Mexican girls’ cheer-dance team does Nazi-themed routine

A Mexican cheer-dance team performs a routine in which they displayed flags with swastikas, as reported on Friday, June 12, 2015 (YouTube screen cap)

A Mexican cheer-dance team performs a routine in which they displayed flags with swastikas, as reported on Friday, June 12, 2015 (YouTube screen cap)

Performers aged 10-16 wear red armbands, display swastikas as they strut in marching-style formation on stage

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Netanyahu says West is ‘comatose, delusional’ in face of today’s Nazis: Iran

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks at a ceremony at the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Museum in Jerusalem, as Israel marks the annual Holocaust Remembrance Day on April 15, 2015. (photo credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks at a ceremony at the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Museum in Jerusalem, as Israel marks the annual Holocaust Remembrance Day on April 15, 2015. (photo credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

Nuclear deal proves world has not learned lessons of Holocaust, is again capitulating to tyranny, PM warns at Yad Vashem ceremony

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Moroccan parliament moves to outlaw contacts with Israelis

Moroccan Parliament building in Rabat (photo credit: Treasury Tag/Wikimedia Commons)

Even private dealings would be punishable by imprisonment; local NGO calls bill ‘inhuman’ and ‘influenced by Nazi tendencies’

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Iran’s Hassan Rouhani calls the Holocaust ‘reprehensible’

Photo credit:

Commentary By: Gordon King

What the new President Hassan Rouhani of Iran is saying in this article is a “crock”.  He says that what the Nazis did to the Jews and non-Jews is reprehensible and condemnable.   He goes on to say: “Whatever crimes they committed against the Jews, we condemn. The taking of human life is contemptible: it makes no difference whether that life is a Jewish life, Christian or Muslim. For us, it is the same. The taking of human life is something our religion rejects.”  

What?!  Something that their religion rejects!  Are you kidding me?!  It is exactly what their religion promotes and encourages.  As a matter of fact, the Quran commands the followers of Muhammad (Islam) to kill, torture and maim anyone (especially Jews and Christians) who disbelieves in Allah (including other Muslims who are not following these commands).

Islam is the religion of killing, murdering, death, torture, crime, violence, sodomy, pedophilia, lust, evil, hate, chaos, war, jihad, disrespect, lying, cheating and stealing.  If you compare Islam to Satan, they almost seem like they are one and the same.  What does it take for the world to wake up from their sleep and to see the truth?

Let us not forget what Jesus told us: 

Matthew 7:15    You Will Know Them by Their Fruits

15 “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.”

Do you trust this man?

Iran's President Rouhani addresses the 68th United Nations General Assembly in New York

Iran’s President Rouhani addresses the 68th United Nations General Assembly in New York Photo: Reuters

Iran’s new president denounced Nazi crimes “against the Jews” yesterday and offered “peace and friendship” to Americans as he sought to recast his country’s image.


 Hassan Rouhani’s charm offensive at the United Nations General Assembly in New York continued with a CNN interview designed to bury the impression created by his predecessor, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who described the Holocaust as a “myth”.

Mr Rouhani could not bring himself explicitly to acknowledge the historical truth of the deaths of six million Jews. “I am not a historian,” he said. “When it comes to speaking of the dimensions of the Holocaust, it is the historians that should reflect on it.”

He added: “But in general I can tell you that any crime that happens in history against humanity, including the crime the Nazis committed towards the Jews, as well as non-Jewish people, is reprehensible and condemnable as far as we are concerned.”

Mr Rouhani said: “Whatever crimes they committed against the Jews, we condemn. The taking of human life is contemptible: it makes no difference whether that life is a Jewish life, Christian or Muslim. For us, it is the same. The taking of human life is something our religion rejects.”

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‘Progressives’ shocked: One of their own a Nazi?

Marisa Martin describes blatant hypocrisy in flap over Charles Krafft


“I love the smell of blood on the snow,” Slovenian rocker Peter Mlakar revealed to Charles Krafft in 1998. “If I could bottle that scent, I’d create a new fragrance for the 21st century and call it forgiveness.”

