Life Without God

What would life be like without God? Would morals even matter?

By Gordon King

What keeps civilization civil?  Is it merely the laws of man, preconceived and borne out of necessity for survival?  The laws of which continually change for the benefit of the government and a wishy-washy society.  “Changing Laws for Changing Times”, that should be the world’s motto.  We need to change the laws to keep up with the whims and fancies of the world.  After all, people get bored with the same old thing.  They need more excitement and challenges.

What has happened to morality?  The need for God’s commandments which govern us as a people?  Without God we are a society of fads, whims and anything goes.  Without the laws of God’s morality, then who’s to say what anyone can or cannot do?

We begin with homosexuality.  Gay marriage.  Gay adoption.  Then what?  Legalized sex with children?  Sex with animals?  Marriage to animals?  Marriage to children?  Without God, who is to say that this is wrong?

Abortion.  Legalized abortion before the third trimester.  Then after the third trimester if the mother is at harm.  What about abortion just before birth.  The mother just realized at the last-minute, that she made a mistake.  Lets just abort the baby instead of giving birth.  Why not?  If there is no God, what difference does it make?

Euthanasia.  The killing of a life due to sickness or injury.  What about killing if someone is just done, they’ve had enough?  Sounds like suicide.  What about killing just for fun?  Why not?  If there is no God, what does it really matter?  If I just don’t like you, then I kill you.  What if the government thinks there are just way too many people in the world?  Why not kill off a few billion?  Why not?

What about rape?  Rape is illegal, by man’s laws.  But, what if the laws changed?  Without God it wouldn’t really matter.  If someone was standing in line at the store next to a beautiful woman, and decided to rape her right on the spot, he could.  Rape would become widespread more than it already is.  It is already widespread in some countries.

Thou shall not steal is one of God’s laws.  What if God didn’t exist?  If society decided that stealing was a normal part of life and abolished laws against it, would that matter?  Could you imagine the chaos, confusion and insecurity in the world?  I guess you can if you live in the world today.

Love thy neighbor as you love yourself.  Without this law people will turn to self-love.  Self absorption and self-fulfillment.  Greedy, manipulative, hateful and envious.  Oops!  This is already happening.

Without God, anything goes.  Whatever a person feels that he/she wants to do is ok.  For there is no right or wrong.  Only opinions.  Morals and values lie in the perspective of the individual and the government.  The breakdown of society and the world depend upon one of two things: Accept God or Reject God.  That’s the bottom line.  God did not give us the Ten Commandments for our own pleasure, but for our own good.  To be able to live together as a people, as a society at large.   To convict us of our sin and bring us to his salvation, for his glory.

It’s all about the Glory of God!   It’s your decision. What you choose to do with it only determines the rest of your eternity!

Accept Jesus Now!

God Bless Everyone!  Amen   🙂