Mother, boyfriend arrested in her daughter’s death

Dead Girl-Mother Missing

Dead Girl-Mother Missing

These images provided by the Napa Police department shows Ryan Scott Warner, who was detained at a San Francisco Bay Area commuter train station along with Sara Krueger Sunday Feb. 2, 2014 in the city of El Cerrito, Calif.  The couple was wanted for questioning in the death of Krueger’s 3-year-old daughter.       Napa Police Department/AP Photo   

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Family from hell

Failed father: Chad Chritten, 42, was found guilty of starving and neglecting his daughter for a number of years until she escaped wearing only pajamas

Failed father: Chad Chritten, 42, was found guilty of starving and neglecting his daughter for a number of years until she escaped wearing only pajamas

Father found guilty of starving daughter, 16, down to 68lbs ‘while stepmother beat her and brother sexually assaulted her during six years she was imprisoned in the basement’

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Massachusetts man plotted to kill and eat children, feds say

Commentary By: Gordon King

WARNING!  The following article is real, true and unbelievable.  It is a definite sign of the times that we are now living in, the time of the end prior to the return of Jesus Christ.  What you are about to read and see in the photos, is disturbing.  The planning and preparation for such a heinous crime shows us the evil in the world today.  Satan and his demonic spirits are working overtime folks.  It’s time to be ready.  Its time to be saved.  You need God on your side.  God Bless!

Portway, pleaded guilty in May to distribution and possession of child pornography and solicitation to commit a crime of violence, according to court documents. He is scheduled to be sentenced on September 17.

Portway, pleaded guilty in May to distribution and possession of child pornography and solicitation to commit a crime of violence, according to court documents. He is scheduled to be sentenced on September 17.

SOURCE  –  September 13, 2013

(CNN) — A Boston-area man, who was planning to kidnap children, lock them in a basement dungeon, rape and eat them, should be imprisoned for at least 27 years, federal authorities said in court documents filed this week.

Geoffrey Portway pleaded guilty in May to distribution and possession of child pornography and solicitation to commit a crime of violence, according to court documents. He is scheduled to be sentenced on September 17.

“Portway has pled guilty to some of the most vile and heinous crimes known to our society,” federal prosecutors wrote in a sentencing recommendation.

But a lawyer for the 40-year-old defendant told CNN his client “lived in a fantasy world” and there was no evidence he harmed any child.

Portway went by the moniker “Fat Longpig” during his online chats, according to court documents. It was these chats that put Portway on the radar screen of police.

When his home in Worcester was searched last year, authorities found tens of thousands of computer images and videos of child pornography and 4,500 exchanges of child pornography between Portway and the people he chatted with online. The images included children being cooked and prepared to be eaten, court documents said. Those photographs are sealed.

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Widespread rape by staff indicates ‘fundamental failure’ of juvenile detention

AFP Photo / John Moore

AFP Photo / John Moore


The Justice Department survey, which polled group homes and jails for troubled youths, found that the teens were most often victimized by staff and counselors. A full 20 per cent of the respondents said they were assaulted more than 10 times. Over 8,500 boys and girls under 18 years old were questioned, with 1,720 reporting they had been assaulted.

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Gay Connecticut couple accused of raping adopted children will face trial

George Harasz, 49, and Douglas Wirth, 45, of Glastonbury, withdrew a deal with prosecutors that would have given them suspended prison sentences and probation, according to reports. The surprise move comes as new allegations by three more adopted children surfaced Friday.

George Harasz (l.) and Douglas Wirth (r.), a married couple from Glastonbury, Conn., were arrested in November 2011 following allegations by two of their nine adopted children of sexual abuse.

The case of a same-sex Connecticut couple accused of repeatedly raping and abusing two of their nine adopted boys is headed for trial.


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Married couple George Harasz and Douglas Wirth of Glastonbury were supposed to be sentenced Friday in Hartford Superior Court under a plea deal, but instead withdrew from their agreement with prosecutors. The men had already pleaded no contest in January to one felony count each of risk of injury to a minor — a reduction from even more serious charges related to sexual assault.

But in a surprise turn, the couple’s attorneys pulled them out of the plea in a bid to fully clear their names, according to CBS affiliate WFSB-TV.

