Tragedy as more dead dolphins wash up in Florida… just as stranded pilot whales manage to swim free from the Everglades

Sad sight: This was one of three dolphins that turned up dead along Flagler County beaches since last weekend

Sad sight: This was one of three dolphins that turned up dead along Flagler County beaches since last weekend

Dead bottlenose dolphins are continuing to wash up along beaches along Florida’s east coast.

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Massive Animal Deaths Around the Globe Continue!

Thousands of dead cows in Vietnam, 2011.

The following excerpt is only a small snippet of the animal deaths which occurred in 2013.  You can click on the “Read Full Post” link to see the entire post.  There are also  links for 2012 and 2011.

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Three-day pouring rain and wind storm kills over 30,000 sheep in Uruguay

Thousands of sheep dead, 1,500 people evacuated, blown roofs, flooded roads and farm land was the result of three days non-stop of pouring rainfall and strong winds that punished Uruguay beginning last Friday.


The storm was particularly fierce to the north and northwest of the country where recently sheared sheep flocks could not resist the cold and constant water downpour, following an exceptional winter week in which temperature had reached 30 Celsius.

According to the regional chief from the Uruguayan Wool Secretariat Adolfo Casaretto, an estimated 30,000 sheep (ewes and lambs) so far have been reported in the northern counties of Salto, Tacuarembó, Paysandú and Artigas.

However “we are calling on sheep farmers to report all dead animals to the local police and warning the local population not to consume mutton and lamb killed by the storm”.

“We know some people are not reporting the dead animals so the number could be higher”, said Ruben Echeverría, head of Uruguay’s Rural Association, ARU, who revealed that further south in Uruguay, most dead animals were recently born lambs.

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Under The Radar!


Commentary By:  Gordon King

What ever happened with the Benghazi coverup?  What about the IRS scandal?  How about the Department of Homeland Security ammo buildup?  We don’t hear about these incidents anymore now that President Obama is threatening to attack Syria.  How convenient, the government crisis to coverup multiple crises.

Sounds familiar doesn’t it?  Diversion tactics used by the left to lure us away from government deception.  False flags and events contrived to make us forget about what the government is doing behind our backs.  Using every situation they can to keep the American people from remembering their injustice.  And it seems to be working.  How many people are talking about Benghazi, the IRS or the DHS?  I used to hear it everyday, now I never do.

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