Egypt sees fresh anti-coup protests

Thousands take to the streets in protests across the country, answering call made by Anti-Coup alliance.

Protesters took to the streets in several towns and cities answering a call by the Anti-Coup Alliance


Thousands of people are taking part in anti-government protests across Egypt, days after activities by the Muslim Brotherhood were banned by a Cairo court.

Friday’s protests, called by the Anti-Coup alliance, saw thousands take to the streets in Cairo, Port Said, Assuit, and elsewhere.

The protesters held up banners and chanted slogans against the military coup that ousted then-President Mohamed Morsi, a Muslim Brotherhood member. The Alliance called for the protests to complement “You are the pillar of the revolution” demonstrations, which began last Friday.

Violent protests have swept Egypt since the coup on July 3, and the authorities have cracked down on Morsi supporters. 

While hundreds have died after security forces moved in to quell demonstrations, many Brotherhood members – including its top leaders – have been jailed.

A Cairo court on Monday ordered that Brotherhood funds be seized. Two days later, police stormed the headquarters of a Brotherhood newspaper, seized its contents and shut it down.

Al Jazeera’s correspondents in Egypt, who we are not naming for security reasons, said that the protests had largely remained peaceful, following the trend of recent weekly anti-government protests after Friday prayers.

Can We See Behind the Veil? The Attack on Syria

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Everything may not be as it appears.  Presentation is everything, yet is it always right?  From government conjecture to mass media reports, we are being told one thing, but is it the truth?

We are told that the Syrian government has attacked the Syrian rebels with chemical weapons.  President Assad says that he didn’t do it, the rebels now claim that they did.  President Vladimir Putin says that President Assad didn’t do it.  President Obama is certain that President Assad did do it.

What are we to believe.  We have seen no evidence for proof either way.  Yet, President Obama seems committed to bombing the Syrian government.  Why?  Why is he so adamant about bombing Syria.  There must be a reason beyond the chemical attack.  An underlying motive.

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Muslim invaders already ‘in the house’

Exclusive: Jim Fletcher reviews eye-opening book on radical Islam in U.S.

(WND) – Jim Fletcher

Early on in his chilling new book, “Radical Islam in the House,” Michael Coffman quotes former Palestinian terrorist (and Muslim whistleblower) Walid Shoebat on the gullibility of the American people: “The American mediocre mind is no match to 14 centuries of Islamic deception.”

Now, before you get all upset, gentle reader, consider that what Shoebat says is true. What we have today is a stealth agenda by the Muslim Brotherhood to infiltrate our government and wider culture … and it is succeeding in spades.

Meanwhile, Americans obsess over “Duck Dynasty.” I guess the truth hurts.

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Isaiah 19 “A Prophecy Against Egypt”

Prophecy Being Fulfilled

1 September 2013

The Arab Spring, Islamic uprising, riots in Cairo, millions of Egyptians protesting with violence, evil and murder.  The Muslim Brotherhood once in power, is now rioting against the military government in protest.  Egyptian killing Egyptian, brother against brother.  This is all prophesied thousands of years ago by the prophet Isaiah.  The Nile river will dry up, fields of crops will wither and there will be no more fish to catch in the river.  Then the Lord will cause Israel to bring terror to the land of Egypt, and the Egyptians shall shudder in fear and terror.  This prophecy is now being fulfilled, but will not be complete until the remaining Egyptians turn to God and accept him as their Lord and Savior, then God will call them his people.

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Six killed, dozens injured in Egypt clashes

Muslim Brotherhood supporters take to the streets in large numbers following relatively low turnout earlier in the day

Six people were killed and over 70 wounded in clashes between Muslims and Christians in the Egyptian capital Cairo © REUTERS/ Asmaa Waguih


An Egyptian security source says six protesters were killed Friday and at least 50 were injured in clashes between Muslim Brotherhood supporters and security forces, Israel Radio reported.

Earlier Friday, tens of thousands of protesters and Muslim Brotherhood supporters rallied throughout Egypt against a military coup and a bloody security crackdown, though tanks and armored police vehicles barred them from converging in major squares.

 The protests appeared smaller than the mass demonstrations seen in previous weeks, despite a massive push by the Brotherhood for “decisive” rallies across the country after Friday prayers.

‘Egyptian Christians may face extinction,’ activist warns

The difference between the Muslim Brotherhood and the military isn’t as big as people think, says Maikel Nabil

Egyptian activist Maikel Nabil during his visit to Jerusalem's Hebrew University, December 2012 (photo credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

Egyptian activist Maikel Nabil during his visit to Jerusalem’s Hebrew University, December 2012 (photo credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)


An Egyptian activist jailed for ten months by the military following the ouster of Hosni Mubarak in 2011 said that his countrymen will likely take to the streets again soon to topple the forces which removed the Islamist regime of Mohammed Morsi last month.

