Earth ‘entering new extinction phase’ – US study

The dried out sea bed of the Soyang River in Chuncheon, Gangwon Province, northeastern South Korea, 16 June 2015

Climate change and deforestation are among the reasons we may be facing an extinction event

The Earth has entered a new period of extinction, a study by three US universities has concluded, and humans could be among the first casualties

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US sees dramatic rise in ‘active shooter incidents’

Police in Wisconsin

Police and swat team members respond to a call of a shooting at the Azana Spa in Brookfield, Wisconsin Photo: AP

FBI study shows incidents in which a gunman opened fire on a crowd more than doubled in the past seven years

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Severe weather effecting travel across the United States

Backed up: Emergency personnel respond to an accident on southbound Interstate 43 (I-43) south of Mequon Rd near the N. Port Washington Rd overpass in Mequon, Wisconsin on Sunday

Backed up: Emergency personnel respond to an accident on southbound Interstate 43 (I-43) south of Mequon Rd near the N. Port Washington Rd overpass in Mequon, Wisconsin on Sunday

Travel chaos hits the East Coast: 5,500 flights are canceled as deadly ice storm that dumped a foot of snow over weekend barrels north

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If You Think The Employment Numbers Are Good, Then You Really Need To Read This Article

By Michael Snyder, on August 2nd, 2013 (The Economic Collapse)

Homeless Bill Needs Rich Woman Photo By Josh Swieringa

Homeless Bill Needs Rich Woman Photo By Josh Swieringa

Do you actually believe that the employment numbers are getting better?  Do you actually believe that there is a bright future ahead for American workers?  If so, then you really need to read this article.  The truth is that we are in the midst of the worst employment crisis since the Great Depression, and there has been absolutely no employment recovery.  In fact, the percentage of working age Americans that are employed is just about exactly where it was during the darkest days of the last recession.  But the mainstream media is not telling you this.  The mainstream media is instead focusing on the fact that the official “unemployment rate” declined from 7.6% in June to 7.4% in July.  That sounds like great news, but when you take a deeper look at the employment numbers some very disturbing trends emerge.

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New App Allows its Users to Tattle on Gun Owners

App’s website encourages users to report gun owners who hold anti-government political views

Adan Salazar
July 11, 2013

A new Smart Phone app describing itself as “tattle ware” allows users to upload information regarding locations where they have “gun related concerns,” allowing people to anonymously report their neighbors and others if issue is taken with their ownership of firearms.

gunappThe Gun Geo Marker app, created by a group called The Walkingtools Laboratory and available through the Google Play Android marketplace, says “marking dangerous sites on the App’s map” will let “you and others… be aware of the risks in your neighborhood.”

“The Gun Geo Marker operates very simply, letting parents and community members mark, or geolocate, sites associated with potentially unsafe guns and gun owners,” the app’s Google Play store description states.

“Electronically marking these locations can help others in the area learn about their geography of risk from gun accidents or violence,” the software’s creators claim.’s “Gun Marking Guidelines” outline what types of gun owners users should be concerned with, in addition to making political jabs at the U.S. Congress, the National Rifle Association, and varying degrees of gun owners.

The program gives users the option to mark homes, businesses and other locations with different designations that the app’s creators believe will increase public safety because, as its website states, “congress has left parents with so few options to protect their families from potentially dangerous gun owners that erring on the side of safety is highly advised.”

Gun owners fearful of a centralized gun-owner database may thank the University of California in San Diego along with the Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil for the ingenious app, which can not only identify homes that are merely suspected of having guns, but can also note if those guns are loaded or not, and whether or not they may be locked in a safe.

According to the app’s guidelines, “unlocked, loaded or carelessly stored weapons should generally be treated with concern by friends, neighbors and visitors,” and should be marked.

Also, if you’ve recently just picked up your first firearm, you’re liable to be marked as a threat by someone. “First time gun owners or others who may not have not [sic] taken basic gun safety training, or who were not raised in a culture of gun safety, represent a real and present danger to their community, themselves and their family members,” the site states.

One way to gauge a potential gun owner threat, the site says, is to quiz owners on the four basic gun safety rules. “If a gun owner can not list these basic safety principles, or demonstrates a cavalier attitude toward gun safety, or becomes angry when you ask about it, then the location at which they store or use their guns should be marked as soon as it is feasible.”

As well as documenting a person who “frequently displays or brandishes weapons,” Gun Geo Marker users are encouraged to mark the homes of people “whose children speak frequently of their parent’s gun ownership, or who talk about guns as a potential tools [sic] for conflict resolution.”


“If your children or your child’s friends know of insecure weapons (unlocked, stored loaded, or potentially accessible to your children), then the location of these weapons should be marked and other actions (such as disallowing your children from playing at that home or with those kids) should be taken immediately.”

The guidelines ignore that children left home alone might be just as likely as their parents to have to defend themselves against a home invasion, and should therefore also be properly trained on how to safely access and handle firearms.

