Amazing Photos of Friday Night’s (September 28, 2013) Ohio Meteor


SOURCE – Here are two astonishings photos of the Ohio Meteor (AMS Event #2132) this past Friday night. This event logged over 1000 witness reports and goes down as the 2nd most reported event in AMS history.

Ohio Fireball AMS Event 2132 – Photo CreditAngela McClain

Ohio Fireball AMS Event 2132 – Photo Credit Angela McClain

Here is another amazing photo by Alex Parlini of the same meteor.

Ohio Fireball AMS Event 2132 - Photo Credit Alex Parlini

Ohio Fireball AMS Event 2132 – Photo Credit Alex Parlini

Greyhound bus crashes in southwest Ohio, injuring 34

Authorities say bus crashed into cornfield north of Cincinnati at 4am, causing injuries ranging from minor to severe

Officials work the scene of an overturned Greyhound bus on interstate I-75 in Liberty Township, Ohio

Officials work the scene of an overturned Greyhound bus on interstate I-75 in Liberty Township, Ohio. Photograph: Nick Daggy/AP

Authorities say a Greyhound bus left the highway, flipped and landed on its side in a cornfield in southwest Ohio early on Saturday morning. Thirty-four people have been hurt, with injuries ranging from minor to severe.

Officials with the Butler County Emergency Operations Center say in a statement the bus, carrying 51 passengers and the driver, was headed northbound on I-75 early Saturday when it overturned about 26 miles north of Cincinnati at approximately 4am.

Authorities say 34 people have been transported to area hospitals. They say six were taken from the scene by medical helicopters, and 28 others taken to hospitals by ambulance.

Officials say the bus left Cincinnati and was bound for Detroit. Passengers who were not injured were transported back to Cincinnati.

There was no immediate word on the cause of the crash.

Federal judge: Ohio officials must OK 2nd gay marriage

Ohio has a constitutional amendment prohibiting same-sex marriage.

062713 AP Supreme Court Gay Marriage

The Supreme Court’s June ruling that struck down a provision of a federal law that denies federal benefits to married gay couples also cleared the way for state laws that recognize marriage equality.(Photo: Jeff Chiu, AP)


CINCINNATI — For the second time this summer, a federal judge has ordered the state of Ohio and local officials to recognize the marriage of two men who went out of state to wed.

The order issued Tuesday involves a man from the Cincinnati suburb of Wyoming, Ohio, who died last month. The ruling allows his husband to be listed as his surviving spouse on his death certificate even though Ohio does not recognize same-sex marriages.

U.S. District Judge Timothy Black issued the temporary restraining order the day before William Herbert Ives is to be cremated. Ives and David Michener, who had been a couple for 18 years and were raising three children together, married July 22 in Delaware.

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Ohio Man Declared Dead Comes Back to Life

Gurney being rushed through hospital corridor.

Gurney being rushed through hospital corridor.
Getty Images


When 17-year-old Lawrence Yahle learned his father was dead earlier this month at Kettering Medical Center in Ohio, he ran down the hall to see nurses around his father’s body. They weren’t trying to revive him anymore.

Distraught, Lawrence pointed and shouted, “Dad, you’re not going to die today.”

Moments later, Anthony Yahle’s heart monitor showed signs of life, Dr. Raja Nazir, his cardiologist at Kettering Medical Center, told It wasn’t a regular heart beat, but once or twice a minute, the monitor would pick up tiny electrical movements.

“When I looked at the electrical activity, I was surprised,” Nazir said. “I thought we’d better make another effort to revive him.”

Nazir gave one of Yahle’s hanging medicine bags a squeeze to restore his blood pressure and the team began working on him again.

“Very slowly, the heart rate was picking up,” Nazir said.

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Police investigate reports of an explosion in Cincinnati, Ohio

Police on scene of explosion on Vine Street – Building has been evacuated

CINCINNATI ( — Officers were on the scene of a small explosion in Mt. Auburn.
A building was evacuated in the 2200 block of Vine Street at about 8 p.m. Friday.

The Explosive Ordinance Disposal and Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms units responded alongside police.

Police said moderate structural damage was done to the building.

No other information was immediately available.

