God Thought About Everything! He Loves Us All!

Commentary By Gordon King

Photos from photobucket

God loves everyone and he wanted us to know it! 

dog with kitten photo: cat_dog kitten_dog.jpg

God photos photo: God 89e8.jpg

Shangrala's God's Most Beautiful!

God photos photo: The Eye Of God EyeofGod.jpg

God is keeping his eye on us!

cute animal photo: Cute Animal 15.jpg

God's beauty photo: God always give us beauty in the midst of our problems--mom's lilies 282069_2281115504632_7009172_n.jpg

God's beauty photo: God's Beauty coloradobeauty.jpg

God's beauty photo:  FieldOfFlowers.jpg

God's beauty photo: God's Beauty At Worki Beachsunset.jpg

God's beauty photo: Beauty naturalwallpapers6.jpg

His Love For Us Is In Plain Site!

rainbows photo: Dreamscape Dreamscape.jpg

cute animal photo: Cute Animal 19.jpg

God photos photo: God's fireworks DSC_1042.jpg

dog with kitten photo:  kitten-dog.jpg

cute animal photo: Cute Animal 14.jpg

God photos photo: God Bless the USA eagle americaeaglebanner.jpg

Praise and Glory to God!  Hallelujah!  Thank you Jesus!  Amen   😉

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