked

DigitalGlobe SEPT 2012 – Security parameter of the site as marked

“And there are clearly two enormous underground entrances surmounted by a building that may power elevator shafts, escalators or a subway to the underground complex inside the mountain,” he said.

DigitalGlobe SEPT 2012 – Underground entrances & Air vents on top of the mountain

Of particular interest, Pry said, are the high-tension power lines at the facility.

“Whatever is going on inside needs a lot of electricity. Chemical and biological weapons programs have very modest power needs, compared to nuclear weapons programs, which consume enormous amounts of electricity.”

Pry said that Russia, China and North Korea are helping Iran’s nuclear and missile programs and that it is probably no accident that Iran’s underground facilities closely resemble those countries’ setups, which were intended to deceive the West during and after the Cold War.

“The discovery of previously unknown underground facilities of such size and potential significance in Iran is further proof that the U.S. is probably underestimating the advancement and sophistication of Iran’s nuclear weapons program,” Pry said. “The present policy of negotiation until Iran is caught red-handed moving toward nuclear weaponization is a policy doomed to fail – probably already has failed inside one of Iran’s underground nuclear installations.”

The site is supervised by Mohsen Fakhrizadeh-Mahabadi, the father of Iran’s nuclear bomb program. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s representative, former defense minister Ali Shamkhani, routinely visits the site.

There are 60 personnel working at this site, with four Russian and three North Korean scientists helping the Iranian scientists.

Iranian scientists Massoud Ali Mohammadi and Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, who worked on this Khondab project, were assassinated, Mohammadi in 2010 and Roshan last year.

Because of those assassinations, Khamenei has ordered the Ministry of Intelligence and National Security to keep a close eye on all employees at various sites and monitor their movement and communications.

Two missile sites in the vicinity of this nuclear site are hidden underground to protect the site from an airstrike.

Currently more than 2,000 centrifuges are enriching uranium at this facility, with more to be operative shortly.

With the failure in three rounds of talks since last April between the world powers 5+1 and Iran over its illicit nuclear program and the regime’s defiance in stopping its enrichment and preventing the International Atomic Energy Agency from inspecting suspect sites, the West is running out of options, the source added.

He said the regime believes that ultimately America will have no choice but to accept a nuclear-armed Iran.

WND last October revealed that regime scientists at another secret site were working on a neutron detonator for a nuclear weapon and warhead design for ballistic missiles.

Reza Kahlili is a pseudonym for a former CIA operative in Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and author of the award-winning book “A Time to Betray” (Simon & Schuster, 2010). He serves on the Task Force on National and Homeland Security and the advisory board of the Foundation for Democracy in Iran (FDI).


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Hundreds evacuated as Nicaragua volcano spews ash

Nicaragua’s tallest volcano has belched an ash cloud hundreds of feet into the sky in the latest bout of sporadic activity, prompting the evacuation of nearby residents.

The San Cristobal volcano

The San Cristobal volcano spews up large clouds of gas and ash near Chinandegga City.               Photo: REUTERS

The 5,725-foot San Cristobal volcano, which sits around 85 miles north of the capital Managua in the country’s northwest, has been active in recent years, and went through a similar episode in September.

The latest activity began late on Tuesday.

Government spokesman Rosario Murillo called on residents who live within a 1.9-mile radius of the volcano to leave the area. Around 300 families live near the volcano.

“We have some families who have self-evacuated. … We ask (the people) to go to a safe place, it’s just for a few days during this emergency,” she said, adding it was a precautionary measure.

A billowing grayish cloud could be seen drifting sideways from the volcano’s peak.


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Earthquake hits Japan, Setting off small Tsunami   –  By Alex Zolbert and Jethro Mullen, CNN

Tokyo (CNN)– A powerful earthquake struck off the northeast coast of Japan on Friday evening, rattling buildings in Tokyo and setting off a small tsunami.  The 7.3-magnitude quake on Friday took place out at sea — 462 kilometers (287 miles) east-northeast of Tokyo at a depth of 36 kilometers (22 miles) — the U.S. Geological Survey said, slightly revising the initial location it gave.  Some roads were closed and rail services suspended in the northeastern prefecture of Miyagi, where a one-meter (3-foot) tsunami rolled ashore. It was followed by four other waves ranging from eight to 16 inches. Only minor injuries were reported immediately, including five in Miyagi and five on the outskirts of Tokyo.  