Krafft wasn’t offended by Mlakar’s flippant dismissal of bloodshed as they gazed at the bombed out ruins of an Olympic village from the recent Balkan war. In fact, it merely inspired him for yet another series of Nazi- and genocide-themed art he’s been producing for years.

Seattle’s “bad-boy” artist, Krafft was slow but just beginning to achieve recognition in the art world after years of labor as a self-taught and meandering artist. During a trip to Eastern Europe (1995) with members of industrial rock band Laibach and Slovenian art collective NSK, Krafft met with black market arms dealers and picked up a few Kalashnikovs and AK-47s.

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Nazi-obsessed father who named son Adolf Hilter still fighting for custody in New Jersey

Heath Campbell’s ex-wife tells horrifying tale of beatings and abuse against their children as the Nazi-crazed father on public assistance fights to regain visitation rights to see Hons Heinrich, Adolf Hitler, Aryan Nation and Honz­lynn Jeannie.

Nazi-lover Heath Campbell talks outside his Holland, N.J. home Wednesday, with Hitler-inspired tattoos on full display.

Bill Denver for New York Daily News
Nazi-lover Heath Campbell talks outside his Holland, N.J. home Wednesday, with Hitler-inspired tattoos on full display.


Long before he started idolizing Adolf Hitler, Heath Campbell was a wife-beating tyrant who was obsessed with the devil, the Daily News has learned.

An ex-wife of Campbell, who marched into a New Jersey courthouse last week in full Nazi regalia, says he was a hubby from hell.


“He claimed that his mother was raped and he was the evil seed planted inside her,” Cathy Bowlby told The News. “He believed he was the devil reborn to take over the world.”

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Greeks find cause of all their woes: the Jews

As Greece’s economy teeters on the brink, virulent anti-Semitism is making an alarming comeback

Golden Dawn insignia against Greek flag

Golden Dawn Party insignia against Greek flag

The remnants of Greek Jewry has just marked the seventieth anniversary of the 1943 deportation to Auschwitz-Birkenau from Thessaloniki – Greece’s “Little Jerusalem” – of all except those Jews who escaped to the mountains to fight the German occupiers. In his memoirs, Henry Levy – then a young Greek Jew who later survived the death camps – recalled how, jailed temporarily in Thessaloniki’s Eptapyrgio prison, he met an “andarte” (Partisan fighter), “a young priest from a small village near Polygyros.” Levy wrote, “[He] admitted to and apologized for his misconceptions regarding the Jewish people. It was hard for him to believe that we were Jews because his religious teachings portrayed us as criminals and manipulators and ‘where were our long noses?”

In 2011, the Holocaust Memorial of Thessaloniki – where 46,000 Jews were rounded up and deported by the Nazis in 1943 – was desecrated. Tragically, seven decades later, too many young Greeks have unlearned the lesson not to demonize Jews.

At the start of Greece’s economic meltdown around 2009, Greek Jews already thought their country was in a bad way politically when the extreme right-wing Popular Orthodox Party (LAOS) came out of virtually nowhere to win seven percent of the national vote. Back in 2001, LAOS leader and MP Georgios Karatzaferis had raised the question of Jewish complicity in the 9/11 attacks in Parliament, stating that “the Jews have no right to provoke, because they have filled the world with crimes.”

“There were no ovens. This is a lie. I believe that it is a lie…There were no gas chambers either.”

But worse was to come. LAOS has now been overshadowed by Chrisi Avgi or “Golden Dawn,” a party that that bolsters its grassroots support by demonizing Jewish ghosts: Its high-flying leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos declares: “There were no ovens. This is a lie. I believe that it is a lie….There were no gas chambers either.”

Winning 5.3 percent of Athens’ municipal vote in 2010 (and as much as 20 percent in some neighborhoods with large immigrant communities), the Golden Dawn Party exploited economic chaos to make a national electoral breakthrough in 2012. It gained 21 parliamentary seats in the May elections and ended with 18 after a follow up vote one month later.

Golden Dawn’s flag closely resembles the Nazi swastika. It campaigned heavily on an anti-immigrant platform under the slogan: “So we can rid this land of filth.” Golden Dawn’s leaders proudly unleashed the Nazi salute and its charter limits membership to “only Aryans in blood and Greeks in descent.” With the impunity granted by his parliamentary immunity, Golden Dawn MP Ilias Kasidiaris approvingly read excerpts from that notorious forgery, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, into the parliamentary record.

