Landslide blocks river in northern Nepal; 8 dead

Deadly landslide in Nepal

Chandrakant Zanjare, who said he lost 13 family members to a landslide, wails near the site where his house stood in Malin village, in the western Indian state of Maharashtra, Friday, Aug. 1, 2014.                   (AP / Rafiq Maqbool)

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Ultralight aircraft crashes in Nepal, killing two

Nepal helicopter crash (Source: AP)

Nepal helicopter crash – Source: AP

Thursday October 03, 2013

SOURCE – An ultralight aircraft flying in bad weather crashed in a resort town in Nepal on Thursday, killing two people on board, police said.

The Nepalese pilot and the plane’s only passenger, a Chinese tourist, were killed when the aircraft slammed into the side of a mountain in Pokhara, police official Pitambar Timilsina said over the telephone.

Pokhara, located 200 kilometres west of the capital, Katmandu, is a popular destination for tourists. Tourists often rent small planes to get closer look at the mountains surrounding the Pokhara valley.

It had been raining since Thursday morning, although the monsoon season had ended in Nepal.

Qatar World Cup construction ‘will leave 4,000 migrant workers dead’

Exclusive: International Trade Union Confederation claims about 12 labourers will die each week unless action is taken, Thursday 26 September 2013
Qatar‘s construction frenzy ahead of the 2022 World Cup is on course to cost the lives of at least 4,000 migrant workers before a ball is kicked, the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) has claimed.

The group has been scrutinising builders’ deaths in the Gulf emirate for the past two years and said that at least half a million extra workers from countries including Nepal, India and Sri Lanka are expected to flood in to complete stadiums, hotels and infrastructure in time for the World Cup kickoff.

The annual death toll among those working on building sites could rise to 600 a year – almost a dozen a week – unless the Doha government makes urgent reforms, it says.

The ITUC has based the estimate on current mortality figures for Nepalese and Indian workers who form the bulk of Qatar’s 1.2 million-strong migrant workforce, the large majority of whom are builders.

While it admits that the cause of death is not clear for many of the deceased – with autopsies often not being conducted and routine attribution to heart failure – it believes harsh and dangerous conditions at work and cramped and squalid living quarters are to blame.

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Child marriage campaigners in south Asia receive $23m cash injection

Multimillion-dollar donations will underpin awareness and empowerment efforts in Bangladesh, Nepal and India

MDG : child marriage in India

Child marriage rates in Nepal and India are among the highest in the world. Above: A 14-year-old girl on her wedding day in Bhopal, India. Photograph: Reuters


By the age of 17, Zeenat had been divorced three times after forced marriages. She first wed shortly after puberty to a man who abused her, an experience that recurred in her subsequent marriages.

She became so isolated that she did not go to the hospital or ask for help. Neither had she heard of India’s Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act of 2005, which made her husband’s violent outbursts not just wrong, but illegal.

Sadly, her story is all too common. Every year about 10 million girls become child brides, and one in seven girls in the developing world marries before the age of 15.

Bangladesh, Nepal and India have three of the highest rates of child marriage, with 68.7%, 56.1% and 50% respectively of girls married before the age of 18. Child marriage is not just a question of poverty – although that is a critical issue – but also of how girls are viewed in society.

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Tibetan monk sets himself on fire in Nepal’s capital in apparent protest against Chinaz


A Tibetan monk set himself on fire in Nepal’s capital Tuesday in what is believed to be the latest protest against Chinese rule over their homeland.

The man set himself on fire near the Boudhanath shrine in the northeastern edge of Katmandu, police official Manoj Chetri said.

He was taken to the Tribhuwan University hospital in critical condition with much of his body burned.

The monk set himself on fire in an alley away from the crowd. Police and residents put out the flames with fire extinguishers and rushed him to the hospital.

Police were investigating but have not been able to identify him beyond that he is a Buddhist monk.

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