Pro-life grandmother attacked at abortion clinic

Was videotaping 4th botched-abortion victim in 5 weeks

By Garth Kant

A woman exited a Planned Parenthood clinic and smacked a camera phone out of the hands of a pro-life observer yesterday, but 63-year-old Rae Stabosz caught the assault on video, and it is now posted on Youtube.

Stabosz says she was threatened by a young woman as she stood outside an abortion clinic  in Wilmington, Del. In the video, Stabosz is seen calling 911 to report the threat when a young woman leaves the clinic, heads straight at Stabosz and knocks the camera out of her hands.

Someone can then be heard saying “get the f*** away” as the video shows a foot stomping on the phone.

Stabosz was treated and released from a hospital with minor injuries. But, first, she went into the clinic, retrieved her phone and resumed videoing.

Earlier in the day, Stabosz was praying outside the clinic when a woman and her mother arrived, according to LifeNews. Stabosz learned the woman had complications from an abortion performed March 8.

Stabosz persuaded the woman to go to a hospital, where doctors reportedly discovered a leg and a foot had been left inside her. The woman underwent surgery and was referred to an attorney.

After the incident, Stabosz, a Catholic grandmother of 12, went to Mass. When she returned to Planned Parenthood, she saw another medical emergency in progress.

That’s when she reported being assaulted. After she retrieved her phone, Stabosz videoed a gurney with an injured patient, covered entirely in blankets and sheets, being put into an ambulance.

Stabosz says they were the third and fourth abortion injuries at the clinic in five weeks. Two other medical emergencies took place at the Planned Parenthood clinic Feb. 8 and Feb. 16,  according to LifeNews.

Police arrived soon after the assault, and Stabosz filed a police report. Her attacker had left and is still at large.

“This is an amazing story of a pro-life hero who was willing to do what it took to aid women and document Planned Parenthood’s abortion abuses,” said Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue and Pro-Life Nation.

“It is because of dedicated people like Rae that babies are saved, women are helped and the truth about abortion clinic abuses is finally getting out. Something is very wrong at this Planned Parenthood clinic where women are hospitalized almost weekly due to the shoddy practices there. This Planned Parenthood needs to be investigated and closed,” he said.


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