Man arrested on 8 charges after disorderly hospital visit

Austin Compton, 24

Austin Compton, 24

By Laurel Mallory,

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – A man visiting the hospital for treatment was arrested for masturbating in public, threatening those around him, vandalizing property and assaulting police officers.

On Saturday, July 27, around 2:30 a.m., Austin Compton, 24, was witnessed at University Hospital touching himself while telling an elderly patient being treated next to him, in explicit detail, he was going to rape her.

According to a police report, Compton threw his urine on a medical technician while threatening other staff members. He was also observed pulling a sink and medical equipment off the wall causing significant damage to hospital property.

When police attempted to arrest Compton, he resisted, kicking officers and biting one, breaking the skin. Once he was placed in the back of a police cruiser, officers said he kicked out the rear side window of the car. He remained hostile until being booked.

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Unhinged! Crowd Wears Diapers to Fling Poo

Attempt to assault with urine, tampons, maxi-pads, bricks, flashing private parts

Pro-abortion protesters litter the Capitol (Photo: Stand for Life)


By Chelsea Schilling and John Griffing

(Warning: This article contains details of antics and statements by pro-abortion activists that may disturb some readers.)

AUSTIN – Texas police have confiscated numerous jars of feces and urine, paint, tampons, maxi-pads and even bricks that pro-abortion activists had planned to throw at pro-life lawmakers who are preparing to pass a late-term abortion ban in the state, according to reports.

The protesters have littered the state Capitol building with orange papers shaped like footprints that state, “Maternal death from illegal abortion.”

“Stand with Texas Women” protesters have been spotted wearing diapers filled with toilet paper they presumably intended to throw at members of the Senate. Several witnesses confirmed that toilet paper disappeared from most women’s restrooms at the Capitol, and pro-abortion activists were seen stuffing bags with tampons, fecal matter, urine  and other items.

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