Firefighters struggle to contain blazes as Soda Fire becomes largest in US

Wildfire Soda Idaho 16 August 2015

Firefighters across the northern Rocky mountains and the Pacific northwest are trying to contain flames that have been fed by drought. Photograph: Joshua Bessex/AP

Idaho fire burns 265,000 acres of land as winds help stoke wildfires sweeping across the Pacific northwest and elsewhere on Saturday

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Powerful storm system blasts US West; 8 killed

Western Storms

This image provided by the San Bernardino County Fire Department shows a traffic accident in the San Bernardino Mountains in California. The rain throughout the West led to flooding in San Bernardino County, where five homeless people were trapped by water and had to be rescued from the Santa Ana River, fire officials told the San Bernardino County Sun. (AP Photo/San Bernardino County Fire Department)

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