This Memorial Day, I pledge to defend the freedoms our ancestors fought for

…even in the face of escalating tyranny

Photo from: wikipedia/commons

Commentary By Gordon King

Happy Memorial Day everyone!  This is a day we all need to remember and cherish.  We need to honor the veterans who gave their lives defending this once great country of ours.  May the Lord be with them all.  I also give thanks and honor not only to the veterans who gave their lives for this country, but also for all of the veterans who have ever served in the United States military.  They also put their lives on the line.  Thank you all for your service to this country!  God Bless you and may you live in peace.


Mike Adams
Natural News
May 27, 2013


The story of America is the story of a rag-tag band of passionate individuals demanding freedom from oppression, intimidation and tyranny. They didn’t merely demand it with public protests; they demanded it with force… on the streets of Lexington and Concord, the beaches of Normandy and everywhere that the men and women of America have fought to defend the ideals that made America the greatest nation in the world.

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