The Greek Socialist Party (PASOK) – no longer as hostile to Israel as it was during the heyday of Premier Andreas Papandreou – has joined the new “unity” government. Into the vacuum on the opposition left has stepped the Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA), now Greece’s largest opposition party with around 25 percent support. The problem with the main opposition? The vehemently anti-Zionist SYRIZA promises to drastically downgrade relations with “aggressive” Israel.

The Greek political center is, if anything, more troubling. The center-right New Democracy Party has been a favorite of Greek Jews since the early 1990s when its Prime Minister Mitsotakis upgraded diplomatic relations with Israel and also practiced domestic fiscal sanity. But now, the New Democracy has admitted to its ranks some former MPs belonging to LAOS including Thanos Plevris, son and ally of Greek’s leading anti-Semitic lawyer-politician, Konstantinos (Kostas) Plevris, a self-declared “Nazi, fascist, racist, anti-democrat, anti-Semite.”

As the German people learned between the world wars: after the center collapses – what remains standing against the extremes?

In September of that fateful year 1943, the leader of the Greek Jewish community, Asher Moissis, who prided himself on his dual Hebraic-Helenic heritage, secretly paid his last visit to Archbishop Damaskinos. It was clear that the Germans would soon extend the deportations from Salonika to Athens. Moissis asked the religious leader to intervene. The elderly but unwavering Archbishop agreed to try to intercede with the Germans to delay Athens Jewry’s death warrant. Knowing, however, about the massive deportations that had already occurred in the North, he urged the entire Jewish community to flee and instructed Greek Orthodox priests to speak out against the deportations of the Jews.

Both Moisses and Archbishop Damaskinos have long gone to their reward. But what must they have thought looking down from Hebraic-Hellenic heaven in 2010 when Greek Orthodox Bishop Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus said on Greek television that Jews “control the international banking system,” and that “Adolf Hitler was an instrument of world Zionism and was financed from the renowned Rothschild family with the sole purpose of convincing the Jews to leave the shores of Europe and go to Israel to establish the new Empire.” In response to criticism, he issued a statement denying that he was anti-Semitic but also equating Zionism to “Satanism.”

Of course, the Archbishop was rebuked by leaders of the Greek Orthodox Church.

No one will argue against the importance of helping the Greek people get through the crippling economic mess. But it is also time for the world community to hold to the fire the feet of Greece’s leaders in both priestly and parliamentary offices.


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Did Adolf Hitler Really Take Away Guns?

Yes, Hitler Really Did Take the Guns Before Throwing Jews into Concentration Camps (or Gas Chambers)

J. D. Heyes
Natural News
March 26, 2013

They say those who learn nothing from history are doomed to repeat it, but then again, sometimes repeating history is exactly the point, as longtime anti-gun Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s new “assault weapons ban” planned legislation for early next year proves.

Parade of SA troops pass Hitler, September 1935, via Wikimedia Commons

Feinstein, a California Democrat, was instrumental in enacting a similar piece of legislation in 1994; with the help of President Clinton and Democratic majorities in both Houses of Congress, that ban lasted a decade before being allowed to expire by a Republican-controlled Congress in 2004.

But her current measure would go much further and, in many ways, actually mirrors anti-gun measures enacted nearly 75 years ago by Nazi leader Adolph Hitler, in a bid to disarm a particular ethnic group he loathed.

This is gun control redux

Prior to 1938, when Hitler’s new restrictions were put in place, the earlier Weimar Republic government had already enacted gun registration. “The laws adopted by the Weimar Republic intended to disarm Nazis and Communists were sufficiently discretionary that the Nazis managed to use them against their enemies once they were in power,” says Clayton Cramer, author of the book Firing Back, as told to the website The Straight Dope. So what Hitler essentially did was strengthen existing German law (which was aimed primarily at preventing Jews from being armed).

