Government Cover-up of Ammo Buys Implodes

Silence, secrecy and shoddy attempts at debunking the facts have led to Congressional scrutiny

Steve Watson
Mar 22, 2013

The failure on behalf of the federal government to provide any explanation for why the Department of Homeland Security is arming to the teeth with high powered weapons and billions of hollow point bullets, as well as crude efforts by mainstream media mouthpieces to debunk the war-like preparations, have backfired massively, propelling the story to a viral status.

As we reported today, 15 Congressmen have written a letter to the DHS demanding to know why the federal agency is buying so many rounds of ammunition and whether the purchases are part of a deliberate attempt to restrict supply to the American people.

Big Sis has remained silent on the issue, refusing to answer questions from reporters and even from multiple elected representatives, about the ammo buys.

The continued huge orders for weapons and bullets have prompted attendances at gun shows to explode, as gun store owners say they are having to contend with significant national shortages.

Efforts to portray the very real stockpiling by the federal agency as a conspiracy theory have fallen flat on their face, and have only served to further highlight how suspect the DHS’ actions are.

When Media Matters and Raw Story both recently attacked Fox Business host Lou Dobbs for daring to raise the issue on his show, it quickly became clear that neither had any prevailing  counter point, and were dismissing the facts only by regurgitating a glib statement of a single DHS official.

Media Matters, which has been documented to be little more than an Obama administration mouthpiece, reported that, “The claim that DHS bought a 1.6 billion bullet stockpile is also misleading,” while simultaneously admitting that “DHS did buy 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition.”

The source of the claim that concerns over the bullet buys are a conspiracy theory or “misleading,” is a February 14 Associated Press report which did not conduct any actual investigation into why the DHS was purchasing the ammo, instead regurgitating a statement from DHS official Peggy Dixon, who claimed the bullets were bought in bulk to save money and were for training purposes only.

As we have tirelessly noted, however, hollow point bullets are completely unsuitable for training purposes because they cost significantly more money compared to standard firing range bullets. In one fell swoop, this fact debunks claims that the agency was attempting to save money argument and is intending to use the ammo in training exercises.

Military veterans and ammunition experts have also confirmed that they have never used hollow points for training purposes, expressing confusion at why the DHS is buying up so many of them.

When Atlantic Wire and Politico also attempted to debunk the issue, they completely ignored the DHS’ admitted purchases of  close to 2 billion bullets, instead focusing only on the Social Security Administration’s purchase of 174,000 bullets, as if it were somehow proof that the DHS is not involved in stockpiling at all., a site that profits from debunking anything and everything, also failed to even address the DHS bullet purchases, again pointing only to SSA and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration purchases.

Apparently, the mainstream media has failed to grasp that concerns about government activity cannot be “debunked” by merely repeating glib statements issued by government officials, particularly given the amount of times the DHS has been caught lying about other issues such as TSA body scanners and most recently with Janet Napolitano’s erroneous claim that the sequester debate was causing delays in airports.

Amidst all the so-called “debunkings” of the bullet buys, the aforementioned media sources have also conveniently omitted details regarding the DHS’ purchase of 7,000 fully automatic assault rifles, as well as a $2 million dollar relationship with a contractor that recently had to apologize for producing shooting targets of pregnant women, children and elderly gun owners depicted in residential settings.

The DHS has also been busy buying large supplies of body armor, leading to shortages. Last year, the agency put out an urgent order for “riot gear” in anticipation of civil unrest. The agency has also ordered bullet-proof checkpoint booths and hired hundreds of new security guards to protect government buildings over the course of the last 12 months. There have also been reported purchases of around 2,700 armored trucks.

None of this has been addressed by the mainstream media. Government silence, sustained secrecy, and media mouthpieces declaring it isn’t real has only served to implode an already shoddy cover-up attempt, further shining a light on the secretive prepping actions of Big Sis and her army of goons.


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