Monsanto pushes bizarre conspiracy theory

To deflect blame for GE wheat contamination of commercial crops


“Little Green Men?”

(NaturalNews) There is a grand conspiracy theory at work to destroy the value of U.S. wheat crops, Monsanto recently told mainstream media reporters in a telephone conference. The contaminated GE wheat recently discovered in Oregon didn’t get there by escaping Monsanto’s open-air GMO experiments, the company claims. Instead, they say it might have been put there by a conspiracy of crop criminals who somehow acquired GE wheat from Monsanto’s field trials way back in 2005, then somehow saved it in a way that kept it genetically viable for eight years, then supposedly drove around Oregon for the sole purpose of releasing the GMOs in some farmer’s field that they just hoped the USDA might be someday be testing for GMO contamination.

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Rains affect wheat, chaff, cotton severely in Pakistan

LAHORE: The recent rain badly damaged 0.2 million maund wheat, 0.5 million maund chaff and cotton sown on an area of 0.2 million acres, according to a survey by the Pakistan Agri Forum.



Pakistan Agri Forum Chairman Dr Muhammad Ibrahim Mughal expressed these views while talking to APP Sunday.

Mughal said that according to reports received from district presidents of the forum, the storm and rains had affected wheat, chaff, and cotton severely.

He said that the cotton seed which was available in the market for Rs 200 per kg had increased and now it was available at Rs 400 per kg.

He also expressed apprehensions that this year, cotton may not be cultivated on 8 million acres of land in the country because certified seed of cotton was not available to farmers even at the double rate.


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