3 foot tall Tsunami rolled ashore in Miyagi, Japan

3 foot tall Tsunami rolled ashore in Miyagi, Japan

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About 350 die in Philippine typhoon, 400 missing!    –  By BULLIT MARQUEZ, AP

Residents cross a river with the body of a child after retrieving it from the flash flood-hit village of Andap, in New Bataan township ………….Wednesday Dec. 5, 2012

NEW BATAAN, Philippines — A powerful typhoon that washed away emergency shelters, a military camp and possibly entire families in the southern Philippines has killed almost 350 people with nearly 400 missing, authorites said Thursday.

More bodies were retrieved from hardest-hit Compostela Valley and Davao Oriental provinces and six others impacted by Tuesday’s storm, the Office of Civil Defense reported.

At least 200 of the victims died in Compostela Valley alone, including 78 villagers and soldiers who perished in a flash flood that swamped two emergency shelters and a military camp.

“Entire families may have been washed away,” said Interior Secretary Mar Roxas, who visited New Bataan on Wednesday. The farming town of 45,000 people was a muddy wasteland of collapsed houses and coconut and banana trees felled by ferocious winds.

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One World Government is Coming!


Big Brother Getting Bigger


Looks Familiar!  Hmm……….

Big brother is getting even bigger and more intrusive into our personal lives.  Our rights as Americans are diminishing quickly.  The government claims to be helping it’s citizens under the guise of security and safety.  Formation of the “TSA” (transportation security administration) and the “Department of Home Land Security“.  Who are they trying to protect us from?  The government is not only getting bigger and more intrusive, but is exerting more power over our lives.  Police forces are being trained and equipped with the latest military equipment.  Reports of FEMA prison camps are being constructed around the country.  Hundreds of thousands of coffins have been found next to these camps.  Why?  What does the government know that we don’t?  Maybe the government is preparing for civil unrest when the United Nations takes control as the One World Government.  Our current administration seems to be leaning in that direction as does the European Union.

Wobbelin Concentration Camp

          Nazi Concentration Camp WWII.           This would NEVER happen again!……….Right?




We as a nation are trillions of dollars in debt with no end in sight.  The governments response will undoubtedly be to raise taxes, thereby continuing to grow larger and become even more powerful, while an even larger number of citizens will be out of work and dependent upon the government for support.  This cycle will only last until it collapses upon itself, in which the majority of the people take, a minority contribute and the government continues to spend more than it receives.  Hmm, sounds like a book I heard about (Atlas Shrugged).

War of wealth bank run poster



20121130-180058.jpg                                       F-15I Ra'am

As war and conflict in the Middle East continues to intensify, it looks as though the United States may be providing military support or be engaged in another war sooner than later.  Hopefully America will be supporting the right side (Israel).  This next war will be catastrophic.  The world will be begging for peace and safety!





Gold Christian cross  Star of David   File:Islamic symbol.PNG

The differences in religious beliefs seem to be most prominent now than ever before.  Christians believe that Jesus will return for his church soon and are watching for signs given by him.  The Jewish people believe that their Messiah will return at some point in time and are quickly preparing to rebuild the temple.  The Muslims believe that Mahdi will return soon during a time of intense war and death (to put it simply), so they (at least extremist Muslims) wish to intensify war, chaos and death.

Religious viewpoints in the United States and around the world are seeing the light of day.  Many people are showing their true colors by taking a stand against God and his word.  By promoting same sex marriage, abortion and siding against Israel.  Christians are also loosing their rights of free speech and freedom to worship God as they wish and have done in the past.  We are headed in the direction of religious intolerance.  That is, intolerance for Christianity and Judaism!  We already see Christian churches that have joined forces with Islam…Chrislam!  Heresy and Apostasy!  Yet, this is exactly where we are headed.  The One World Government will enforce a One World Religion to appease everyone!  I see it coming quickly.  It’s right around the corner.






Economic Collapse?!

The world is in trouble.  Most of the world is in economic turmoil.  America, Mexico, Veuzuela, Great Britian, Italy, France, Greece, Spain, Potugal, most of the Middle East, China, Africa, Russia………What country on this planet is not in economic trouble right now? The world economies are all tied together.  This is and has been happening for a while.  It was all planned out and is falling into place.  A World Leader (anti-christ) is coming soon, along with a One World Government (does “United Nations” ring a bell?) to save the world from total economic melt down.





