Jesus is the reason! The birth of our Lord and Savior! Amen



I will be making a conscious effort to wish everyone

A Merry Christmas this year …

My way of saying that I am celebrating

The birth Of Jesus Christ.

So I am asking everyone,

If you agree with me,

To please do the same.

And if you’ll pass this on to

your friends, family members, and unbelievers,

Maybe we can prevent one more

American tradition from being lost in the sea of

“Political Correctness”.


To one and All…

Jesus is the reason for the season!

Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign, Do This, Don’t Do That, Can You Read The Signs?

Commentary By: Gordon King


They are all around us.  What in the world do they mean?  Well, I will tell you what they mean.  They are all signs of the times.  Signs of the end of the age, the close return of Jesus Christ for his church and his second coming.
In this article I will post many of the most recent prophetic events/signs which are relevant to bible prophecy.  Take it as you will.  I am posting this as a warning to take notice and be ready.

Bus Crashes

There have been so many deadly bus crashes over the past year that I cannot keep track or post all of them.  However, I will list some here (these are just SOME of the bus crashes over the past month or so):

Deadly bus crash near Yucaipa, California. Credit:

1 dead, 6 hurt in truck vs. tour bus crash in Southern – Reno  8/18/13

One dead in bus crash near Disney’s Epcot park  8/17/13

Traffic backed up for 20 miles on Interstate 15 after deadly crash 8/17/13

1 Killed, 5 Hurt During Tour Bus Crash In Baker « CBS Los Angeles  8/16/13

6 hurt in school bus crash – – Chicago   8/13/13

Ukrainian passenger ‘grabbed steering wheel’ in fatal French coach crash  8/12/13

Thai bus crash leaves Russian tourists injured   8/10/13

Nine die in Spanish bus crash  8/09/13

Horrifying video inside bus during deadly crash | Fox News Video  8/08/13

At least 38 die in bus crash in southern Italy –  07/29/13

Church bus crash victims raising money for new bus – Indianapolis  7/27/13

‘18 dead’ in Moscow bus crash, Russian officials blame lorry driver  7/13/13

Australia: bus crashes into house in New South Wales  7/09/13

Train Wrecks

Once again, there have been so many train wrecks over the past year that I cannot keep track.  And these are not your run of the mill train accidents.

Spain train crash, 24 July, 2013

Boy, 9, Loses Feet In St. Paul Train Accident  8/16/13

Rushville train accident with pickup truck critically injures tw – 13   8/15/13

Canadian tanker train crash raises fresh questions on oil transportation  8/13/13

WISN: Waukesha Train Accident Remains Under Investigation   8/05/13

Swiss Train Crash Driver’s Body Recovered From Mangled Wreck  7/30/13

Dozens Killed in Train Derailment in Spain  7/24/13

Paris Train Crash: At Least 6 Dead After Derailment Near French …  7/12/13

Sixty dead or missing in Canada train disaster: police  7/10/13

Saad Rafique announces cash compensation for Sheikhupura train   7/06/13

WISHTV – Amtrak train crashes after leaving Indy  6/12/13

Plane Crashes or Near Misses

We have seen a dramatic increase in the number of serious plane crashes and or near misses just in the past two or three months.  I will list the most recent here:

Two dead after plane crashes at KC downtown airport  8/18/13

Plane crashes at Lancaster Airport; pilot not injured  8/17/13

UPS cargo plane crash –  8/14/13

Four bodies recovered after plane crashes into Connecticut homes   8/10/13

Plane crashes at Monmouth Executive Airport; pilot has minor injuries  7/26/13

Plane Makes Emergency Landing At Newark International Airport  7/25/13

LaGuardia Crash Landing: Minor Injuries, Extreme Flight Delays At   7/23/13

JetBlue flight lands in North Carolina after smoke warning  7/13/13

Two dead, 168 hurt in San Francisco air crash- USA Today  7/07/13

Pres. GW Bush makes emergency landing from  6/16/13

Dead Animals

Thousands of dead animals of all types have been dying in mass for at least the past two years.  Hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of fish are dying off almost daily.   I will list just a few of the most recent events:

Environmentalists denounce death of 80 turtles in Guatemala  8/18/13

Deadly Sea Lion Mystery Draws Biologists to Remote Island in Search of Clues  8/16/13

About 15 tons of fish were killed in Rostov.  8/16/13

1,000 Dead Fish Found in National Mall Pond  8/15/13

Great Lakes loons dying in record numbers  8/13/13

Dead birds fall ‘like raindrops’  8/07/13

Hog Farms Battling to Contain Deadly Virus  8/04/13

Dozens of dead dolphins wash ashore, puzzling experts  8/02/13

Ecosystem crisis: Bees dying by the millions in Canada – cause unknown  7/02/13

Disease and Plagues

Many new diseases are appearing, as well as diseases once beaten and all but forgotten about.

Delhi-NCR on watch after major outbreak of Bird Flu  8/18/13

Deadly MERS in Middle East may have spread from camels  8/09/13

Deadly new bird flu raises worries  8/07/13

Tuberculosis Outbreak Shakes Wisconsin City  7/18/13

New strains of SARS, bird flu could spark global outbreaks  5/13/13

Ethiopia: Yellow Fever Outbreak – May 2013 | ReliefWeb  5/07/13

I have only touched on just a few of the signs appearing almost daily in our world.  There are many, many other signs to be watching for: earthquakes, wars and rumors of wars, plagues, unusual signs in the heavens and on the earth.  I will continue to inform you of the most current news available regarding end time signs.  I will also create another list in the near future of the”Signs” of the “Times”.  Stay alert, keep focused and be prepared.  The signs are showing us the time that we now live.  We are in the season.  We need to be prepared to meet our maker. 

Praise God, thank the Lord and God Bless everyone!  Amen   😉

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