‘Gay’ Threats of Violence Turn into Attack

Preacher assaulted at Seattle homosexual event over message


The violence that has been threatened for years by homosexuals who are intolerant of those who espouse an opposing world view turned real at a “gay pride” event recently in Seattle, where authorities arrested two men for attacking a preacher.

According to the Twitchy site, the two men arrested included Jason Qeuree, who reportedly has been arrested more than two dozen times since 1995.

A video from KOMO Television in Seattle reveals that the preachers were carrying signs stating, “Repent or else” and “Jesus saves from Sin.”

The free expression was too much for the homosexual event’s crowd. A group of girls tried to grab one preacher’s sign away from him. Then he is slammed from behind, allegedly by Qeuree, and repeatedly punched.

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Pastor beaten into coma as condoms plop from Bible

‘It was amazing until he raised his hands to cast the demons out’


Joe Kovacs

A Christian preacher is reportedly fighting for his life after he was beaten into a coma when condoms fell out of his Bible on a bus trip in Nigeria.

According to the Daily Post, the bus preacher, whose name was not published, was nearly lynched Saturday morning at Toyota Bus stop, in front of the well-known Ladipo Spare Parts Market in the Mushin region of Lagos, Nigeria.

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