Speaking to the Times of Israel from Erfurt, Germany, where he is completing a Masters in public policy, Maikel Nabil, 27, said that, like the events of January 2011, Morsi’s ouster on July 3 was “both a revolution and a coup.” He voiced concern about the mounting atmosphere of fear Christian Copts have experienced during and after the Brotherhood era, which has caused scores of them to flee the country.

 “Some estimate that one third of Egypt’s 12 million Copts left the country over the past five decades, and that hundreds of thousands are leaving each year. They are being pushed out, and I fear they may even face a genocide and become extinct from Egypt,” Nabil said.

In this process, he asserted, the military has played as active a roll as the Muslim Brotherhood. As churches burned across Egypt in the wake of Morsi’s ouster, Nabil said the new regime opted for inaction in a bid to drive Christians out of Egypt.

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Mayhem at the mosque:

A gripping dispatch from the cauldron of Cairo… as police storm holy site to evict Morsi supporters

Flashpoint: Riot police force their way into the al-Fath mosque yesterday, where hundreds of supporters of deposed president Mohamed Morsi were holed up following a vicious crackdown by the new regime

Flashpoint: Riot police force their way into the al-Fath mosque yesterday, where hundreds of supporters of deposed president Mohamed Morsi were holed up following a vicious crackdown by the new regime

Wherever you go in Cairo, you can see the minaret of the al-Fath mosque. It is a towering reminder  of the faith of the majority of Egypt’s people.

But yesterday its transformation into the epicentre of the turmoil ravaging the country’s political landscape was complete.

Security forces and gunmen traded fire as police attempted to storm the mosque in Ramses Square to remove the hundreds of supporters of the deposed President Mohamed Morsi inside.

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Egypt Is Descending Into Civil War, But Don’t Expect Obama To Cancel His Golf Vacation

Michael Snyder
The Economic Collapse
August 16, 2013

chaosdescentThe largest Islamic nation in the Middle East is on the verge of descending into civil war, the Syrian civil war is starting to spill over into Lebanon, and the worst violence in five years has just hit Iraq, but Barack Obama is way too busy to be bothered with any of that. Right now, Obama is enjoying one of the true loves of his life – golf.

According to the Washington Post, Obama has “played 18 holes of golf every day but one this week”, and without a doubt he appears to really be enjoying his time up in Martha’s Vineyard. I hear that it is absolutely beautiful up there this time of the year. And apparently he needs the rest. After all, prior to this vacation he has only had time to play 133 rounds of golf since becoming president. Between snubbing world leaders and getting the U.S. economy going again, it must be really tough for Obama to find enough time to sharpen his game.

Of course I am being facetious. It is absolutely ridiculous how much time Obama takes off, and Congress is even worse. Congress is takinga five week vacation right now. Most Americans don’t get that much vacation in an entire year.

Meanwhile, as our leaders enjoy their rest, the Middle East is coming apart at the seams.

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Gunshots rip through Cairo as clashes reignite

Tens of thousands of pro-Morsi supporters take to the streets in defiant protest; tanks deployed around Capital

Supporters of ousted Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi take to the streets on Friday (photo credit: AJELive via Twitter)

Supporters of ousted Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi take to the streets on Friday (photo credit: AJELive via Twitter)


CAIRO — Gunfire rang out over a main Cairo overpass and police fired tear gas as clashes broke out after tens of thousands of Muslim Brotherhood supporters took to the streets Friday across Egypt in defiance of a military-imposed state of emergency following the country’s bloodshed earlier this week.

Fighting first erupted near the Foreign Ministry in the Egyptian capital, according to an Associated Press reporter who saw protesters and people below an overpass throw rocks and bottles at each other. Gunshots rang out during the march. It was not immediately clear who was clashing with whom.

Muslim Brotherhood supports have attacked at least 10 Coptic churches in Sohad, Menya, and Dilga

They blame the Christian Copts for the overthrow of Mohamed Morsi.


The Blaze While most headlines from Egypt are focused on Wednesday’s violent dispersal of Muslim Brotherhood supporter sit-ins — latest death toll placed at 149, per the Associated Press — Christians in the embattled country are facing what’s being described as “a black day” as their churches are being attacked and torched by angry Islamists.

Supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi set fire to churches around Egypt in apparent retaliation for the police dispersing the pro-Morsi demonstrations in Cairo. According to AFP, three churches were attacked, but other outlets place the number much higher.


Egypt-watchers and reporters are using terms such as “unprecedented,” a sectarian “catastrophe” and “a literal pogrom” to describe the unfolding of events Wednesday. One Twitter user called it “a black day in the Coptic modern history.”

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