8 dead, 5 missing as Utah flood sweeps away cars


A vehicle rests in debris after a flash flood Monday, Sept. 14, 2015, in Hildale, Utah. Authorities say multiple people are dead and others missing after a flash flood ripped through the town on the Utah-Arizona border Monday night. (Photo: Mark Lamont, AP)

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Disappearing Lake Powell underlines drought crisis facing Colorado river

lake powell colorado

In Lake Powell, white calcium deposits show the extent to which the water level has dropped, around 30ft. Photograph: Chris McGreal for the Guardian

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Officials evacuating homes after house collapses from mudslide


NORTH SALT LAKE — A home was destroyed Tuesday morning by a mudslide in North Salt Lake, officials confirm.

Officials shut down access to the area on Eagle Ridge Drive and homes in the area are being evacuated. Officials are evacuating all homes on Parkway Drive in North Salt Lake. No injuries have been reported so far.

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Earthquake shakes Utah

SPRING CITY, Utah – A magnitude 4.2 earthquake occurred 3 miles outside of Spring city Saturday evening.

According to the United States Geological Survey, the quake happened at 6:56 p.m. Residents of Ephraim, Chester, Huntington, Nephi and Price also reported they could feel the earthquake.

No injuries or damage have been reported.

U.S. appeals court backs gay marriage in conservative Utah

Plaintiffs Derek Kitchen (L-R) and Moudi Sbeity and Kate Call and Karen Archer talk outside the courthouse after a federal appeals court heard oral arguments on a Utah state law forbidding same sex marriage in Denver in an April 10, 2014 file photo.  REUTERS/Rick Wilking

Plaintiffs Derek Kitchen (L-R) and Moudi Sbeity and Kate Call and Karen Archer talk outside the courthouse after a federal appeals court heard oral arguments on a Utah state law forbidding same sex marriage in Denver in an April 10, 2014 file photo.   Credit: Reuters/Rick Wilking

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Utah to Appeal Gay Marriage Ruling to US Supreme Court

Ruth Hackford-Peer (L) and Kim Hackford-Peer sign their marriage certificate after getting married as Reverend Curtis Price (C) watches at the Salt Lake County office building in Salt Lake City, Utah, December 20, 2013. A federal judge struck down Utah’s ban on same-sex marriage as unconstitutional on Friday, handing a major victory to gay rights activists in a conservative state where the Mormon church wields considerable influence. (Photo: Reuters/Jim Urquhart)

as Final Holdout Counties Distribute Licenses

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Government ‘Shut Down’ Doesn’t Prevent Opening of $2 Billion NSA Spy Center

Snooping on Americans; business as usual

Paul Joseph Watson
October 1, 2013

The so-called “government shut down” and the furloughing of thousands of non-essential federal employees has not prevented the opening of a $2 billion dollar NSA spy center in Utah which will snoop on Americans’ private emails, Google searches and phone calls.

Image: NSA Spy Center, Utah.

As we highlighted yesterday, the shut down will only affect the tiny amount of services government provides that Americans actually like.

Rest assured, TSA grope downs, VIPR checkpoints, drone attacks, SWAT team raids, tax collection, torturing terrorists at Guantanamo Bay, arming jihadists in Syria and running guns to Mexican drug dealers will all continue unimpeded – as will NSA domestic spying.

Although the NSA itself refuses to confirm it, to all intents and purposes the agency’s mammoth new spy center in Bluffdale, Utah “may be open already,” according to the Denver Post.

“The facility is expected this fall to quietly begin sucking in massive amounts of information for the intelligence community and storing it in the cavernous buildings in Bluffdale, Utah, according to NSA officials — and it could be open now even as the agency faces scrutiny over efforts to collect data on Americans domestically,” writes Thomas Burr.

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Wet Sunday, flood watches in place for parts of Utah


By Janelle Stecklein – The Salt Lake Tribune

First Published 5 hours ago • Updated 5 hours ago

The next two days will probably be wet ones for many Utahns as the remnants of a tropical depression pushes north into the state.

The National Weather Service in Salt Lake City said widespread locally-heavy rain can be expected, but mainly across southern, central and eastern Utah thanks to Tropical Depression Ivo.

A flash flood watch was in place through late Sunday for all of southern Utah, parts of central Utah and the eastern part of the state including the cities of St. George, Vernal, Duchesne, Moab, Blanding, Richfield and Price.

A flood threat exists for slot canyons, dry washes, small streams, burn scars and urban areas that don’t drain well, the weather service warned.