And that is the all-important difference. Bernard E. Harcourt, writing for the University of Chicago Law School and Political Science Department, notes:

If you read the 1938 Nazi gun laws closely and compare them to earlier 1928 Weimar gun legislation – as a straightforward exercise of statutory interpretation – several conclusions become clear. First, with regard to possession and carrying of firearms, the Nazi regime relaxed the gun laws that were in place in Germany at the time the Nazis seized power. Second, the Nazi gun laws of 1938 specifically banned Jewish persons from obtaining a license to manufacture firearms or ammunition. Third, approximately eight months after enacting the 1938 Nazi gun laws, Hitler imposed regulations prohibiting Jewish persons from possessing any dangerous weapons, including firearms.

The point was, Hitler had it in for the Jews, so he first disarmed them before carrying out his murderous campaign against them. And, unable to resist, millions died.

“In Germany, firearm registration helped lead to the holocaust,” National Rifle Association executive vice president Wayne LaPierre wrote in his book, “Gun, Crimes and Freedom.”

Nothing new under the sun

Here are some key aspects of the 1938 law:

– Police permission was required to own a handgun;

– All firearms had to be registered;

– Any Germans who enjoyed shooting bolt-action rifles were told to join the army “if they wished to shoot ‘military’ rifles,” writes LaPierre, in his book;

– The Nazi regime “also enacted the “Regulations against Jews’ possession of weapons” within the days of Kristallnacht – the ‘night of broken glass’ – when stormtroopers attacked synagogues and Jews throughout Germany,” he wrote;

– Firearms registration lists were used to identify (and persecute) gun owners (bear in mind that a New York newspaper just published the names and addresses of legal handgun permit holders after obtaining them via a Freedom of Information Act request, because permit holders by the very nature of obtaining the permit had to be registered []).

Let’s compare these Nazi-era gun control requirements to what Feinstein is proposing. As posted on her Senate website, her legislation would:

– Ban the sale, transfer, importation or manufacture of 120 specifically-named firearms;

– “Certain other semiautomatic rifles, handguns, shotguns that can accept a detachable magazine and have one or more military characteristics;”

– “Semiautomatic rifles and handguns with a fixed magazine that can accept more than 10 rounds;”

– Require that currently owned weapons that would be grandfathered in nevertheless be registered under the National Firearms Act;

– Require a background check of any owner and/or transferee;

– Provide the government with the type and serial number of the weapon;

– Require a photograph and fingerprint to be on file with the government;

– “Dedicated funding for [Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives] to implement registration” of firearms (keep in mind the BATF is the federal agency responsible for launching “Operation Fast and Furious,” in which federal agents supplied thousands of weapons Feinstein wants to ban to Mexican drug gangs, several of which have since been tied to the murders of Mexican citizens and U.S. federal agents []).

What we’ve seen before, we may see again

It doesn’t take a genius (or conspiracy theorist) to figure out the parallels between Nazi gun control laws and some of the same provisions being pushed by Feinstein. Understanding that our country is not a totalitarian state (yet), Feinstein and other gun-controllers like President Obama, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and others all know they have to take a longer, more measured approach to disarming the U.S. public, that they can’t just mandate it overnight.

But make no mistake, new gun control laws like those being proposed are nothing more than rehashed mandates dredged up from the past, with similar intentions: To make political opponents and the masses less powerful and less able to resist.

This article was posted: Tuesday, March 26, 2013 at 11:50 am


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The Holocaust Just Got More Shocking

Yellow badge Star of David called "Judens...

Gordon’s Commentary:  While many in the world today deny the Holocaust of WWII, not only did it happen, but it happened to a degree which was much worse then previously thought.  We need not forget the horrific tragedy which occurred.  God’s choosen people have been persecuted for two mellennium.  The enemy shall soon, once again, gather against the Jewish Nation.


New York Times Article

A group of Jewish women at the entrance to the Brody ghetto in Eastern Galicia, 1942. The sign is written in German, Ukrainian and Polish.   United States Holocaust Memorial Museum/Collection of Eugenia Hochberg Lanceter


The New York Times    Source: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

The New York Times   Source: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
What they have found so far has shocked even scholars steeped in the history of the Holocaust.

The researchers have cataloged some 42,500 Nazi ghettos and camps throughout Europe, spanning German-controlled areas from France to Russia and Germany itself, duringHitler’s reign of brutality from 1933 to 1945.

