Nine injured in TCU charter bus crash


A bus carrying TCU students to the Horned Frogs’ opening game with LSU struck a utility pole late Saturday afternoon, injuring nine passengers.

The accident happened around 3:20 p.m. in the 2500 block of South University Drive, about two blocks north of the Fort Worth campus.

The bus driver reportedly rolled the bus up on the curb intentionally after becoming concerned about a problem with the brakes.

A MedStar spokesperson told News 8 that there were 50 people on board the charter bus, which was operated by Dignity Outreach Center of Dallas. Four of the nine injured were taken to a hospital for observation, but there were no reports of serious injuries.

The students were headed to AT&T Stadium in Arlington, where No. 20 TCU opens its 2013 season against the 12th-ranked LSU Tigers in the Cowboys Classic.

Scientists capture footage of giant deep-sea fish off Gulf of Mexico in first of its kind HD video

The oarfish, or Regalecus glesne, lives so deep under the ocean that it is usually only seen when it’s washed ashore or fatally injured.

The oarfish is the longest bony fish in the sea, believed to be able to reach 50 feet or more in length.

Mark Benfield, Louisiana State University Remarkably captured by HD cameras, an oarfish is seen swimming off the Gulf of Mexico in August, 2011.

Never before seen video footage of an elusive 8-foot long deep-sea oarfish, alive and in its natural habitat in the Gulf of Mexico, has been released by scientists who are calling it the first of its kind.

The giant bony fish whose mystery dates to tales of sea monsters and mermaids was remarkably filmed in high definition by a remotely operated vehicle in 2011 before the video’s release this week.

The footage is believed to be a first of its kind when it comes to clarity and contact with an oarfish, or Regalecus glesne, with the creature typically seen washed ashore dead or fatally injured.

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