If Harasz, 49, and Wirth, 45, had continued with the deal, they would have been given suspended prison sentences and probation, WFSB-TV said.

But more allegations came to light Friday in the explosive case, and prosecutors said they also want to go to trial.

“I think the only proper resolution of this matter is to try it,” said prosecutor David Zagaja, according to the Hartford Courant.

Judge Joan Alexander agreed that a trial would be “in the interest of justice. The facts must be shown and must be shown publicly.”

Harasz and Wirth adopted nine children — three sets of male siblings — beginning in 2000, and ran a home-based dog breeding business called The Puppy Guy.

The couple was arrested in November 2011 following a police and state investigation of sex-abuse allegations. The children were removed from the home.

Police said two boys, ages 5 and 15, accused Harasz of sexually assaulting them. Harasz was initially facing first-degree sexual assault and other charges, while Wirth had been charged with third-degree sexual assault of the 15-year-old boy.

Their arrest warrants claimed the couple not only sexually and physically abused the children, but also forced them to sleep in closets.

Other children in the home told authorities that they weren’t abused, and prosecutors had agreed to a plea deal because they said a lack of forensic evidence would make it difficult to prove all of the allegations.

But now, three other children are claiming they were also abused, although no new criminal charges had been filed Friday, the Hartford Courant reported.

One of the victims who spoke during the court hearing said sexual assault began when he was 6.

“They took turns raping me over and over,” he said. “Anyone who would do this to a child is a sick, demented person.”

Supporters of Harasz and Wirth also spoke Friday in defense of the couple. One of their children, Carlos Harasz, said the accusers were lying and that the abuse suffered was under previous foster parents.

Carlos Harasz added that the state Department of Children and Families “took the word of an angry, damaged, disturbed boy and destroyed a family.”

Police have been ordered to investigate the latest accusations, and the parties are set to appear in court again June 5.

British tourist leaps from hotel window to escape ‘sex attack’ in India

A British woman backpacking across India climbed through a window and leapt to the ground to escape an attempted sexual assault by the manager of a hotel close to Agra’s Taj Mahal, police said today.

A female British tourist was admitted to hospital after jumping through a hotel window Tuesday over fears of a sex attack in the Indian city of Agra, home to the Taj Mahal, police said.

The tourist jumped out of a hotel window in the Indian city of Agra, home to the Taj Mahal Photo: REUTERS/Jayanta Dey

By , New Delhi

10:52AM GMT 19 Mar 2013

 They said the 32-year-old woman, from Greenwich, South-East London, had injured her leg in her escape, but had continued running and flagged down a rickshaw to take her to the police station.

The incident is the latest in a wave of attacks on women in the country, and comes just days after the gang rape of a Swiss tourist as she and her husband camped in a forest while cycling from Madhya Pradesh to Agra.

She was raped by four men in front of her husband who was held down by two accomplices.

Women’s rights campaigners said the attacks showed how men in India had “gone berserk” and that women, especially those on their own, are unsafe.

The British woman’s dramatic escape highlighted the “environment of fear” gripping women in the country, one leading women’s rights campaigner said.

“It is a really sad statement on the insecurity of women in this country. It is becoming a fear psychosis,” Ranjana Kumari said.

“It will only change when people are being arrested and punished. She must have read about what happened to this woman in Madhya Pradesh. She had a sense, women know… She tried to protect herself and I can understand that because there is a whole environment of fear in the country,” she said.

The Foreign Office said it was urgently checking in to today’s incident, and said it was providing consular assistance to the woman. Just this morning the FCO had updated its travel advice for women in India, urging them to be cautious in the wake of the attack on the Swiss tourist.

Superintendent Subhash Dubey who interviewed the victim today, said she had told him the manager at the Agra Mahal Hotel, which charges £22 per night for a room, had persistently pestered her with an offer of a “free massage”.

The victim said he had knocked on her door in the early hours of Tuesday morning to repeat the offer shortly before she was due to leave for Jaipur.

“He knocked on the door and said it was her wake up call and he had a free hair massage service,” Supt Dubey said. “He consistently knocked and she took fright and bolted.”

Supt Dubey said the woman climbed out on to her balcony on the second floor, climbed down a drain pipe to the first floor and then jumped to the ground.