The app’s makers also encourage users to mark the homes of anyone who owns a firearm and speaks of “radical anti-government propaganda and/or representations of paranoid political beliefs,” as these folks may also be people who support terrorist organizations. “Bumper stickers or other public displays supporting gun ownership are not a problem, but when combined with radical anti-government propaganda and/or representations of paranoid political beliefs or support for terrorist organizations, these owners and their locations may well be worth marking.”

The site does advise, however, to refrain from being overzealous in one’s markings, such as redundantly marking gun-owners who have already identified themselves with bumper stickers. “Even if it is likely – and it is – that an NRA bumper sticker indicates that a gun is stored in the home, you might also notice that such owners have already self-identified to the public, and most certainly have nothing to hide. It may be redundant to place an electronic mark near their property when they are already marking themselves.”

Given the app’s controversial aim, its makers may soon see themselves engaged in a debate similar to that of the New York newspaper that published the homes of gun owners late last year. After the Journal News featured an online map designating which homes likely harbored firearms, bold criminals began targeting those homes, leading the newspaper to take down its map, claiming New York’s newly enacted gun control laws spurred the change, not public criticism.

While attempting to be fair to the rights of individuals protected under the Constitution, the app’s website also simultaneously denounces gun ownership as a “psychological need” for some and as a way to “express an identity or some sense of personal power or strength that may be otherwise be [sic] lacking.”

As much as the software’s developers claim safety as their motivation for creating the app, the truth is it’s just technology geared to promote distrust, fear and contempt among the general population, while at the same time attempting to demonize gun ownership.

Much like 1930-Germany’s official secret police, the Gestapo, relied on a large network of informers comprised largely of average citizens, the new app enlists average citizens to spy on one another, and encourages users to single out individuals who may not feel comfortable having their firearm ownership broadcast publicly.

Report: Sharp Rise in 2012 Anti-Semitic Incidents

Swastikas (file)

Swastikas (file)
Flash 90


A report released by Tel Aviv University on Sunday has noted a 30 percent rise in anti-Semitic incidents worldwide in 2012.

The report, issued as the Jewish nation commemorates Holocaust Remembrance Day, states that 686 anti-Semitic attacks, ranging from physical violence to vandalism against synagogues and cemeteries, were recorded in 34 countries, compared with 526 in 2011. This sharp increase followed a two-year decline.

The report links the March 2012 shooting at a Jewish school in Toulouse, France, where a Muslim gunman killed four, to a series of copycat attacks, particularly in France, where physical assaults on Jews almost doubled.

In Greece, Hungary and the Ukraine, economic hardships ushered in the rise of extreme right-wing parties that espouse anti-Semitic and xenophobic rhetoric, and that have campaigned on anti-foreigner platforms as part of their agendas.

This political change has also encouraged anti-Semitic attacks, the report noted.


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Is There a Big Earthquake Coming Soon!

Over the past two weeks there have been many, many earthquakes greater than magnitude 5.0

Is this just a precursor of what is to soon happen?  Are these quakes “before shocks” beginning to release their energy prior to some massive worldwide earthquakes?  The intensity and quantity of earthquakes has been intensifying over the past several months and even more so over the past month.  Not only have we seen many, many earthquakes, but also the beginning of many, many volcanic eruptions around the globe.  Volcanoes which have been inactive are starting to wake up!  Are these all warning signs?  I believe that this is just the start of something that is soon to occur on a massive scale, on a magnitude we have before never seen!

earthquakes 4 05 2013

earthquakes 5 or greater 4 05 2013

earthquakes 5 or greater TWO 4 05 2013

Strong! 5.5 EARTHQUAKE strike PAPUA NEW GUINEA N of Australia April 4, 2013

Powerful 5.7 EARTHQUAKE strike ASIA – MYRANMAR 24 hrs after a 5.8 Apr 4, 2013

UPDATE Active Earth: April 4, 2013 Earthquake & Volcanic Activity Report


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$500 Reward To Report Gun Owners!

New Yorkers now being given $500 rewards if they report gun owners to law enforcement
March 21, 2013

So like is New York the new North Korea now or something? Or maybe it’s reverting back to the old days of Nazi Germany. For over a year now, New Yorkers have been offered $500 rewards to snitch on people who own guns. The Andrew Cuomo mafia has done a real job on dumb New Yorkers. Cuomo makes Eliot Spitzer look like a rookie. He even makes his daddy Mario look ethical!

CBS-6 news reported the existence of the tip line on Wednesday. It was previously a “well-kept secret” that received little promotion from state officials or fanfare in the media, according to the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association.

Information leading to an arrest can earn callers up to $500, according to an operator who answered the line when The Daily Caller called. The number is 1-855-GUNSNYS.

Earlier this week, authorities discussed “reviving” the tip line by generating publicity for it, according to John Grebert, executive director of the New York State Association of Chiefs of Police.


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