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The brutal cold snap affecting much of the country is taking a devastating toll on victims of superstorm Sandy, many of whom are camped out in tent cities or living in homes without power, heat or running water.

Hundreds of people in New York’s Staten Island and along the Jersey Shore are still without basic necessities nearly three months after the devastating storm struck.

“Many families in Union Beach are using space heaters to warm upstairs,” said Jeanette Van Houten, a resident from the small New Jersey town that was among the hardest-hit communities. “There’s people with no heat, no electric, but they are staying in the house because it’s better than having to deal with FEMA and having to leave hotels every two weeks.

“There are families who have chosen to stay in their homes just to have some sort of normalcy,” she added.

The cold wave has brought single-digit temperatures to the Northeast, some 10 to 15 degrees below normal for the time of year.

Residents of the New Dorp Beach section of Staten Island have taken shelter in tents set up by aid workers with only small propane heaters, sleeping bags and blankets to stave off the bone-chilling cold, according to reports.

In the Queens neighborhood of Breezy Point, one of the most storm-ravaged areas of the region, residents lined up at the local recovery center this week to pick up donated ceramic space heaters. Many of the suffering residents in the five boroughs of New York City say their homes still are barely habitable, despite the city’s so-called Rapid Repairs program that was supposed to make their homes livable quickly.

According to the city, construction teams for the Rapid Repairs program have restored heat, hot water and power to more than 12,000 city residents, with work still to be completed in another 1,900 buildings.

Van Houten, whose house in Union Beach was destroyed by Sandy, has since stayed with relatives further down the coast in South Toms River. She said she feels that her and her family are fortunate.

“Things are far from better, but I’m one of the lucky ones,” she said.


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Hurricane Sandy Destruction

Hurricane Sandy has hit the East Coast of the United States.  This powerful storm has left death, destruction, chaos and misery.  At this time the death toll is over 35 dead, but when this is all over I expect the death toll to rise significantly.  

File:Sandy Oct 29 2012 1815Z.jpg

There have been reports of many serious fires.  Over 80 homes have been completely destroyed by fire in Queens New York.  The area looks like it was hit by a nuclear bomb.  

Subways, train stations and tunnels are flooded.  Some tunnels are completely submerged.  How many people were trapped will not be known until this is all over.  Many cities are completely flooded.  Unknown number of people are trapped in their homes which have been flooded.  Rescues are now taking place.  

Millions upon millions of people in multiple states are without power.  Reports of two nuclear power plants have been shut down.

Snow storms caused by Hurricane Sandy in West Virginia cause much damage.  President Obama declared a State of Emergency for this state.

Major transportation has been shut down.  Over 16,000 flights have been cancelled.  This is not only effecting the U.S. but also flights around the world.  Trains, buses and boats have also been shut down.

The HMS Bounty has also been sunk by the storm.  All of the crew members have been rescued, however the captain of the ship has not been found.
Bounty Sinking 2012

This may be the largest and most destructive storm that has ever hit the United States in recorded history.   Is this just a result of global warming?   Or is it another sign of the times?

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