Hundreds evacuated from Jacksonville International Airport after suspicious packages found

Photo by Paul Harral-Airport evacuees mull around the outside JIA during a threat of two suspicious packages found Tuesday shutting down all flights.

By Jim Schoettler and Derek Gilliam

(SOURCE) Jacksonville International Airport remained shut down Tuesday night after authorities found two suspicious packages and took at least two men into custody, said airport officials and witnesses.

The packages were found inside the terminal and in a parking garage, said Airport Spokesman Michael Stewart. A Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office bomb squad team is on the scene.

A witness told The Times-Union that he saw at least two men handcuffed in separate spots – one in the airport and one outside – shortly before 6 p.m. A second witness said he saw police throw a man to the ground outside the airport and then put him in handcuffs.

Stewart said he is unaware of what is in the packages and gave no details about the men witnesses said were arrested. He said the FBI, Sheriff’s Office and Airport Authority police were involved.

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Another Earthquake, Measured At 6.8 Magnitude, Hits Pakistan

A Pakistani youth stands in the doorway of a damaged house in the devastated district of Awaran Wednesday. A powerful 6.8-magnitude earthquake struck the same region Saturday.

A Pakistani youth stands in the doorway of a damaged house in the devastated district of Awaran Wednesday. A powerful 6.8-magnitude earthquake struck the same region Saturday.


Pakistanis who endured Tuesday’s strong earthquake that killed hundreds of people felt another quake Saturday, as a 6.8-magnitude quake hit Pakistan’s remote province of Baluchistan. The quake may also have been deadly, due to reports of collapsed mud houses.

Today’s aftershock quake struck less than 20 miles from Tuesday’s 7.7-magnitude event. And it came after survivors had already grown frustrated with the pace of relief efforts — an undertaking complicated by unrest in the area.

From Islamabad, NPR’s Abdul Sattar reports:

“The death toll in [Tuesday’s quake] has risen to 515 while over 600 are still injured. A visit by local journalists to the affected areas belies the government’s claims of helping survivors, who complain of being ignored.


“Some of the survivors have resorted to looting the trucks carrying relief goods. These far-flung areas are without drinking water, medicines and foods, and the government blames Baluch rebels for hampering aid.


“The rebels, fighting for a separate homeland, say they will welcome help by local and international NGOs but will not allow army presence in the affected areas.”


According to the , Saturday’s quake “occurred as the result of oblique-strike-slip motion at shallow crustal depths.” The agency says the quake took place in “the transition zone between northward subduction of the Arabia plate beneath the Eurasia plate and northward collision of the India plate with the Eurasia plate.”

Pakistan earthquake island belching poisonous gas

new island off Pakistan.jpg

Sept. 25, 2013: An island that rose from the sea following an earthquake is pictured off Pakistan’s Gwadar coastline in the Arabian Sea . (Reuters/Stringer)


It’s only a day old, but it already has gas.

A new island that popped up off the coast of Pakistan Wednesday following a deadly, 7.7-magnitude quake on Tuesday has been belching poisonous gas and killing fish, the BBC reported.

“There were dead fish on the surface. And on one side we could hear the hissing sound of the escaping gas,” local journalist Bahram Baloch said, according to the news site. Baloch and some friends said they couldn’t smell the gas, but did manage to set it on fire by lighting a match near fissures from which it was oozing.

‘We put the fire out in the end, but it was quite a hassle.’

– Local journalist Bahram Baloch

“We put the fire out in the end, but it was quite a hassle. Not even the water could kill it, unless one poured buckets over it,” Baloch said.

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Yosemitie Fire Update

Rim Fire Near Yosemite Ranks Among Top 10 Largest Wildfires in California History


#7 Rim Fire: 179,481 Acres (2013)

#1 Cedar Fire: 273,246 Acres (2003)

A burned car sits on the side of the road after being consumed by the Rim Fire on August 25, 2013 near Groveland, California. Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

( – As of Tuesday morning, the Rim Fire near Yosemite National Park in California has burned 179,481 acres.