Firefighters said 12 people were displaced due to the evacuation.

When Will It Stop? Flooding Threat Continues from Kentucky to New York

A stop sign stands above the water on U.S. Route 67 in West Alton, Mo. Tuesday June 4, 2013. (AP Photo/The Telegraph, John Badman)


It seems like we’ve been talking about rain for weeks.  First the Southeast, now the Ohio Valley and parts of the Northeast are dealing with the prospect of heavy rain and ensuing flash flooding.

In the last seven days a large swath of Kentucky and Ohio have received in excess of 5″ of rain and in one part of Northwest Ohio more than 8″.

All this rain has saturated the ground and swelled waterways throughout the region.

Unfortunately, in the short term, the wet trend doesn’t look to be slowing, potentially adding another 1-2″ of rain through Friday.  

That additional rain could create a recipe for localized flash flooding in areas that have already been doused.  

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Derecho Leaves Trail of Damage in Ohio Valley

July 10, 2013 Derecho

Radar loop and damaging/high wind reports (blue arrows) from a derecho on July 10, 2013 in the Ohio Valley. (Note: Some of these initial wind reports may have ended up being classified as tornado reports, following National Weather Service damage surveys)

Published: Jul 11, 2013, 7:22 AM EDT

A line of severe thunderstorms raced through the Ohio River Valley Wednesday, causing numerous power outages due to downed trees and powerlines. Severe Weather Expert Dr. Greg Forbes says the area of wind damage is concentrated enough and long enough to be classified as a derecho.

According to NOAA’s Storm Prediction Center, roughly 300 reports of either wind damage or high winds (greater than 58 mph) were received in the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys on July 10, the majority of which were in a swath from eastern Illinois and Indiana into Ohio, western Pennsylvania, southwest New York, and northern West Virginia.

The National Weather Service will conduct damage surveys from Indiana to Pennsylvania Thursday to investigate whether some damage was caused by tornadoes.  Several photos from North Beaver Township, Pa. and also near Storrs, Conn. circulated via social media Wednesday.

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W. Virginia Using ‘Seat Belt Checkpoint’ To Conduct Illegal Search And Seizure

Donna Anderson
July 5, 2013

seatbeltOn Tuesday, July 2, the Beckley Police Department conducted a seat belt checkpoint which yielded zero citations for seat belt violations, which really isn’t surprising when you consider Beckley’s new seat belt law doesn’t go into effect until July 9. The officers did, however, manage to find cause to bring in the K-9 corps and conduct a few illegal drug searches.

Beckely, West Virginia, law enforcement officials conducted the seat belt checkpoint ostensibly to raise awareness about the impending changes to the seat belt law which would make lack of seat belt usage a primary offense in West Virginia.

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Park “Rules” Sign Summarizes Sorry State Of Freedom On Independence Day

Many Americans see no point in celebrating anything

Steve Watson
July 4, 2013

A picture of a “JULY 4TH PARK RULES” notice, posted to the internet perfectly sums up the sorry state of freedom in the nation as Americans celebrate their Independence today.

While the sign outwardly bans any fireworks, barbecues or alcohol, you would think that it would still leave intact the right to celebrate the freedom and independence parts of July 4th. Not so.

The sign notifies anyone entering the park that police overlords will be rummaging around inside their bags and coolers, and that “The entire park is under video surveillance.”

Well, that kind of wraps it up for July 4th then.

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Ohio woman discovers that her husband was her FATHER

Valerie Spruill, 60, learned the truth 6 years after he died. She says, ‘If I’ve come through this, anyone can come through anything through the help of the Lord.’

Valerie Spruill says an uncle told her the truth about her husband, Percy Spruill, after he died.

Valerie Spruill says an uncle told her the truth about her husband, Percy Spruill, after he died.


Valerie Spruill says an uncle told her the truth about her husband, Percy Spruill, after he died.

An Ohio woman is finally speaking out about the pain she suffered after discovering that the man she married also fathered her.

Valerie Spruill of Doylestown learned of her husband’s identity six years after he passed away in 1998 thanks to an uncle who eventually came forward with the truth, the Akron Beacon Journal reported.

She says she is now going public with her past in the hopes that it will inspire those going through a rough time.

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