The figure is so staggering that even fellow Holocaust scholars had to make sure they had heard it correctly when the lead researchers previewed their findings at an academic forum in late January at the German Historical Institute in Washington.

“The numbers are so much higher than what we originally thought,” Hartmut Berghoff, director of the institute, said in an interview after learning of the new data.

“We knew before how horrible life in the camps and ghettos was,” he said, “but the numbers are unbelievable.”

The documented camps include not only “killing centers” but also thousands of forced labor camps, where prisoners manufactured war supplies; prisoner-of-war camps; sites euphemistically named “care” centers, where pregnant women were forced to have abortions or their babies were killed after birth; and brothels, where women were coerced into having sex with German military personnel.

Auschwitz and a handful of other concentration camps have come to symbolize the Nazi killing machine in the public consciousness. Likewise, the Nazi system for imprisoning Jewish families in hometown ghettos has become associated with a single site — the Warsaw Ghetto, famous for the 1943 uprising. But these sites, infamous though they are, represent only a minuscule fraction of the entire German network, the new research makes painfully clear.

The maps the researchers have created to identify the camps and ghettos turn wide sections of wartime Europe into black clusters of death, torture and slavery — centered in Germany and Poland, but reaching in all directions.

The lead editors on the project, Geoffrey Megargee and Martin Dean, estimate that 15 million to 20 million people died or were imprisoned in the sites that they have identified as part of a multivolume encyclopedia. (The Holocaust museum has published the first two, with five more planned by 2025.)

The existence of many individual camps and ghettos was previously known only on a fragmented, region-by-region basis. But the researchers, using data from some 400 contributors, have been documenting the entire scale for the first time, studying where they were located, how they were run, and what their purpose was.

The brutal experience of Henry Greenbaum, an 84-year-old Holocaust survivor who lives outside Washington, typifies the wide range of Nazi sites.

When Mr. Greenbaum, a volunteer at the Holocaust museum, tells visitors today about his wartime odyssey, listeners inevitably focus on his confinement of months at Auschwitz, the most notorious of all the camps.

But the images of the other camps where the Nazis imprisoned him are ingrained in his memory as deeply as the concentration camp number — A188991 — tattooed on his left forearm.

In an interview, he ticked off the locations in rapid fire, the details still vivid.

First came the Starachowice ghetto in his hometown in Poland, where the Germans herded his family and other local Jews in 1940, when he was just 12.

Next came a slave labor camp with six-foot-high fences outside the town, where he and a sister were moved while the rest of the family was sent to die at Treblinka. After his regular work shift at a factory, the Germans would force him and other prisoners to dig trenches that were used for dumping the bodies of victims. He was sent to Auschwitz, then removed to work at a chemical manufacturing plant in Poland known as Buna Monowitz, where he and some 50 other prisoners who had been held at the main camp at Auschwitz were taken to manufacture rubber and synthetic oil. And last was another slave labor camp at Flossenbürg, near the Czech border, where food was so scarce that the weight on his 5-foot-8-inch frame fell away to less than 100 pounds.

By the age of 17, Mr. Greenbaum had been enslaved in five camps in five years, and was on his way to a sixth, when American soldiers freed him in 1945. “Nobody even knows about these places,” Mr. Greenbaum said. “Everything should be documented. That’s very important. We try to tell the youngsters so that they know, and they’ll remember.”

The research could have legal implications as well by helping a small number of survivors document their continuing claims over unpaid insurance policies, looted property, seized land and other financial matters.

“HOW many claims have been rejected because the victims were in a camp that we didn’t even know about?” asked Sam Dubbin, a Florida lawyer who represents a group of survivors who are seeking to bring claims against European insurance companies.

Dr. Megargee, the lead researcher, said the project was changing the understanding among Holocaust scholars of how the camps and ghettos evolved.

As early as 1933, at the start of Hitler’s reign, the Third Reich established about 110 camps specifically designed to imprison some 10,000 political opponents and others, the researchers found. As Germany invaded and began occupying European neighbors, the use of camps and ghettos was expanded to confine and sometimes kill not only Jews but also homosexuals, Gypsies, Poles, Russians and many other ethnic groups in Eastern Europe. The camps and ghettos varied enormously in their mission, organization and size, depending on the Nazis’ needs, the researchers have found.

