Calling All Christians, The Holy Spirit is Moving! Wake up!


Commentary By:  Gordon King

I don’t know about you folks, but the Holy Spirit is working overtime today in my neck of the woods.  I feel so led to continue writing posts to get the Word out.

I feel the Spirit inside of me telling me to write one more post for the day.  This is it. 

Calling all Christians, whether or not you are walking close to God right now.  It is time!  Listen to what I am telling you.  Wake up everyone, wake up.  We are living in the season.  The time of the end.  Jesus is coming soon.  I can’t tell you when.  But, for some reason I must write and tell you this.

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Woman Arrested in Poland for Killing her Babies!  –  A 41 year old Polish woman has been arrested for killing at least 5 of her new born babies.  The woman gave birth to eight babies between 1998 and 2012.  Two of the babies remain alive.  Four of the bodies have been found on the woman’s farm.  They are searching for the fifth body and looking for the sixth baby. 

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