Spain: Student armed with crossbow, machete kills teacher

Police officers patrol outside a school in Barcelona, Spain, Monday, April 20, 2015. A student walked into the Barcelona school Monday morning and killed a teacher and wounded several other high school students on the 16th anniversary of the massacre of students in shootings at Columbine High School in the U.S. state of Colorado. (AP Photo/Emilio Morenatti)

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Hailstorm Seriously Damages AirEuropa Plane Traveling From Madrid to Buenos Aires

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This is an A330 of Air Europa, once at 25 thousand feet in the thunderstorm, the hail left windscreen and the nose destroyed. @ricardocirielli

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Mystery of why 22 long-finned whales washed up to their deaths on Spanish beach

 22 long-finned pilot whales have died after coming ashore on the Manon beach, north of La Coruna, Galicia today

22 long-finned pilot whales have died after coming ashore on the Manon beach, north of La Coruna, Galicia today. Conservationists and authorities battled to save the animals, and now a mystery surrounds why they beached in the first place

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Economy Collapsing

Markets Are Crumbling All Around The World As Government Shutdown Gets Close

Not surprisingly, markets are ugly today. Pretty much everywhere.In Japan, the Nikkei ended down over 2%.

German stocks are down over 1%. Same with Spain.

Italian stocks are down nearly 2%.

US futures are down a bit less than 1%.

Over the weekend there were two major developments. One is it looks virtually certain that the US government is going to shut down. There appears to be no chance, right now, that the GOP-controlled Congress can pass a budget that doesn’t contain a defunding or delaying of Obamacare, which is obviously something the White House would never accept. So that’s not a positive.

And then in Italy, Silvio Berlusconi’s party has announced its deserting the government’s coalition, forcing Prime Minister Enrico Letta into a confidence vote later this week, which he might lose possibly throwing the country into political chaos.

And to top that all off, Chinese official PMI last night was weaker than expected.

‘Let’s tax the sun’: new law shocks world press


A new tax on solar power introduced two weeks ago by the Spanish government has been described as “ludicrous” and “stupid” in two leading international publications.

'Let's tax the sun': new law shocks world press

Some homeowners have removed their solar panels rather than face fines of up to €30 million. Photo: JOHN MOORE/GETTY IMAGES/AFP


It pointed out that Spain “is one of the top countries in the world with respect to installed photovoltaic (PV) solar energy capacity.”


But the author took an incredulous tone and noted: “Spain is now attempting to scale back the use of solar panels – the use of which they have encouraged and subsidized over the last decade – by imposing a tax on those who use the panels.”


She added: “You get the feeling that government officials were out of ideas, stared up at the sky one day and thought, ‘I’ve got it! We’ll tax the sun!'”

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Mysterious 13-foot sea creature washes up on beach in Spain, baffles experts

‘We have no idea what it can be, but it smelled bad,’ said Spanish official. Some experts who have seen photos believe it to be the remains of a shark.


Series of photos show the bizarre remains that washed up on a beach near Villaricos in Almeria, Spain.


The ocean is filled with mysteries, and one of them has washed up on a beach in Spain.

An unidentified creature discovered on the coast near Villaricos has experts scratching their heads — and holding their noses.

“We have no idea what it can be, but it smelled bad, because it was so badly decomposed,” Civil Protection coordinator María Sánchez told the local media.

Experts with the Program in Defense of Marine Animals are “trying to find out what it could be,” she added.

The 13-foot carcass, discovered by a woman with its head detached, is likely a fish, experts said. However, it wasn’t immediately clear which kind. Theories ranged from a type of shark to a giant oarfish.

Dean Grubbs, an ichthyologist at Florida State University, told NBC News the creature was definitely the remains of a shark.

“That is definitely a shark skeleton,” he said via email. “The elements toward the back were confusing me, but those are the lower caudal fin supports. The ‘horns’ are the scapulocoracoids which support the pectoral fins.”

Samples of the remains were collected and will be analyzed, Sánchez said, according to local media.