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Chain snatcher grabs gold from neck of girl, 3, while mother watches in horror

A quiet lunch at a Jackson Heights, Queens, McDonald’s was wrecked by a creepy man grabbing the little girl’s necklace and fleeing

Police said this man ripped a gold chain off a young girl’s neck at a Queens McDonalds.

Police said this man ripped a gold chain off a young girl’s neck at a Queens McDonald’s.


A sticky-fingered fiend grabbed a gold chain from a 3-year-old girl’s neck as the child and her mother had lunch at a McDonald’s restaurant in Queens, police said Friday.

Cops said the creep, described as a white balding man in his 40s wearing a gray button-down shirt and blue jeans, walked into the bustling eatery on 82nd St. in Jackson Heights around 1:45 p.m. on Aug. 30.

He trailed the mother and child, waited for them to go to an upstairs dining area and then pounced, ripping the chain and charm from the little girl’s neck before running from the restaurant.

Neither the child nor her mother was injured said police, who are circulating a video of the thief.

Anyone with information regarding the mugger’s identity is asked to call police. Calls to CrimeStoppers at(800) 577-TIPS are confidential.

Criminal gets hit by bus after robbing woman in Colombia

A Colombian thief badly botched his getaway after swiping a woman’s mobile phone in a Bogota bus station.


CCTV footage showed the mugger calmly walking up to his victim in a Bogota bus station and snatching her bag. A brief struggle ensues before the man attempts to make his getaway.

As he dashes out of the station, a bus suddenly pulls in, knocking him over and dragging him underneath the bus.

Remarkably, the mugger’s victim then helped rescue him from underneath the vehicle.

After being treated in hospital, the man was arrested by police.