Facebook Shuts Down Gun Shop Owner’s Page


S.H. Blannelberry
April 23, 2013

Late last week, a Pennsylvania-based gun store had its Facebook page suddenly deactivated after administrators at the social media giant reportedly learned the shop’s proprietor was using the store’s Facebook presence as a way to raffle off semiautomatic firearms.

In talking with The Blaze.com, Erik Lowry, who owns Pittsburgh Tactical Firearms in McKeesport, Pennsylvania, explained the situation, although even he is a little unclear about why exactly his store’s fan page, which had over 27,000 friends, was shut down.

On Sunday, he had plans to run a huge giveaway that would have included an AR-15 as the main prize, but close to the eve of the giveaway he awoke to calls and emails from concerned customers wondering what happen to PTF’s Facebook page.

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Man with high-powered rifles and ‘tank buster’ bullets arrested for posting liberal ‘hit list’

Larry Mulqueen arrested for death threats and illegally possessing weapons


Police in Clarkstown, New York have confiscated a cache of high-powered weapons and body armor from a man who was arrested for posting death threats against against many Democratic politicians and every liberal supporter of President Barack Obama.

According to WCBS, 49-year-old Larry Mulqueen was arraigned on Thursday on charges of “making terroristic threats, illegally possessing weapons and harassment.”

Mulqueen’s landlady had tipped off police after she found a “hit list” posted on Facebook that threatened Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV), Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY), Rep. Nita Lowey (D-NY) and all members of the Congressional Black Caucus.

 The Facebook posting said that all of the president’s follower were “traitor scum” and promised “death to them all.”

Nyack-Piermont Patch reported that police searched Mulqueen’s home and found two high-powered rifles, two bayonets, a sword, a knuckle knife, body armor and ammunition. Included in the 100 rounds of ammunition were 27 so-called “tank buster” .50 caliber armor-piercing shells.

Previous criminal convictions meant that it was illegal for Mulqueen to possess the weapons.

“We didn’t want a situation where something did happen and we looked back and it was said ‘well, that law enforcement agency had information and warnings, why did they do nothing about it?” Clarkstown Police Sgt. Glenn Cummings explained to WCBS.

“I think what may have particularly have gotten his ire in the past month or two were the various legislation enacted with respect to the rights to possess a firearm. I think that was particularly upsetting to him,” Cummings added. “One posting which was posted about a month ago said that if anybody ever came to take the arms, they would suffer the consequences.”

Police said that Mulqueen would remain behind bars at least until his court appearance on Monday.


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A Tribute to Communism

The following is a re-blog from the site of “Cry and Howl” who deserves the credit along with Christine at “Talk Wisdom”:

My friend Christine at “Talk Wisdom” posted the following video. It behooves everyone to take a few minutes to watch this sobering clip. In my view, this is the world people like Barack Obama envision. Why else would he surround himself with people who admire leaders responsible for the murder of tens of millions of innocent people?


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