Tunisia imposes nationwide curfew amid spreading unrest

Police forces face protesters in the city of Ennour, near Kasserine, Tunisia, Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2016. Tunisia has declared a curfew in the western city after clashes between police and more than 1,000 young protesters demonstrating for jobs. Tensions have risen in Kasserine since Sunday when an unemployed youth killed himself by scaling an electricity transmission tower to protest his rejection for a government job. (AP Photo/Moncef Tajouri)

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Bosnia protests: 150 injured as demonstrators set fire to presidential palace

Government buildings on fire during protests in Sarajevo (AFP/GETTY)

Protesters across Bosnia set fire to government buildings and fight with riot police amid protests over unemployment and corruption

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Families With Kids Go Homeless as U.S. Rents Exceed Pay

The former DC General Hospital now serves as a homeless shelter for many families. Homeless families struggle in the District with a lack of both affordable housing and shelter space. Placement is especially difficult when the family is large, more than 2-3 children.     Sarah L. Voisin/The Washington Post via Getty Images

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30 Statistics About Americans Under The Age Of 30 That Will Blow Your Mind

Michael Snyder
Economic Collapse
October 4, 2013

Why are young people in America so frustrated these days?  You are about to find out.  Most young adults started out having faith in the system.  They worked hard, they got good grades, they stayed out of trouble and many of them went on to college.  But when their educations where over, they discovered that the good jobs that they had been promised were not waiting for them at the end of the rainbow. 

Image: Young Americans.

Even in the midst of this so-called “economic recovery”, the full-time employment rate for Americans under the age of 30 continues to fall.  And incomes for that age group continue to fall as well.  At the same time, young adults are dealing with record levels of student loan debt.  As a result, more young Americans than ever are putting off getting married and having families, and more of them than ever are moving back in with their parents.

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Job Openings in U.S. Fell in July to Lowest in Six Months

(Bloomberg) – Job openings in the U.S. fell in July to the lowest level in six months, signaling uneven progress in employment.

The number of positions waiting to be filled declined by 180,000 to 3.69 million, from a revised 3.87 million the prior month that was weaker than initially reported, the Labor Department said today in Washington. Hiring rose and firings cooled.

The report, following data last week showing payrolls grew less than forecast in August, indicates the labor market was struggling to gain momentum at the start of the third quarter. Federal Reserve officials, due to meet Sept. 17-18, are debating whether the economy and job market have improved enough to warrant trimming $85 billion in monthly bond purchases.

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Record 90 million Americans not in labor force

Rise of 10 million since Obama took office


NEW YORK – Just after Labor Day, the Bureau of Labor statistics reported more than 90 million Americans age 16 and older were not in the labor force in August, the highest level recorded since the Department of Labor began collecting the data during the Truman administration three years after the end of World War II.


On Friday, the BLS reported that the 90,473,000 Americans not currently in the labor force marked the first time the figure exceeded the 90 million threshold.


In January 2009, when President Obama first took office, there were 80.5 million Americans 16 years and older not in the labor force, meaning the number of Americans not in the labor force has increased 10 million during his presidency.

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If You Think The Employment Numbers Are Good, Then You Really Need To Read This Article

By Michael Snyder, on August 2nd, 2013 (The Economic Collapse)

Homeless Bill Needs Rich Woman Photo By Josh Swieringa

Homeless Bill Needs Rich Woman Photo By Josh Swieringa

Do you actually believe that the employment numbers are getting better?  Do you actually believe that there is a bright future ahead for American workers?  If so, then you really need to read this article.  The truth is that we are in the midst of the worst employment crisis since the Great Depression, and there has been absolutely no employment recovery.  In fact, the percentage of working age Americans that are employed is just about exactly where it was during the darkest days of the last recession.  But the mainstream media is not telling you this.  The mainstream media is instead focusing on the fact that the official “unemployment rate” declined from 7.6% in June to 7.4% in July.  That sounds like great news, but when you take a deeper look at the employment numbers some very disturbing trends emerge.

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