Black man in hoodie stabs white girl 11 times

‘She came home from work, and her body was full of holes’


Police in New York City are trying to find a black man wearing a hoodie who is responsible for a horrific attack on a teenage white girl who was stabbed 11 times just steps from her front door.

The knife-wielding maniac ambushed Natasha Martinez, 17, as she returned home from working her shift at a local McDonald’s restaurant.

Hearing her daughter’s screams, Natasha’s mother, Wendy Martinez, came running outside — and the bloodthirsty attacker fled.

“She came home from work, and her body was full of holes,” Wendy Martinez told the New York Daily News.

“I was holding her because she was going to fall. Her face was turning white, and I slapped her. I was telling her, ‘You have to stay alive.’”

The teen is recovering at Jamaica Hospital, in the borough of Queens, after undergoing surgery for stab wounds to her back, arms, stomach and kidney. Doctors had to remove a vein from her leg and put it in her arm. Her mother describes her condition as “really bad.”

“This is so difficult,” said Natasha’s mom. “You raise your child, take care of them since they were a baby, and then something like this happens.”

Several neighbors said they heard Natasha’s screams the night of the attack.

“I think she was screaming help or something,” witness Christopher Lopez told WCBS-TV.

“Then all of a sudden, I heard the screams get louder and I said, ‘Let me take a look,’” said witness Teddy Betancourt, “and it was the girl’s mother, holding her up, screaming — looked like she passed out.”

Many in the neighborhood were unaware of the attack until police knocked on their doors.

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