Six killed in primary school stampede in southwest China


A medical worker escorts a child at Mingtong Primary School in Kunming, capital of southwest China’s Yunnan Province, Sept. 26, 2014. Six were killed in a stampede Friday, which happened at about 2 p.m., at the school, 22 were injured. (Xinhua/Hu Chao)

KUNMING, Sept. 26 (Xinhua) — Six were killed in a stampede Friday in a primary school in southwest China’s Yunnan Province, confirmed local authorities.

China school blast leaves two dead and 17 injured

Footage shows burnt out cars and debris spread across a busy road outside the school


An explosion outside a school in southern China has killed at least two people and injured several others, state media say.

At least 10 of the 17 people reported injured at the primary school in Guilin, Guangxi province, were school children, police say.

Witnesses told Xinhua news agency they saw a three-wheeled vehicle pull up to the school before the explosion.

The cause of the explosion remains unclear.

“First, the motorcycle caught on fire and then it exploded with a huge sound that could be heard from far, far away,” a witness told Xinhua news agency.

Those injured in the explosion at the Baijie primary school were taken to hospital, the news agency added.

The school has now been closed and the police are investigating the incident.

In recent years, China has seen a number of knife attacks at primary schools.

As a result, many schools and kindergartens have significantly tightened security measures, correspondents say.

Pakistan gunmen attack primary school in Karachi

Gunmen on Saturday hurled a firecracker and opened fire at a primary school in the southern Pakistani city of Karachi, killing its principal and wounding eight children, police said.

A school girl who was injured when unknown miscreants threw a hand grenade at a school, is rushed to a local hospital in restive Karachi, Pakistan

A school girl who was injured when unknown miscreants threw a hand grenade at a school, is rushed to a local hospital in restive Karachi, Pakistan Photo: EPA

Agence France-Presse in Karachi

10:14AM GMT 30 Mar 2013

 The children were aged between five and ten while the headmaster was a member of the Awami National Party, which consists mainly of ethnic Pashtun migrants from the country’s northwest, police added.

“The principal of the private school was killed and eight children were wounded when unknown gunmen fired at school gate and threw a cracker inside the school,” senior police official Imran Shaukat told AFP.

The gunmen fled on motorbikes and nobody has claimed responsibility for the attack, Mr Shaukat said, adding that police have started an investigation.

The attack took place in the low-income Ittehad Town neighbourhood of Karachi – a port city of 18 million people plagued by murders, kidnappings and politically linked violence.

Pakistan is due to hold elections in May but a surge in violent sectarian attacks against minority Shiite Muslims, including a bombing in Karachi earlier this month which killed 50 people, has raised concerns over security at the polls.


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