Train Kills Dozens of Hindu Pilgrims in India

Aftermath of Indian Train Accident: Video of the burning Rayja Rani Express train, which was set on fire by a mob after running over a group of Hindu pilgrims.


NEW DELHI — A high-speed train plowed into a crowd of Hindu pilgrims who were crossing the tracks at a remote station in east India on Monday, killing dozens of people and leaving a scene of carnage.

An enraged crowd dragged out the driver and began beating him, and set parts of the train on fire, sending up a pillar of thick black smoke that could be seen miles away.

The crowd remained so furious that hours passed before firefighters and rescue workers were able to approach the site of the accident, officials said. A train sent to help the wounded was forced to halt on the tracks a mile away.

The disaster stood out even in a season of terrible accidents.

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