In records dating back to 1932, the Rim Fire now ranks as the 7th largest in state history, according to California’s Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.

Based on acres burned, the slideshow above shows the 15 largest wildfires in California’s history.

More Photos….

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Record-Breaking Midwest Heat Continues

( – Scorching hot temperatures have made a comeback in the central states.

A dome of high pressure in the upper-levels of the atmosphere will continue to dominate the nation’s midsection over the next several days. Sunny skies, sinking air, and gusty southerly surface winds will send temperatures rocketing well into the 90s and even low 100s over a large swath of the Plains and Upper Midwest.  

Let’s break down some of the notable heat details.

How Hot Will it Get?


As our forecast high temperature maps show at right, the heat will be oppressive and even potentially dangerous. Be sure to stay hydrated and limit your time in the heat, if at all possible.

The broiling heat began Saturday in parts of the Plains, where highs included 102 in Pierre, S.D., and 100 in McCook, Neb.

Minneapolis, and St. Cloud, Minn., both broke their record highs on Sunday as the mercury peaked at 96 and 94 degrees respectively. Duluth, Minn., another Minnesota hotspot, was only one degree from tying its daily record of 94.  Monday brought a repeat record performance to the Twin Cities with a high of 97.

Monday was once more a day for record-breaking heat in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. The temperature at Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport topped out at 97 degrees, shattering the old record of 94, set in 1948.  

Heat advisories continue for a large part of the Upper Midwest, and the Twin Cities have been included in an excessive heat warning that’s in effect until Tuesday night.  


From Milwaukee and Chicago to St. Louis, Kansas City and Rapid City, S.D., we expect much of the Midwest to roast in the 90s to near 100 degrees on Tuesday. Record high temperatures are possible in Des Moines, Iowa, Chicago, Ill. and La Crosse, Wis.

A cold front may knock temperatures down a few degrees in the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes by Wednesday, however temperatures will remain above average through the end of the week.

From the central Plains to the Middle Mississippi Valley, highs in the middle 90s to low 100s will continue through the end of the week.

Hot temperatures may be welcomed news for those interested in hitting the pool or boating on the Great Lakes. That said, the hot and dry conditions are not good news for areas wrestling with persistent drought.

While a swath from Oklahoma to South Dakota has seen some drought relief this summer, parts of Iowa and northern Missouri have dried out significantly, according to the latest Drought Monitor analysis.

Kansas City’s rainfall deficit since June 1 is over 5 inches, while Des Moines, Iowa has yet to pick up an inch of rain this month. With just over 5 inches in the bucket since June 1, Iowa’s capital is over 7 inches below its average summer rainfall to date.

7 dead as heavy rains pummel flooded Philippines

Commuters make their way through a flooded street in the suburbs of Manila on August 20, 2013 (AFP, Jay Directo)

By Jason Gutierrez (AFP) – 20 August 2013

MANILA — Flood-battered residents of the Philippine capital fled their homes or sat on rooftops Tuesday as relentless monsoon rains, which have killed seven people, submerged more than half of Manila.

Map locating the Philippines capital where torrential rains have caused havoc for a second day (AFP/Graphics)

Streets turned into rivers with water above two-metres (seven feet) in some parts of the megacity of 12 million people, displacing more than 130,000 people and forcing countless others to wait out the storm in or on their flooded homes.

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Mother pleads guilty to making her 11-year-old daughter have sex with 24-year-old

Queens mother, Pauline Hosein, plead guilty to pushing her 11-year-old daughter to have sex with a 24-year-old man.


Peter Dazeley/Getty Images
Pauline Hosein, 35, pleaded guilty to first-degree rape and child endangerment and was promised six years in prison, plus five years of supervised release.


A Queens mom copped to an unthinkable crime Tuesday, admitting she pushed her 11-year-old daughter to have sex with a 24-year-old man, officials said.

Pauline Hosein, 35, pleaded guilty to first-degree rape and child endangerment and was promised six years in prison, plus five years of supervised release.

 Her co-defendant’s case is pending.