The War on Syria Seems Inevitable, Bible Prophecy is Being Fulfilled

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By  Gordon King

27 August 2013

The United States, Britain and the United Nations as well as other supporting countries are ready for first strike on Syria in retaliation for the alleged use of chemical weapons.  Will it occur and if so how soon?  Well I believe that it will, and very, very soon.  Probably within the next week.  One morning you will open up your newspaper or website news browser and see that we have indeed started bombing Syria.

What this means for the United States and the world is more violence, chaos, war and bible prophecy coming to pass.  If you are not a believer in Jesus Christ or have fallen away from the faith, then I strongly, strongly urge you to please think about this wisely.  We don’t have much time left.  The world is an ugly place, but it is going to get much, much worse.  I am warning you.  I am giving you a  message from God Almighty himself.  Take heed and listen to the Lord.  He is knocking at you door right now.  Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.  You will not regret it, on the other hand you will always regret it if you don’t.  Read the following bible prophecy passages and see for yourself if what was written thousands of years ago is not coming to pass.   Evolutionists have no evidence for their theories, I have plenty of evidence that the bible and God is real and true.   Check these prophecies with the news of today.  They match up perfectly.

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