“Nisbia” Official Music Video – Choni Goldman


Published on Jan 9, 2013

Choni Goldman, winner of the title Jewish Star of 2012, has released his first music video which was filmed in the oceanside Brooklyn neighborhood of Brighton Beach.

Produced by Danny Finkelman, the clip shows Goldman bringing a hopeful message to an area still recovering from the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy not long ago.

With the Atlantic Ocean in the background, Goldman sings “Nisbiah,” the song composed especially for him by musical talent Eli Gerstner as part of his prize for winning the international singing competition.

Choni’s quick rise on the public stage comes on the heels of youthful endeavours, among them singing as an 11-year-old with Mordechai Ben David at a concert in his native city of Johannesburg, South Africa.

A seasoned chazzan as well, fans say his honey golden voice, free flowing style and comfortable stage presence, produces a refreshing synergy that pulsates through his performances.

Produced by Danny Finkelman 
“Nisbia” composed and produced by Eli Gerstner
Director of photography Sean Sinderbrand
Music by Shai Barak
With Moshe Okunov and Yuda Piamenta
English lyrics by Zahavi
Produced by A Jewish Star Singing Competition http://www.AJewishStar.com

To connect with Choni, like his fan page

Twitter: Chonigmusic
or visit http://www.chonigmusic.com

אשרי תבחר ותקרב ישכון חצרך 
נשבעה בטוב ביתך 
קדוש היכלך

It’s a mad mad world 
And I don’t know where to turn 
I need to feel safe and warm 
It’s been so so long
You don’t know how much I yearn 
Please won’t you bring me home 
אשרי תבחר ותקרב ישכון חצרך

2000 years of the world’s rejection 
Never never had no peace 
It’s so good to be back 
to feel your protection 
Finally the prisoners release 
קדוש היכלך
נשבעה בטוב ביתך


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Watch New Musical Co-op by Kalfa & Katz

Naftali Kalfa is continuing with his musical project of duets. In their 2nd clip together, Kalfa & Shlomo Katz sing: Ana Hashem (Please G-d)


By Yoni Kempinski

First Publish: 3/4/2013, 1:42 AM


Composed by Naftali Kalfa. Produced & Arranged by Shlomo Katz

Vocals – Naftali Kalfa. Vocals & Acoustic Guitar – Shlomo Katz. Electric Guitar – Shlomi Cohen. Drums – Elie Farkas. Bass – Koby Klar. Keyboard – Achiya Asher. Percussion – Asaf Zamir. Quartet Orchestration – Arye Volinez.

Video clip produced by Ora-le-Nehora Productions. Director/DP – Eldad Appel Eilat. Editor – Yoav Landau