Evil and Wicked Now….What Will 2014 Be Like?!

credit: newamericanrepublic.org

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The changing face of the American family – one photographer’s journey to show what the United States has become

The New American Family

The New American Family: An upcoming book by photographer and sociologist Jo Moser is challenging the ideals of what it is to be a family today. Here mothers Melissa and Julie with their biological daughter Adia

Commentary by:  Gordon King

This is what is happening in our world today folks.  The changing of society, norms, values and morals.  The “Gay Agenda” is on the march, pushing it’s way into every aspect of our lives.  This is just the beginning.  The next thing will be the persecution of Christians and the church for not accepting these values.  Heed my warning and wake up America!  God will judge this nation as he did Sodom and Gomorrah.

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Christian Persecution, God Will Take Vengeance

Photo credit: boldaslion20.blogspot.com

Commentary By:  Gordon King

The news of Christian persecution and murder around the globe is alarming.  Yet, the world is not outraged.  I don’t see the outcry for stopping these Islamic murderers.  Where is the UN in all of this?  What about America, Britain, Europe and the rest of the world?

Islamic terrorists are killing innocent civilians daily.  Men, women and children.  Heinous crimes against humanity.

Welcome to the world of “Islam”.  This is their creed, “Kill all who are not Muslim”.  This is the “New World Order”.

You think it’s bad now just wait.  It is about to get much worse.  America is full of Muslims who are ready to strike at any given moment.  They are prepared to attack American citizens, infrastructure and society at large when given the right moment.  I believe that they already are attacking.  Lets see, what chaos and destruction have we seen in the past year in America?  Bombings, bridge collapses, train derailments, murders, fires, etc.  Do you think all of these just happened by chance?  I don’t think so!

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