North Toledo riot image

North Toledo Riot Police

 Political strife wreaks havoc daily across the globe.  The Arab spring. Governments have been overthrown…Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Yemen.  Syria is in the midst of a civil war.  Riots and protests are happening now in Egypt, Jordan, Greece, UK and many other countries around the world.  In Africa twenty four countries are in war or conflict.  There are now 60 countries around the world involved in a war.  There are 365 militia-guerrilla and separatist groups involved ( ).  With all of this political chaos in the world intensifying, the world is hurting for a leader to take charge and give us some stability.



World View

Erioll world 2
Most of the world despises and hates the Jewish people and Israel.  Extremist Muslims are set to destroy them and it seems as if most of the world is supporting the Muslim terrorists.  Hamas has fired thousands of rockets into Israeli neighborhoods.  Iran is not hiding the fact that they are supplying Hamas with the rockets, in fact they blatantly admit it!  Israelis are protecting themselves from terrorists, yet are being accused by most of the world of being terrorists and of targeting children with their missiles.  Yet Hamas intentionally targets Israeli neighborhoods and schools, but you hear nothing about it.


Azaz Syria during the Syrian Civil War Missing front of House

Azaz, Syria during the Syrian civil war. 16 August 2012, Azaz residents pick up after aerial bombings. Bombed out buildings.

The Syrian government has killed tens of thousands of it’s own people including children.  Where is the public outcry around the world?  Where are all the protests and riots? Exactly.  There are not any, or very few.  But when Israel defends it’s people from rocket attacks and possible annihilation the world is outraged!  The hypocrisy and twisting of the true facts into lies is so evident.  Yet, billions of people today are blinded from the truth.  They are deceived with false doctrines and teachings.  The news media reports are mostly biased to the left (against Israel and God).  Secular viewpoints appear to have a sense of truth!

Extremist Muslims not only hate Jews, they also hate Christians.  They are murdering Christians without restraint.  It continues to happen around the world daily.  It is difficult to imagine unless you see it with your own eyes.  I have seen the bodies of thousands of murdered Christians, the be-headings also.  I purposely did not post them because they are so violent in nature.  Please feel free to google them yourself (if you have the stomach for it) so that you can see what is really happening!  Not only are they murdering Christians, but they are also maiming and disfiguring them.  Oh, but this couldn’t possibly be right!  Islam is a religion of love and peace.  After all, haven’t they been promoting peace with Israel and around the world?  Yeah, right.  That’s what watching the daily world news or reading the paper would lead you to believe.  The vast majority of news agencies are extremely biased against Christianity and Israel and the Jewish people.  I have also seen photos of the Muslim brotherhood with very small children dressed in terrorists attire and armed with machine guns.  This is the love that these Muslims want to share with the world!

The world is in need of a leader to control the hatred, violence and murder.  To ease the tensions throughout the world and bring peace!  That is where we are headed.  Someone must organize and stabilize, but who?  We shall soon see!


The Stage is Set!

Flag of the United Nations

United Nations (One World Government?)

It simply amazes me how much of bible prophecy is now happening.  The stage is being set folks.  The world is much closer than you think to instituting a One World Government!  A One World Leader!  Someone with all of the right answers for a hurting world.  The time is ripe for the world to accept a leader to save them, their savior, the anti-christ.  Economic collapse is at hand.  Political meltdown is here.  Religious strife is at an all time high.  Hatred of what is right and love of what is wrong abounds.  Food shortages and starvation are common around the globe.  Disease and pestilence is increasing daily.  Evil ways are common.  Good deeds are uncommon.  The world has been turned upside down.  Nothing makes much sense anymore.

Christians are meant to be the light in a world of darkness.  To give others hope in eternal life through Jesus.  To help those in need.  To comfort one another.  To bring peace in the midst of chaos.  To stand for righteousness and perform the will of God!  No one knows the time of Christ’s return for his saints.  But as I have mentioned above, time is short and I believe that the return of Christ for his children is close at hand, even at the door!  Let those of us who believe share God’s love and grace.  Praise God for his unwavering word and spirit!  God is the same as he was yesterday, today and tomorrow.  God is the answer.  Jesus Christ!  He is the way, the truth and the life.  If you do not yet know Jesus, then please seriously consider accepting him as your Lord and Savior.  He loves you and wants to give you a free gift of salvation.  Click on the “Accept Jesus now!” link below for more information.   Amen

God Bless you all!   🙂

Accept Jesus now!

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