Watch evolutionists stumble over theory’s ‘proof’

Sizzling hot DVD reveals even the faithful can’t document Darwin’s ideas

Movie Trailer:  Evolution vs. God

(WND) – Imagine having a worldview that permits rape, murder, homosexuality, pornography, abortion, blasphemy and adultery.

Now imagine this worldview being taught to generation after generation and how it would eventually destroy the foundations of any nation.

And imagine if it was taught as legitimate science.

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Exclusive: Ray Comfort answers common challenges posed by skeptics


“Why don’t we allow people to own slaves? Or why don’t we force rape victims to marry their rapists?”

Can you show me where the Bible says that rapists have to marry their victims? You can’t, because it’s not there. The sex in those so commonly cited verses is consensual (Deuteronomy 22:28-29). Today we call it a “shotgun wedding.” The previous verse will tell you that God gives the death sentence to rapists. That’s how much He cares about the victim.

Even the “slaves” argument is an error. If a Hebrew was in debt he could work off that debt by being a “bond-servant” or “slave.” The words are synonymous. Americans, however, kidnapped Africans, made them bond-servants and treated them cruelly. God prescribed the death sentence for kidnapping.

“Jesus would never have carried a gun. A Christian with a gun is a fake Christian.”

I don’t carry a gun, but I wouldn’t condemn someone who wanted to protect his family from an armed intruder. Neither should you. There are millions of fake Christians who don’t carry guns. Love is the criteria for Christianity, not whether or not someone carries a gun. If you were in a public place and some crazy person was shooting children, would you be pleased to see someone take him out? I’m sure you would. Would you change your mind if you found out that the hero was a Christian? I’m sure you would want the murderer to be stopped no matter who stopped him or how he was stopped. The person who stops evil isn’t evil.

Jesus is not the person you make Him out to be. The Bible says that He’s coming in flaming fire to take vengeance on the disobedient. He doesn’t need a gun to deal with evil. He has ten great cannons of the moral Law.


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