She jumped to the road, ran away from there and by auto rickshaw came to the tourist police.

“She told us he was molesting her by offering this free service,” Supt Dubey said.

The hotel manager, Sachin Johan, and a security guard known as Laxman, were arrested on “eve-teasing” charges – an Indian term for sexual harassment – and will be held in custody until a trial. If convicted they could face seven years imprisonment.

The accused strongly deny the charges and say they had knocked on the woman’s door at her request for an early morning call to make sure she did not miss her train to Jaipur.

The British woman had been in Udaipur, Rajasthan on Sunday and had arrived in Agra, home of the Taj Mahal, and booked into the mid-range Agra Mahal hotel in the city’s Army cantonment area.

She told police the manager had offered her a free massage earlier the previous day, but she had declined.

Police officers arranged a medical examination which revealed no fracture in her leg, although she told officials she is in pain from a suspected ligament injury sustained during her leap.

She had planned to travel on to Jaipur in Rajasthan on Tuesday and then to Delhi before taking a flight to Beijing as part of a backpacking tour of Asia.

She will now travel to Delhi on Wednesday under police protection, Superintendent Dubey said.

Paranjeet Kaur, a senior police officer looking after the young woman at another Agra hotel, said the victim would not be making any comment on the incident.

The Indian government has been under intense pressure to curb the violence against women. Last week, ministers came under fire after passing a law intended to crack down on sexual assaults, but which failed to make marital rape a criminal offence.

Yesterday, an Indian state minister appeared to put part of the blame on the victims, saying that tourists were putting themselves at danger of rape by not informing police of their travel plans.

Today, the FCO updated its advice for travellers to India. Women in particular were urged to use caution: “Reported cases of sexual assault against women and young girls are increasing; recent sexual attacks against female visitors in tourist areas and cities show that foreign women are also at risk.

“British women have been the victims of sexual assault in Goa, Delhi, Bangalore and Rajasthan and women travellers often receive unwanted attention in the form of verbal and physical harassment by individuals or groups of men.

“A Swiss national suffered a serious sexual attack in Madyha Pradesh on 16 March. Women travellers should exercise caution when travelling in India even if they are travelling in a group.

“If you are a woman travelling in India you should respect local dress codes and customs and avoid isolated areas, including beaches, when alone at any time of day.”


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Boy, 11, admits raping six-year-old girl

An 11-year-old boy has admitted raping a six-year-old girl near his home in North Wales.

Boy, 11, admits raping six-year-old girl

The unamed boy appeard at Llandudno Magistrates Court
Photo: ALAMY

The boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, also admitted three charges of sexual assault by touching and one of common assault on the young girl when he appeared at Llandudno Magistrates Court.

Last week the boy had denied the charges when he appeared at Caernarfon Magistrates Court.

Initially defence solicitor Nicola Jones said there were medical issues involving the boy which may have explained his behaviour.

But yesterday District Judge Andrew Shaw was told there had been discussions between the boy’s parents, his solicitor and his doctor which had led to a change of mind and ultimately a change of plea.

“After very lengthy discussions with his doctor, who has known him for many years, it became clear there was nothing medically that could have caused this type of behaviour.

“I have spoken at length with the boy and his parents and advised them of the consequences of a guilty plea and the decision they have taken, on the basis of my advice, is that he will plead guilty to all the charges,” said Mrs Jones.

The boy was accompanied at yesterday’s hearing by his father and grandmother.

His dad held him close during the 10-minute hearing.

A two-day trial due for March is not now needed the judge ruled.

Adjourning the matter for the preparation of reports the judge said: “It’s an extremely difficult case.”

No details of the charges were outlined in court yesterday but at the previous hearing at Caernarfon Magistrates Court the court heard that he is said to have told the girl, who lives near to the boy’s home in Gwynedd, to accompany him to a nearby pond to see some fish.

At that spot he is said to have asked the girl to perform a sex act on him, the basis of the rape charge.

It was also alleged he pushed her causing her to fall into the shallow pond.

The offences, which happened last August, came to light when the girl returned home crying, soaking wet and covered in mud and told her mother what had happened.

The judge allowed the boy conditional bail until the next hearing.


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