The biggest site identified is the infamous Warsaw Ghetto, which held about 500,000 people at its height. But as few as a dozen prisoners worked at one of the smallest camps, the München-Schwabing site in Germany. Small groups of prisoners were sent there from the Dachau concentration camp under armed guard. They were reportedly whipped and ordered to do manual labor at the home of a fervent Nazi patron known as “Sister Pia,” cleaning her house, tending her garden and even building children’s toys for her.

When the research began in 2000, Dr. Megargee said he expected to find perhaps 7,000 Nazi camps and ghettos, based on postwar estimates. But the numbers kept climbing — first to 11,500, then 20,000, then 30,000, and now 42,500.

The numbers astound: 30,000 slave labor camps; 1,150 Jewish ghettos; 980 concentration camps; 1,000 prisoner-of-war camps; 500 brothels filled with sex slaves; and thousands of other camps used for euthanizing the elderly and infirm, performing forced abortions, “Germanizing” prisoners or transporting victims to killing centers.

In Berlin alone, researchers have documented some 3,000 camps and so-called Jew houses, while Hamburg held 1,300 sites.

Dr. Dean, a co-researcher, said the findings left no doubt in his mind that many German citizens, despite the frequent claims of ignorance after the war, must have known about the widespread existence of the Nazi camps at the time.

“You literally could not go anywhere in Germany without running into forced labor camps, P.O.W. camps, concentration camps,” he said. “They were everywhere.”


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Yes, Hitler & Stalin Did Take The Guns

Debunking the meme that historical gun grabs by dictatorships is a myth


Following Alex Jones’ explosive appearance on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight last month, gun control advocates reacted to Jones’ fiery historical defense of the right to bear arms by attempting to dismiss the fact that tyrannical regimes always disarmed their target populations as a myth or a hoax.

Numerous left-wing blogs successfully gamed Google’s search engine results so that when people searched for terms such as ‘Nazi gun control’, they were met with a plethora of articles claiming the historical basis for this connection was a fabrication.

A meme has been launched claiming that historical gun grabs by dictatorships is a myth – an insulting attempt to literally re-write history in the name of pursuing a contemporary political agenda.

In reality, the Nazis did take existing gun control laws and make them more draconian in order to target their political adversaries. That is a manifestly provable historical fact.

Hitler disarmed his domestic enemies before launching a genocide against them.

The Nazi Weapons Law of November 11, 1938 prohibited Jews from “acquiring, possessing, and carrying firearms and ammunition, as well as truncheons or stabbing weapons,” and ordered them to turn in all guns and ammunition to local police. As historian William Sheridan Allen noted, the Nazis also began house to house gun confiscations targeting “subversives” shortly after they came to power.

In addition, historians like Israel Guttman have outlined how the Warsaw Ghetto uprising against the Nazis was hampered by the fact that imprisoned Jews did not have access to adequate arsenals of firearms, although their resistance did lead Goebbels to note in his diary: “This just shows what you can expect from Jews if they lay hands on weapons.”

Similarly, as J.E. Simkin and Aaron Zelman document in their book “Gun Control”: Gateway to Tyranny, in October 1918, the Council of People’s Commissars (the Communist government) ordered citizens to surrender all firearms, ammunition, and sabres, having first mandated registration of all weapons six months earlier. Just like the Nazis, Communist Party members were exempt from the ban.

A 1920 decree then imposed a minimum six month prison sentence for any non-Communist possessing a weapon. After the civil war, possession became punishable with three months hard labor plus fines. After Stalin came to power, he made possession of unlawful firearms a crime punishable by death.

Stalin disarmed his domestic enemies before launching a genocide against them.

With Russians almost universally disarmed, Stalin was given free reign to carry out one of history’s most brutal prolonged genocide, with tens of millions of people executed or starved to death in the three decades that followed, a model subsequently mimicked in China and Cambodia.

Brutal dictatorships have almost always been preceded by widespread gun confiscation, and to allow leftists to claim otherwise in the pursuit of their contemporary political agenda is an insult to the historical record.

H/T – This web page has an excellent and fully sourced list of all the countries where gun control was a pre-cursor to mass genocide.


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for and Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.


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