Christian Father Commits Suicide After ISIS Members Rape Wife and Daughter in Front of Him Because He Couldn’t Pay Poll Tax


ISIS militants in Iraq. (Photo: Reuters)

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Al-Qaeda seizes Iraq’s third-largest city as terrified residents flee

Iraqi soldiers prepare to take their positions during clashes with militants in Mosul (AP)

Militants storm northern city of Mosul, freeing thousands of prisoners, as Iraqi prime minister declares state of emergency and offers to arm citizens who volunteer to fight against militants

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Iraq: at least 46 killed in bomb attacks

Car and roadside bombings in Baghdad and northern city of Baquba follow one of country’s worst spates of violence

Residents pass by a damaged vehicle in Baquba

Residents pass by a damaged vehicle in Baquba Photograph: Reuters


A series of bomb attacks across Iraq has killed at least 46 people and wounded at least another 80, medical officials have confirmed.

The blasts in Baghdad and the northern city of Baquba on Sunday were caused by car and roadside bombings, according to police and local officials.

The death toll was put at 46 or 47 by different police and hospital officials. The deadliest of the attacks took place in the centre of Baquba when a car bomb exploded outside an apartment block killing at least seven, although some reports estimated up to 11 died in the blast. Another 34 people were wounded.

A second bombing in Baquba, close to a wedding party convoy, killed four and wounded 17.

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